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Chapter 14: Austria

June/July 1945

No one wanted to leave Berchtesgaden and with heavy hearts they boarded the trucks as they left the beautiful town behind. No one wanted to leave as they finally found some peace since that dreadful jump into Normandy only the year before.

During the couple of days it took them to drive to Austria easy company relaxed as they enjoyed the warm sun warming their bones but most of all they enjoyed each others company. They learned lots of things about each other as they all grew closer together. Webster in particular could talk for hours with Janovec, who always wanted to go to college (1) but due to obvious circumstances never made it. They also shared the same negative attitude towards the army. (2) They fast became friends in Holland and it stayed that way throughout the war. With some understanding and encouragement he had become a good soldier, one Webster could count on to watch his back. Same with Christenson and you could often find the three of them discussing all kinds of things while the others looked on with amusement.

Webster and Liebgott also became inseparable as they felt the end draw nearer. They spent as much time together as they could without drawing too much suspicion towards them.

When they entered Austria, they were awed by the country's beauty not even Berchtesgaden compared to what they saw now. Large lakes with the most beautiful and clear blue waters, grass as green like they had never seen before, trees and flowers as far as the eye could see and above all a country untouched by war. The houses were still there, the animals were grazing in the fields not dead, bloated bodies upside down, and most surprising of all were the people. They walked around like they had no care in the world some of them even waving as they drove passed. They didn't even bother to hide away their daughters and wives as they entered the town of 'Kaprun' Most of the easy company men hadn't seen a woman in months and to all of a sudden see these beautiful blond haired women waving at them, well let's say they became hard to control after that. Soon, none of them sat down anymore as they whistled and yelled "Kommen Sie here, baby!" at any girl in their sights. Webster merely rolled his eyes and enjoyed the country side, inhaling the fresh air.

They stopped in a town named Zell Am See where it quickly became obvious it was way to small to hold the whole division. It was quickly decided that Regimental Headquarters and 3rd battalion would settle here and the other battalions were going to be billeted in the nearby towns of Kaprun and Saalfelden. Orders were quickly given and before they knew it easy company was on it's way to the village of Saalfelden.

On the way they passed a village surrounded by rich green meadows. Kaprun was small settlement of about four hundred people in very old chalets and Gasthof, who overlooked the beautiful green fields dotted with pink, white, red and golden flowers and above them on all sides where the blue-green pine trees flowing up grey rocks and clean white snow on mountaintops. After five miles they drove passed a bright blue lake that sparkled between two wooded mountain ranges. It took Webster's breath away and he could barely contain himself from jumping of the truck and diving head first into the water.

They stopped at a town named Saalfelden which was situated near the last big intersection on the road to Germany. From were they were sitting they could see the rocky pass on the mountain that would lead them back to Berchtesgaden.

They were quickly ordered of the truck by their new Lieutenant, they quickly dubbed the 'camera-killer', (3) as he explained where their next billet was going to be.

"Easy Company! Listen up! We got this whole street as our billet. You men…." He pointed at Third and First Platoon, "Take those first four houses. Run the Krauts out and get enough space for your men."

A chorus of "Yes Sir's" filled the air as first and third platoon ran off toward their appointed houses. Webster jumped as the Lieutenant turned toward them. "You men! With me!"

Quickly following the others Webster entered the nearby house without knocking and yelling for everyone to leave "Raus, Raus, Schnell! Schnell!"

Webster hated doing this to these people. None of did anything wrong and all of them were treated like animals as they were given a mere 30 minutes to get what they needed and get the hell out. Now and then they came across someone who refused to leave their house but a quick wave from a gun and the fact they were going be picked up and thrown out otherwise quickly changed their minds as they reluctantly left all that they knew and owned behind. It was this kind of foolishness that made Webster hate the army so much. He watched the Lieutenant write 'Co.Hq.,E Co.,' on one of the doors with chalk before ordering them to the next house. Webster tried to sway the Lieutenants mind of letting some of the germans stay in the basement but all he got for his trouble was a lot of spit in his eyes as the Lieutenant yelled at him to "Move 'em the hell out!"

Webster was about to snap especially when he saw the man run out four women and their children out on the street but a firm hand on his shoulder held him in his place.

"Don't be fool Webster or you'll join them" turning around, eyes blazing Webster yelled "They are just children Lieb, they didn't do nothing…."

"They're Krauts…" shrugged Liebgott as if he did this every day,

"They're Austrians!" argued Webster,

"Same thing…"

"No, it's not and you know it…" yelled Webster not believing his ears,

Turning angry at this pointless discussion Liebgott yelled back, "Goddamn it Web, they started this war. Now see how they like it. We're bringing the war home to them like they brought it to everybody else the last five years only we're not going to murder them or put them in a concentration camp…" (4) by the end of his rant Liebgott was out of breath and in Webster's face. Feeling Liebgott's hot breath on his face didn't faze Webster a bit and he merely stepped back staring back with hard eyes.

"I want the germans punished for what they did as much you Joe but running innocent children, who know nothing of war, on the street doesn't justify what they did and you know it. " taking a deep breath, Webster slowly turned to leave "If you think it does, then you're more alike then you thought…." With that Webster shouldered his weapon and left without a backward glance, leaving Liebgott alone with this thoughts.

Liebgott knew in his heart Webster was right but all he could see when he closed his eyes was Landsberg and he would never forgive the Germans for what they did. Yelling in frustration, he hit he wall with his fist. A tiny sound made him turn around as he saw the four women and their children being escorted outside. One of the children stopped to stare at him and he swallowed hard. A loud "Hans!" made the kid jump and quickly leave with his mother and sister. Moving to a window he saw Webster standing outside smoking as he watched the family leave. He watched him converse with the only man in the family before giving him his rations and a pack of cigarettes, he also gave away his last piece of chocolate to the same boy who was staring at Liebgott only a few moments before. As the family left he could see the pain and disappointment in Webster's eyes as he shook his head before leaving towards the next house. The slump in Webster's shoulders made Liebgott heart ache but never was nothing he could do. All they did was follow orders, whether they liked it or not.

By the end of the day the houses were cleared and easy company was settled in their appointed houses. Like always people had to gripe 'cause some of them had to sleep in the attic, some of them in the basement while others had to share a bed or if you were lucky you had a bed apiece.

Webster had nothing to complain about after all they were inside, warm and fed, had a bed while the owners had to sleep somewhere outside.

Untying his boots, placing his gun in a nearby corner he listened to his platoon whoop and cheer as they discovered the vegetable garden and the girls working in it. Slowly undressing he groaned as his back ached from sitting in the truck all day, ever since that fall in may his muscles tired more easily and by the end of the day he could barely move without any pain.

Laying his pants over a nearby chair he heard the door open and hearing the footsteps he knew it was Liebgott. They hadn't talked since the incident that afternoon and Webster wasn't in the mood to argue so when he heard Liebgott approach their bedroom he simply turned around facing away from the door. The footsteps stopped just as he took of his shirt. He hissed at the pain it caused and simply tossed his shirt over the chair before laying down on this stomach with a loud sigh.

For a long time it was quiet and Webster wasn't sure Liebgott was still there or not, just when he was about to drift of he felt warm hands touch his back. Webster jumped slightly for he hadn't heard Liebgott approach. He sighed slightly as Liebgott's warm hands traced his back, he loved Liebgott's hands they were always so warm no matter how cold it got outside.

No words were said as Liebgott slowly rubbed Webster's tired muscles, kissing his back whenever Webster hissed from the pain. As Webster began to relax, Liebgott's rubbing began to change from helpful to seducing and soon Webster began to shiver as Liebgott's touches began to take affect.

All of a sudden Liebgott's hands stopped and a worried Webster turned around; "Joe?"

Liebgott said nothing, he didn't even look at Webster when he called his name. Frowning Webster took Liebgott's now still hands in his as he sat up. "Joe? What's wrong?"

When Liebgott still didn't answer, Webster reached out and slowly turned his head but when Liebgott still didn't look at him he whispered "Look at me….. "

Slowly Liebgott's eyes turned to meet his. Searching Liebgott's eyes he saw an apology there, an apology for his back and a apology for what happened that afternoon. Knowing Liebgott would never voice this out loud he merely smiled at him in forgiveness.

Liebgott saw the smile and took a sharp breath before relaxing again, he bowed his head as Webster reached out, placing his hand on Liebgott's face softly moving down. Webster's hand traced down Liebgott's face until he reached his neck, curled a hair around his finger and slowly made his way back up.

Webster thought he would melt at the sight of Liebgott's serene face turning to rub Webster's hand. Placing his other hand on Liebgott's neck he pulled the other man closer as their lips softly touched. At first Liebgott did nothing, letting Webster do what he wanted. After awhile his hands sneaked towards Webster's waist as he pulled the other man onto his lap wanting to be as close as possible. Webster's hands in the meantime didn't stay still either as one hand treaded into Liebgott's hair and the other clutched his shoulder like a lifeline. Soon the need for air became too much and they parted with a loud sigh. Webster groaned, clutching Liebgott close as the other man kissed the spot below his ear. Shifting Liebgott laid Webster down quickly covering his body with his own. Gasping when Liebgott shifted and their erections bumped into each other, Webster grabbed Liebgott's face and kissed him hard until they were both breathless.

Webster gasped and moaned as Liebgott made his was down his body leaving goose bumps in his path. All of sudden Liebgott's mouth and body were gone leaving him shivering and alone on the bed. Frowning he sat up and was about to call out Liebgott's name when he heard voices in the nearby room.

"Did we wake you?" asked Malarkey.

"What the fuck to you want?"

"No need to get angry. We're looking for Webster."

"He's sleeping."

"Speirs wants him."

"I told you he's sleeping"

"And I'm telling you Speirs needs him. What the hell's wrong with you Joe?" asked Malarkey with a frown. Liebgott was about to answer when Webster appeared fully dressed.

"It's ok Joe. Nothing beats a two minute nap." Webster said with a wink trying to look as casual as he could. Malarkey looked between the two with a frown before settling on Webster "Right, let's go."

Just as Webster reached the door Liebgott grabbed his shoulder, whispering in his ear "We'll finish this later…" before pushing him out the door. Webster muttered a "Later…" before silently following Malarkey down the hall.

But later never came, Speirs put Webster on guard duty near the crossroad. His job was to stop all vehicles coming from or going to Germany, ask papers, check luggage and all that. Luckily he wasn't alone, most of the time he was accompanied by Janovec and the two enjoyed a joke or two. Janovec often saluted the Germans, which annoyed Webster to no end which was Janovec's intention to begin with. They each did four hours of guard duty, had some time off before going on guard duty once again. In his off time Webster liked to go swimming in Kaprun or write in his journal. When Liebgott was not on duty he enjoyed hunting with the other men in easy company, the woods were full of deer and other animals and they often ate fresh meat in the evenings.

Because of that Webster and Liebgott didn't get to spent much time together anymore and it began to show.

One day Speirs had ordered Liebgott to check out this house near the edge of town. There were rumours a German commander, who was in charge of one of the numerous work camps, lived there. His job was to check it out and if the rumours were true he was allowed to shoot the bastard. Both Webster and Skinny were assigned to go with him. When Liebgott explained the mission Webster took an immediate dislike to it. Sitting in the back of the jeep he kept quiet until they stopped near the house.

"Lieb, I fucking hate this." Muttered Webster shifting uncomfortable,

" Oh Jesus Christ. They fingered him, get in the fucking loop Web. One of the Polack's at the slave camps said this is where the guy lived. Right here!" snapped Liebgott,

Frowning Webster asked, "Which camp?"

"Whatever camp….. " Sighed Liebgott, "….I'm under direct orders and I'm happy to follow it!"

Webster cursed Speirs for assigning this to Liebgott and bringing out the killer in him once again. Maybe that's why he did it in the first place because he knew Liebgott would do it because for him it was…. "Is this a personal thing Joe?" asked Webster following Liebgott towards the house. Liebgott stopped in his tracks not believing what he heard,


Seeing Skinny hang back, he swallowed hard at Liebgott's look knowing what it meant but still he ploughed through, "Is this personal to you?" He doesn't know why but he really needed to know the answer as he stared in Liebgott's eyes.

Staring back Liebgott said "No! It's a goddamn order" before making his way towards the house again. Still not sure Webster asked "Does Major Winters know about this?"

Liebgott shrugged "Doesn't matter…"

Getting angry Webster couldn't believe what he was hearing. This didn't sound like Joe at all, that's when he realised, that no matter what he said it was personal to Joe and it scared him. Grabbing him by the shoulders he yelled,

"The fuck it doesn't. What if this guy is just a soldier? What if he's an officer with no ties to the SS? What if he's an innocent?"

For a moment Liebgott seemed to think it over before he shook his head walking passed Webster. He knew what the other man was trying to do but he needed this. Besides two can play this game and he yelled, "You know what if he's a fucking Nazi commandant to a fucking slave camp?"

Webster wanted to shake Liebgott until he came to his senses, he couldn't believe the man didn't care whether he was about to shoot an innocent or not. He tried one last time; "Which camp? You don't have any proof!"

Sighing Liebgott stopped in his tracks, "Where you at Landsberg?"

Hurt that the other man even had to ask he muttered "You know I was." Shaking his head Liebgott stepped closer to Webster, "You think he's a soldier like you or me? A fucking innocent german officer? Where the hell have you been this last three years?"

Hurt beyond believe he wanted to yell 'RIGHT HERE! BY YOUR SIDE!!!' but kept his mouth shut as he watched Skinny walk by getting annoyed and wanting to get this over with.

Defeated Webster watched as Liebgott and Skinny burst into the house. Liebgott quickly apprehended the shocked and scared looking man as Skinny searched the other rooms in the house.

Webster watched as Liebgott pushed the german into a chair, gun waving in his face as he asked about the work camps and whether he was a commander or not. Time seem to slow down as he watched the man he loved hitting the shocked man asking questions, he barely recognized him anymore. But when he heard the slight hitch in Liebgott's breathing when he yelled "See what you did to my fucking people!" he realised this was something Liebgott had to do. Something to finally get over what happened in Landsberg. He decided not to interfere anymore but he also didn't want to be a part of it so when he saw Skinny come back from checking the other rooms he quickly left the house and pulled out a smoke.

The voices inside got louder and louder as Liebgott got more agitated and the man more scared. Webster was joined by Skinny, "He's guilty! Liebgott says so."

Trembling slightly wishing Liebgott didn't have to do this to get some peace of mind he simply muttered a "He probably is…." Before both of them jumped at the gun shot.

Not 10 seconds later Webster was almost run over by the german trying to escape. For a second Webster panicked that Liebgott was the one who got shot until he saw the man running out the house, gun held high. Just as he was about to fire Liebgott's gun jammed and he quickly turned to Webster.

"Shoot him!"

Calmly shaking his head Webster replied "No."

Liebgott looked at Webster in disbelieve for a second before screaming at him "SHOOT HIM!" Webster wanted to help Liebgott he really did but not by killing another human being. The war was over for him. No more killing. But the matter was taken out of his hands when Skinny shot the man.

The ordeal was finally over. Webster sighed but when Liebgott gave him a smug smile he merely shook his head and left towards the jeep. He was quickly joined by Liebgott who drove and Skinny who sat in the back. For fifteen minutes they drove in silence, Webster trying to avoid Liebgott's eyes whenever he looked over.

Then Liebgott muttered, "Officers don't run…"

At first Webster didn't answer, then he sighed and said, "The war is over. Anybody would run." Webster guessed his words struck home 'cause neither Skinny nor Liebgott said another word.

Situations like that didn't happen too often but with nothing to do most of the soldiers got bored and agitated and trouble often found them whether they wanted it or not. Most of them got drunk and partied 24/7 whether they were supposed to be on duty or not. But once in a while something good will happen, like the point system that was introduced that week.

A soldier had to have a total of 85 points and he was rotated back home. You could earn points by each month you were on active duty, when you had a wife, when you had kids, when you were injured, for each medal you received or each promotion you made. Each soldier had to fill in the paper work and give it to HQ who then reviewed it and sent it to the proper authorities. Each soldier already did the math and most of them earned enough points to go home. Webster himself had 87 points while Liebgott 89 so both of them had enough and were just waiting for it's confirmation.

One night easy company had the night off, no guard duty just relaxation. Some of them went to Zell Am See but most of them stayed at home as they were shown a movie on how the war faired in the pacific. Staring at the screen with empty eyes Webster couldn't take it anymore as he quickly left. He knew what it meant. He knew why they were shown that movie, they were going to be redeployed to the pacific and if he didn't get that confirmation on those points soon he was going with them and he had enough of war.

Once he got to his room he slammed the door hard before throwing a vase against the wall in anger. He tipped the table, books flying everywhere as he kicked down a nearby chair. Stepping back staring at what he's done he bumped into the wall. At first he startled before whirling around and hitting the wall hard with his fist as if it was to blame for everything that has happened or will happen. He continued to hit the wall yelling "Damn!", he didn't even notice the pain or the fact that he was bleeding.

Liebgott in the meantime had followed Webster when he noticed the other man was gone. Their relationship had been somewhat strained ever since 'the mission' and neither or them knew what to about it. When he heard a loud crash and scream he starting running toward their room, he burst into the room seeing no one but Webster. He frowned at the mess that was their room but quickly dismissed it as he saw Webster hitting the wall with his fist. Just as Webster was about to hit the wall again he gently stopped him. At first Webster lashed out at him and continued to struggle as Liebgott enveloped him in a hug. Liebgott was always been the stronger of the two and soon Webster calmed down. When Webster's harsh breathing calmed down Liebgott let Webster go.

"What has the wall ever done to you?" chuckled Liebgott trying to lighten the mood, Webster merely glared at him, shrugging of Liebgott's hand on his shoulder.

"None, of your fucking business!" snapped Webster as he walked towards the bedroom,


"Leave it!"

At first Liebgott was too shocked to answer. He wondered how the hell their roles got reversed. It has always been Webster's job to calm him down and not the other way around and now here they were and he had no idea what to do.

Following Webster he tried again, "Come on Web, talk to me…."

"I said LEAVE IT!" snapped Webster. Webster didn't mean to snap, he had no idea why he was so angry. It wasn't Joe's fault after all…

There was a long pause as Webster grabbed his towel and made his way towards the bathroom when he heard it. That one word. The word that stopped him in his tracks.


His name. Whispered softly by the man he loved so dearly. All the anger seemed to leave his body, like the air from a balloon and he sighed.

"David?" Webster shivered. That name will be his undoing as he slowly turned towards Liebgott.

Liebgott sighed in relief when Webster finally stopped. Walking closer he lifted Webster's head, softly caressing his cheek, silently asking what was wrong. Webster sighed again muttering, "It's nothing Joe…." Stepped closer, encircled Liebgott's waist and laid his head on the other man's shoulder. "….nothing at all."

Liebgott knew it was not nothing but decided not to push, Webster would tell him when he was ready and not before. Liebgott hugged him close before taking his arm and guiding Webster towards the bathroom making the other man sit down on the toilet seat. Webster watched as Liebgott cleaned his hand checking for serious injuries, when he found none he guided Webster to the bed and made him lay down. Settling down himself he shifted until he was spooning Webster. Feeling safe from any war, Webster quickly fell asleep soon followed by Liebgott.

A few hours later they were both rudely wakened by lots of yelling in the hallway. Recognizing Talbert's voice as he yelled for them to 'Get Up!' They thought some of the last remaining germans were attacking and they both jumped out of bed, put on their boots, grabbed their rifles and jackets before running in the hallway themselves.

Bumping into a half dressed Janovec Webster asked "Hey John, what's going on?" (5) Shouldering his rifle following the others down the hall he muttered "Someone shot Grant…" Shocked Webster yelled a "What?" But before he could ask when or how, they heard Captain Speirs yelling "Easy Company! Listen up!" all of them gathered round while they finished getting dressed.

"Some drunk bastard shot Grant in the head. He was last seen on the road between Zell Am See and Kaprun driving a stolen British jeep. No one shoots one of our boys and gets away with it!" a chorus of 'hell no' and 'rotten bastard' filled the air as Speirs continued. "Let's find him easy company! Dismissed!"

Everyone quickly filed out, jumping into jeeps while others simply ran as they turned into different directions. Webster, Janovec and Christenson were held back by Speirs and ordered to guard the crossroad in case he tried to escape to Germany. Nodding they headed out, Christenson carrying his machine gun. Since there was little traffic at night and no one but easy company was allowed on the road, they took turns sleeping while the others kept watch. It's was Webster turn on guard duty when a jeep came zigzagging their way. Thinking it was the drunk driver he quickly yeld "HALT!"

The jeep stopped and upon closer inspection he saw it was Captain Speirs making his way towards him. "Seen anything Private?"

Standing up Webster shook his head, "No Sir!" Growling in frustration, Speirs headed back toward his jeep. As he turned he yelled a quick "Kill Him, Webster!". Muttering Webster said, "I will, sir. I'll kill him." Speirs grinned before driving back towards Saalfelden.

Two hours later and still waiting for a sign Webster began to shiver as the cold of night began to set in. They were supposed to be relieved 30 minutes ago but no one came. Walking around rubbing his arms Webster hoped Grant would be alright. Given up trying to sleep the other two tried to warm themselves by drink some gin they found. A few minutes a later a jeep made their way towards them. Seeing it was Speirs again, he yelled "Nothing yet sir" before Speirs even stopped. "Keep your eyes open! He might want to make a run for those mountains"

Nodding Webster answered "Yes sir! Any news of Grant?"

Looking the other way Speirs muttered "He's in surgery now, there's a good change he'll make it…"

Webster barely had time to nod before Speirs was off again. Forty minutes later their relief finally came and with good news at that: the soldier had been captured and was brought in for questioning.

Gathering their stuff, shivering all the way they walked back towards their billet. They passed a huge billboard saying 'Achtung! Achtung! You are now entering the city of Zell Am See. Home of the 506th Parachute Infantry RGT. (Fallschirmjager) Welcome!'

Webster and Christenson grinned at each other laughing "Now, that's showing whose the boss around here!" as they made their way back to Saalfelden.

When they finally made it back Webster was so cold he couldn't resist drinking some of the gin anyway. They passed Talbert and Luz playing card as they heard yelling from the other room. Pointing towards the door Janovec asked "That him?" The two men merely nodded and the three of them went to take a look. There he was, the man who shot Grant, tied to a chair and obviously getting his. Looking around the room Webster noticed these men were Grant's closest friends, which of course included Liebgott. As soon as his eyes landed on the other man, eyes blazing as they in turn hit the man sitting in front of them. Webster didn't know whether it was the gin he'd been drinking or just the look in Liebgott's eyes but he felt really hot all of a sudden as his face began to flush. As if he knew he was being watched Liebgott looked strait at him, eyes blazing. The two men stared at each other as time seemed to slow down for a minute before it caught up with itself again. Webster gasped slightly making Janovec turn around.

"Hey Web, you ok? You seem a bit flushed…"

Clearing his throat, Webster muttered a quick "Um yeah, just tired…" before stepping back, "…I think I'll hit the sack…" and quickly leaving. On his way Webster nearly bumped into a murderous looking Speirs as he made his way to his room.

Warning: NC-17 scene coming up!

Finally in his room he took another swing of gin before beginning to unlace his boots. He just put down his boots as the door swung open to reveal a slightly out of breath Liebgott.

Kicking the door shut Liebgott quickly locked the door before turning towards the other man. Webster swallowed as he saw the fire that blazed in the other man's eyes and his pants felt two sizes to small all of a sudden as he stood upright. Before he knew it Liebgott had crossed the room, had grabbed his face between his two hands and was kissing him hard. It's was all teeth and tongue but Webster didn't care, he needed this, had needed it for a long time.

He gasped as Liebgott picked him and pushed him against the wall hard. He hooked his legs round Liebgott's hips as the other man pinned his arms above his head, mouth biting his way down Webster's neck.

Deciding he needed his both hands anyway, Liebgott released Webster arms as he ripped open Webster's jacket trying to shrug it off the other man.

After he threw his jacket somewhere in the room, Webster smacked his lips against Liebgott's, kissing him hard and making him stumble. Seizing the moment, Webster unhooked his legs and pushed Liebgott towards a nearby table yanking of his shirt. Licking and biting his way down Liebgott's chest he was pleased to hear Liebgott's moans. Blowing air where he had bitten, Liebgott shivered slightly as Webster teased him. Neither hands were idle as they both tried to undo each others belts. As Webster touched a particular spot on Liebgott's body, the other man growled, actually growled as he pushed Webster back into a nearby cupboard.

Webster could hear glasses and plates breaking and he was sure to have bruises in the morning but right now he didn't seem to care as he laughed flipping a surprised Liebgott around and against the cupboard.

It took a few moments for Liebgott to get his barings but when he saw the smirking face of Webster as he pulled the belt from his pants, he chuckled before kissing the other man hard. They stumbled around the room, clothes flying when Liebgott picked up Webster again. Trying to concentrate while Webster was trying to suck his tongue from his mouth he navigated them to the bedroom and threw the other man on the bed before quickly following.

"Mmmmm, I like his side of you Web…." Muttered Liebgott as he removed Webster's last piece of clothing. Gasping as Liebgott enveloped him with his mouth he stuttered a "…Ah…..don't… don't… get used to…to… it…" as he began to tremble. Grabbing for Liebgott to move up he gasped, "Jjj… joe, not…not… yet…"

Humming Liebgott released Webster's erection before moving up and kissing the man senseless. Tasting himself Webster moaned and became even more hard if that was even possible. Sliding his hands down Liebgott's back down the man's ass he tried to remove the other's man's underwear as best he could. Sensing what Webster was doing Liebgott decided to help the man as he flung his underwear across the room. Settling back down both men gasped as they touched from head to toe.

Trembling slightly Webster ran his hand down Liebgott's back as he tried to kiss anywhere he could reach. Liebgott in the meantime was kissing his way down Webster neck down to his collarbone then tracing the little hollow with his tongue leaving Webster gasping for air. His hands didn't sit still either as he traced down Webster's chest until he reached what he was looking for. Knowing what Liebgott wanted, Webster opened his legs to make room for the other man. Moving one knee up, he tried to relax as Liebgott prepared him. Kissing Webster to distract him Liebgott didn't waste a lot of time as he used two fingers, then a third to loosen the muscles. When he deemed Webster ready he kissed him hard as he plunged in, in one go. Webster gasped both in pain and pleasure as he waited for the other man to move.

Liebgott kissed the few tears that had fallen from Webster's eyes as he slowly began to move. Neither of them were in the mood for it to last long and soon the bed shook with their combined trusts as the room filled with gasps and groans. Neither of them lasted long as first Webster, then Liebgott came with a load moan.

Webster trembled as Liebgott slipped out of his body and gathered him close. Liebgott kissed him slowly and softly before settling down, Webster on his chest listening to his calming heartbeat.

End NC-17 scene

Threading his fingers through a sleeping Webster's hair Liebgott felt as if he was the happiest man alive, he wouldn't give this up for anything in the world. But soon he had no choice but to give all of this up. He wondered how he was going to tell the man. How was he going to tell the man he loved, his points were approved and he was allowed to go home. These could be their last moments together and he couldn't bring himself to tell Webster.

He decided he wasn't going to worry about it now. He'd worry about it tomorrow. This was now and he was going to enjoy it as long as he could.

To Be Continued in Chapter 15: The Party Is Over!

(1) I don't know if this is true or not. Blame the muse.

(2) Now this is true.

(3) He was nick-named the camera-killer because his had distinguished himself by seizing a camera from a german woman in a Bavarian Village and throwing it to the ground. Then he took his gun and shot it. I don't really know his real name, in his book Webster keeps calling him the 'camera-killer' All I know is, is his rank: Lieutenant. And he joined them when they entered Germany. He apparently slept through the patrol in Haguenau. He wasn't liked by Webster.

(4) This argument did take place only not with Liebgott but with the Lieutenant. Webster was ordered to clear the house and therefore putting the children on the street. He hated doing it but he had little choice in the matter.

(5) Janovec's full name was John A. Janovec.

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