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They ate their picnic and sipped the champagne laughing and taking a moment to focus on something other than each other.

It was obvious that Booth had raided the deli and Temperance enjoyed savouring the robust cheeses, the flavour-filled pastries and the tiny delicate cakes that formed a sugary desert.

After they'd eaten their fill, Booth took both her hands and pulled her upright before walking her slowly to the edge of the water.

Temperance was fascinated by the profusion of tiny wildflowers that formed part of the lush, green carpet. It seemed incongruous to see this profusion of nature when she was so used to the manicured neatness of the Mall and the parkland that surrounded it.

The pool was clear and sparkled in the sunlight. There was a gentle current from the small waterfall and the stream that meandered away in the distance. It looked thoroughly inviting.

Temperance carefully disengaged her hand from Booth's to enable her reach down and touch the water, shivering as her lazily sweeping fingers registered the icy temperature.

"A bit bracing, huh?" Booth asked.

Temperance nodded and then tilted her head in a half-hearted shake, "Well no... maybe a bit much..."

Booth grinned and pulled her into the circle of his arms and then back towards their picnic spot.

Booth's breathing had evened out and the steady rise and fall of his chest told Temperance that he'd fallen asleep.

She smiled slightly and shifted her weight so her head was nestled more securely on his chest. As she moved, the arm that encircled her back tightened, pulling her closer still. Her smile widened further and she relaxed as Booth pulled her close.

Temperance was tempted to relax into sleep herself, but for some reason she didn't want to miss a moment of this peaceful intimacy. Her right palm was pressed into Booth's chest, her head resting on top of it, and she could feel the warm of his body through his clothes and the reassuring beat of his heart. Her left arm lay across his body, their hands joined.

There was no breeze in the sheltered spot where they had picnicked and tinkling murmur of the waterfall was soothing in the distance.

Eventually Temperance lost the battle to keep her eyes open and slowly drifted off.

They lay intertwined like that as the sun warmed the day further. The birds that flitted from the trees to the water's edge ignored them, only the boldest approaching in search of the remnants of their picnic.

Booth woke gradually, his right arm numb but still holding Temperance close.

He opened his eyes and looked down, before pressing gentle kissed onto the crown of her head.

This he could get used to he nodded to himself, lazy Saturdays holding Temperance close. He lay still and watched a few wispy clouds scuttle across the sky before, squinting slightly against the glare, he realised that they hadn't slept for much more than an hour judging by the sun.

He wondered what they ought to do next. The park, the kite and the picnic had been his plan for the date. That and dinner somewhere later. There were still some of his favourite spots in the park that he wanted to show her, but he wondered if she would be bored. He hoped not, and a slightly cocky grin graced his lips as he thought about ways he could make it more interesting.

He looked down suddenly realising that Temperance was shifting against him, pressing her lithe body closer against his. He closed his eyes savouring this peculiar form of pleasurable torture.

It didn't last long because, although he had tried not to move, Temperance seemed to sense that he was awake and slowly stirred.

Once she was awake she sat up, her legs curled up underneath her, one arm propped on Booth's shoulder. She smiled down at him, her hair falling fowards in a curtain and tickling his face.

Booth looked up at her, his brown eyes wide and strangely vulnerable.

She had never wanted him more than in that moment, she swallowed at the intensity of her feelings and licked lips that were suddenly dry.

Almost involuntarily, she reached down and stroked his cheek, tracing the fine stubble that had started to shadow his jaw.

For his part, Booth needed no further invitation and his hands slowly skimmed along her arms and then trailed along the curves of her body. The caress that started with arms, travelled down to her hips and skated along her thighs. She took a deep breath, which came up in a gasp as his hands slowly trailed up her sides, brushing the swell of her breaths with the lightest of touches. But a touch that sent delicious tingles through her in waves.

The silence lengthened between them, growing heavier as they both read the desire in the other's eyes.

They moved closer, magnetised by the other.

With a visible effort they pulled away, but in moments their hands were reaching for the other and all restraint shattered.

Booth locked one arm around her back and pulled her almost roughly against him, his mouth bruisingly hard against hers. His other hand tangled in her hair.

Temperance needed to feel his skin, her hands were under his brown top and tugging at the t-shirt that half in and half out of his jeans. As her palms touched the warm, toned skin of his stomach she caught her breath in relief and then revelled in the sensation of his muscles tensing and his kisses intensifying.

Booth caught himself as he started to ease her top up her body. This wasn't where it was going to happen for the first time.

"My place." he said quietly, his voice pitched low, a faint hint of anxiety weaving through a voice that was roughened with want.

Temperance nodded, unable to speak.

They both stood and gathered their things. Then Temperance took Booth's hand. They didn't speak, but every cell seemed focused on that single point of contact as they made their way back to the car.