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Don't Walk For Mama, Walk For Food

"Come on Shikane. Come to Mama."

1-year-old Shikane Nara just sat on the floor of the living room, staring up at his mother, Neji. For the past half-hour, Neji had been trying to convince Shikane to walk to him. He knew Shikane could walk, had done so just that morning but now, the baby only sat on the floor and stared up at Neji with the same white eyes. Neji sighed and settled back down on the couch.

"Che! Lazy child."

Two hours later, Shikane began to cry. Neji couldn't get up from the couch and was trying to coax Shikane over to him. "Come on, Kane-chan. Come to Mama so I can feed you." Shikane just cried harder. That's when Neji realized. He couldn't even get up to get his sippy-cup.

Ten minutes later, Shikamaru walked in the house after his mission to see his 1 year old crying on the floor, hair in a messy pony tail and tears and snot running down his face, and his heavily pregnant husband on the couch trying to stand up to go feed said child.

"Wow." Silence. Shikane had stopped crying and was now staring at him as if he was his savior. Neji had a similar expression on his face. Suddenly, Shikane stood up, started crying and toddled as fast as he could towards Shikamaru, arm reaching up to him. "Oh, I guys you're hungry, huh, Kane-chan," he said, bending down to pick Shikane up, who immediately stopped crying. "We'll let's get you and Mama something to eat, huh."

Neji relaxed on the couch as he listened to Shikamaru rummage around in the kitchen.

"So he won't walk for me, but he will for some food!"

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