"Daddy! Daddy! Look what I found! It's a kitty!"

Hisoka Uzumaki at he age of 5 was a very curious child. When he saw something he liked, he would immediately take it to his Father, Naruto Uzumaki the Rokudaime Hokage to see what it was exactly. At the moment, they were in the back yard of their house; Naruto, just relaxing on one of his rare days off, and Hisoka exploring the slightly forested area that lined the back yard.

At his son's exclamation of his discovery, Naruto peeked an eye open to see what had his son hyped up. Expecting to see a small kitten of some form or another, he was shacked and fearful for his son when he saw that the kitty was a huge black mountain lion. He quickly sat up from where he had been lounging on the ground and started to panic.

'Omigod! Omigod! My son's gonna get eaten by giant wildcat and I wasn't able to do anything about it. What would Sasuke say to me if he saw how I let one our children get eaten. He would tell me that he should have kept them both and then Hisoka wouldn't have gotten eaten. Or-' His thoughts cut off immediately when he noticed Hisoka had trotted right up to the large feline and was now petting it. And it was licking him back.

'Omigod! It's tasting my son to see if he would be good to eat! NO!… Wait, it's laying down. I should just stay calm and act like nothings wrong. Plus, I sense Sasuke on his way. I would never live it down if he came up on me panicking like this. So just act normal.'

"Hisoka! Sasuke and Hikaru are coming, so lets go inside and wait for them." He yelled.

"But Daddy! I want to stay out here with the kitty a little bit more," protested Hisoka.

"Now! Hisoka!" Insisted Naruto to his son.


When Sasuke arrived, he noted a slightly frazzled Naruto and a some-what put out Hisoka.

"What happened?" he asked simply.


"Daddy's scared of cats."

"Naru-Niisan is scared of cats," spoke an, until then, silent Hikaru.

"Yeah, there was this big cat out in the back yard and Daddy was like 'Oh no! And it's gonna eat me! And-'"

"That's enough Hisoka. Why don't you go outside and show Hikaru the cat if it's still there," Sasuke suggested. He waved the unnoticed bag he had been carrying. "And when you come back, we'll all have some ice cream okay?"

"Yes! Let's go Hisoka!" They ran out the back door.

Sasuke stashed the ice cream in the freezer and walked around the kitchen table to stand in front of Naruto, who was staring at him in shock.

" That was one of Shikamaru's summons. There was an intruder in the village, and since they didn't want to bother you on your day off, he just sent a summons to watch over you."

Naruto looked relieved and embarrassed and annoyed at the same time. Relieved because there was no real threat to their son, embarrassed because he had freaked out over nothing, and annoyed because they were stopping him from performing his duties as the Hokage.

He frowned.

Sasuke cut him off before he could voice his complaints.

"Shhh…" and kissed him. " Let's enjoy this before they get back." And kissed him again.

They heard the pitter-patter of two sets of small, running feet and pulled apart. With bittersweet smiles at each other, they got up to get the things for ice cream ready. Naruto got the spoons while Sasuke got he bowls.

As Hisoka and Hikaru ran in they noticed that the atmosphere was different, a bit heavier. They looked at each other and then ran the other's parent and begged to be picked up. That always lightened the mood and it didn't fail for them now.

"So," said Naruto, "Whose up for some ice- cream?"