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Kyo and Tohru
-theme/prompt/etc.: request by Spirit of Innocence (I hope you enjoy this. You've always been an awesome reviewer!)
Story Notes: A fun bit of fluff. Spoiler-ish for their play, which-- I believe-- is first mentioned around chp. 83. No plot secrets, though. Just casting.


"Kyo-kun?" Tohru asked hesitantly, "Do you believe in fairy tales?"

He looked at her incredulously. "What? Where the hell is this coming from?"

Tohru's face reddened and she looked down. "W-well since today we drew the parts we're going to be in the play... and you were the prince..." She looked up at him. "I was wondering if you believed in fairy tales."

Kyo scoffed. "No I don't believe in fairy tales, stupid. Who would? None of that stuff if real, you know. There's no such thing as fairy godmothers and magic and wishes." He glanced at Tohru, who had lowered her head. "You... don't believe in all that stuff... do you?"

She smiled at him sheepishly. "Well, I know it isn't real, but I can't help myself." She looked up at the stars, closer than ever because they were lounging together on the roof. "I like to wish on stars; I like to think that maybe somewhere out there I have a fairy godmother, too." She chuckled quietly to herself. When she spoke, her voice was just above a whisper. "Sometimes, Kyo-kun, I even wish I had a prince."

He swallowed nervously, feeling the heat of affection suffusing his cheeks. Yuki was a prince– not Kyo. He could never be the kind of guy Tohru wanted, and he knew it.

Before he could say anything, however, Tohru continued. "B-but you know what the funny thing is, Kyo-kun?" He shook his head and she smiled shyly. "I... I think I've already found him."

He felt a stab in his heart. So she did like Yuki. That damn rat, always beating him, always above the cat. Kyo wanted to scream, to punch something hard, to end the humiliation of being the cat for good. He never should have let himself hope that someone like Tohru could ever love him.

Tohru, however, was oblivious to her companion's distress. She lifted her gaze to the sky, fixated on the twinkling stars that shone above her. "He's..." Her face turned red again, and she swallowed nervously, trying to force out the words she wanted to say. "He's beautiful."

Kyo clenched his fists, trying to refrain from knocking a hole in the roof. So what? Yes, Yuki was probably one of the handsomest guys around, but did Tohru have to rub it in his face? Kyo wanted so badly just to be worthy of her smile– but how could he ever compete if the rat had already won her love?

Tohru went on. "He's got a good heart, and he's brave..." She smiled warmly to herself. "He's everything a prince should be."

Kyo was a second away from getting up and storming away, when a sudden pressure on his hand shocked him. He looked down, and to his immense disbelief, Tohru's small fingers were curling around his larger ones. He looked at her for any kind of explanation.

With a face as red as a cherry, Tohru smiled again. "I was hoping it would be you," she whispered. "I'm sorry. I know it's very selfish of me to... to want such a thing, but..." She closed her eyes in embarrassment. "I think that you'd be the best prince of all."

Not knowing what to say, Kyo just sat there utterly dumbfounded. When, after a moment or so, he regained his senses, he leaned over and kissed Tohru softly on the forehead. "I may not be cut out to be any sort of prince," he said gruffly, "but for you..." Tohru looked up at him with wide eyes, and he smiled. "I'd never stop trying."

: end :

Well! Hope you all enjoyed that. My first attempt EVER at a Kyoru, so PLEASE tell me if it was up to snuff. Also, send in those requests! Yes, I've got a lot of other stuff going, but I like to use these little fun drabble-y things to help get over writer's block or cool me down from a long story session. Thanks for reading, and I hope you all enjoyed it!