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"How do I look?" Lila asked her friend, Charli, while gazing at herself in the

mirror. Charli rolled her eyes, "For the millionth time, you look great!" Lila blushed. She

was nervous as all hell. Jason Miller, the local heart-throb had asked her to accompany

him to a banquet at the governor's household. Jason was indeed the most sought-after

boy in the tiny coastal town of Port Crystal; all the girls fawned over him. And whenever

there was a social occasion coming up, they all waited anxiously to see who he would

invite. So, tonight was a big night for Lila. She wanted to look her best. And she looked

stunning. She wore a pale blue dress with white lace fringing. Her corset accentuated her

curvy figure wonderfully. Her curly red hair was braided and tied up, with a few loose

strands framing her delicate face. She took a deep breath. "Wish me luck." And with that

she walked out the door to meet Jason.


Several hours later, Lila was bored out of her mind. This was most certainly not

the evening she had imagined. Jason was not the dream man his looks would have her

believe. Of course, he was devastatingly handsome. But boy did he know it. He was, by

far, the most conceited and arrogant man she had ever met. And he was far from subtle in

his advances towards her. She actually began to dread the long carriage ride home. She

began to contemplate how she would be able to get herself out of any compromising

situation, when a loud bang and the sound of shouting and gunfire interrupted her

thoughts. The music in the hall suddenly stopped, and everyone froze for a split second.

Jason even stopped mid-sentence. It seemed that every head in the room simultaneously

turned towards the entrance hall door. Seconds dragged on for eternity as everyone held

their breaths, not wanting to believe the wild thoughts running through their heads. Lila's

hands trembled. The gunfire and shouting continued, only it seemed to be getting nearer

the governor's house. Suddenly a maid burst through the doors, her hair had become

loose and was falling out from beneath her bonnet, she was panting and had a wild and

scared look in her eyes. Then she screamed the word everyone in the room had dreaded.

"PIRATES!" Her shout echoed through the hall for a split second, and then the eerie

peace was broken. Women began shrieking and the men began shouting orders. Lila

remained motionless for a second, a million thought racing through her mind. She barely

noticed Jason's hand on her elbow, pulling her up and yelling something at her.

Something…. "RUN!" He pushed her in the direction of the servant's door, and then

turned in the other direction. Where he was going she did not know. She stumbled

through the door. Where was she supposed to go? She snapped out of her daze when a

maid ran into her, sending them both crashing to the ground. She shook her head. The

night air was freezing. The maid cursed at her and scrambled to her feet, then took off.

Lila stood up and looked down the street, only to be greeted by a terrifying sight. A band

of dirty, shouting men wielding swords and guns were racing up the street. She knew

what that meant. If they had managed to actually get this far, then the city was already

lost. They barely had enough men to defend the port itself, so there was no possible way

they could defend the city once it had been infiltrated this far. Since Port Crystal was not

overly wealthy nor an important military or economic centre, the risk of raiding by

pirates was indeed very low. Which made her wonder briefly why these pirates were

here. She didn't have time to ponder this query, however, as these pirates were fast

advancing towards her. She turned to run, only to smash right into one of them. The

biggest man she had ever seen. His dark eyes glared at her, and he smiled a wicked,

yellow-toothed grin. His eyes wandered over her body, and he seemed to like what he

saw. The way he looked at her made her shudder, she didn't want to think about what

was going on in his mind. He advanced towards her, and she backed away, glancing

around furiously for an escape route. She spotted a gap between two buildings, and tried

to run for it. But the pirate was far quicker than his bulk would have had her believe. He

grabbed her arm forcefully, and she whipped around and bit down on his arm. Even

though she had bitten hard enough to draw blood, all this did was enrage the huge man

even more. The last thing she saw was his massive hand swinging towards her face, and

then everything went black.