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The sun was grazing the horizon and turning the scattered clouds a hazy pink as a familiar distant sound caught Booth's attention.

He straightened from where he was crouched next to the small pit Bones was excavating and turned to face the direction the sound was coming from. With one had on his hip and the other shielding his eyes against the glare of the setting sun, his gaze tracked along the horizon before he stopped, staring at a tiny black dot.

He frowned slightly, the breeze tugging at his suit jacket, as the dot grew larger.

Bones was still kneeling over the partially exposed skeleton, pointing out marks on the skull that suggested significant blunt force trauma, when she realised that her partner wasn't listening.

She rocked back on her heels, pushing a stray strand of hair out of her eyes with her upper arm, her face set in an irritated expression.

She was about to shout to get Booth's attention when noticed the growing roar of approaching aircraft and her partner's total absorption in the sky.

As she watched him, Booth's frown deepened and then he suddenly broke into a wide smile.

Bones continued to stare at him mystified for a moment, before pushing herself to her feet and walking over to stand next to him.

He sensed her presence and turned to her with excited enthusiasm.

"It's a Shooting Star." The words were spoken with a mix of boyish wonder and self-satisfaction.

"It's a plane, Booth." She replied, shaking her head slightly.

Booth gaped at her for a moment before adopting the same tone he always did when he felt he had to explain something obvious to her, "I know it's a plane Bones. It's a P-80, Shooting Star." He frowned at her blank expression, "You know, first operational jet fighter used by the US armed forces?"

Bones shrugged, but she couldn't help but be drawn in by Booth's obvious enthusiasm.

Seeing he was getting no reaction Booth threw his hands in the air and then, to her surprise, he put one arm around her shoulder and pointed with the other, showing her where to look.

She followed the line of his pointing finger and her eyes locked onto the aircraft which was veering away to the south.

"How can you tell what it is from here?" She asked in confusion.

Booth grinned, "The shape of the wings, the sound of the engine." He paused, "Same way you can tell what bone some small fragment belongs to."

Bones smiled at the explanation and from the tickling sensation of Booth's warm breath brushing her neck as he spoke.

The stood together, watching the plane as it receded from sight.

"Now you're one of us." Bones announced, breaking the silence.

Booth looked blank.

She turned to face him, his arm still looped around her shoulder, and poked him in the chest, "You're a plane squint."

His expression became one of mock-outrage, but she had pulled away and was back squinting at her skeleton before he had chance to respond.