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X Collective Murmurs X
(ILB's Furuba-Shorts)

-theme/prompt: description
Story Notes: Inspired by chapter 130; the sweetest Ayane moment EVER (So er... spoilers? Ish.)

Of all the words in the world, "usual" would never be used to describe Sohma Ayame. There was very little about him that was even remotely "usual". He was flamboyant; he was wild; he was silly; he was a raging barrel of fun; he was unpredictable. Nothing remotely "usual" about any of that.

Few people took him seriously because of his rather rampantly obvious flair for the dramatic, but he didn't really care. The people that truly mattered knew him all the way to the depths of his soul, and as long as they accepted him, the rest of the world was free to think what they wanted to think about him.

Only one person, however, would have described him as "romantic". That was a secret, fantasy-laden side of himself that he chose to keep hidden. Even with the sort of shop he ran, people never seemed to believe that he could be serious about romance. But with her... Well, his romantic side found a venue in which it could truly shine. Had he been able, he would have showered her with all the riches of the world. He would have given her roses, candle-lit dinners, walks on the beach, kisses under moonlight, and anything else her heart could desire.

But for the longest time he was scared. As long as he was cursed, he could never be truly free to tell her how he felt. She obviously had no idea, and it killed him to see her as much in love with him as he was with her.

Which, of course, was why, when finally the curse was lifted, he couldn't resist.

He had to tell her; he had to hold her– to hold her, to finally hold her– and find out if she felt the same.

He put his arms around her, whispered sweet nothings in her ear– relished the feeling of finally being close enough to feel her soft body against his own.

Yes, he was flamboyant, wild, silly, unpredictable, romantic, and was hardly ever taken seriously. But he was a man in love– and that fact alone is what makes Sohma Ayame defy description.

: end :

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