Author's Note: Formerly a one-shot. Personally, I think it stands better by itself, but...oh well.

...based on the fact that when the perfect kid at my school got sick, everyone reacted.

Geniuses such as the Uchiha prodigy didn't get sick. It's a proven fact. They certainly didn't get stuffy noses, that's for sure. There are brinks of normalcy that geniuses can reach-but a stuffy nose is taking it way too far. I mean, sure, geniuses breathe and eat (kind of like humans, once you think about it...) but they never EVER get stuffy noses. That would be a level of weakness and indignity that they would never stoop down to. And of course, if they had stuffy noses, they couldn't very well get on with their jobs of being seriously moody and cold-mindedly proficient, right?

Uchiha Sasuke had a stuffy nose.

Which meant one thing: he was far ickier and more statistically unhygienic than he had ever been before.

Which, in turn, meant one thing: his female classmates were falling over themselves to get near him. Which sounded weird, Sasuke thought, unless he added the 'try to heal him and seal their precious bond with Sasuke' part. How meaningless. Especially when I probably caught my cold from one of them.

"Hey!" the pink-haired loudmouth (Sakura, he thought) yelled. "Look at Naruto!"

Sasuke blinked. Naruto was the only other person in the classroom with a cold.

"I bet HE'S the one who got our beloved Sasuke sick!" the blonde-haired loudmouth (Ino, right?) shouted.

Trained warrior that he was, Sasuke was nonetheless terrified by the homicidal burning in her eyes. And with good reason too, if Naruto's yells of pain afterwards were any indication.

But the outraged fan-girls finally left Naruto alone. Eventually. After a half-hour or two of torture.

Leave Iruka to be absent today, Sasuke thought. But where's that sub, Ka-um…Karashi…no, Kakashi?

"U-um…Uh…N-Naruto," one of his deskmates, Hinata, spoke suddenly.

"Huh? Oh, hi there, Hinata!" the loser grinned.

"I-I…I n-n-noticed you have a c-cold," Hinata mumbled, rosy blush staining her pale ivory cheeks. 'Wait, where did that poetic mood come from?' Sasuke panicked. His fan-girls already thought he was a big enough heartthrob without adding a sensitive side!

"At-CHOO! Yeah, I guess I do," Naruto agreed. Such a master of conversation, Sasuke thought dryly. It was rare when Hinata spoke, and he wouldn't have wasted an opportunity to talk to her the way Narutard was wasting his.

"O-oh. R-right. Um…" Hinata trailed off, and glanced at Sasuke timidly.

Huh? What's she looking MY way for? Sasuke pondered confusedly, giving her a well-rehearsed blank stare.

"Huh? Hinata?" Apparently, Naruto was confused too.

"I-I th-th-thought y-y-you might w-want this," Hinata stuttered, bashfully holding out a small medicine container. "F-f-for your c-cold, I m-mean," she added quickly.

"What? For me? THANKS!" Naruto smiled, taking the container gratefully.

Sasuke turned away. Figures, he tried to smirk. She's just another obsessing fan-girl. Although why anyone would look in Naruto's direction, I'll never understand…

"S-Sasuke?" a frail voice asked him.

"What?" he snapped. He was aware that he had a slight nasal tone. He hated stuffy noses…

"I-I-I noticed y-you're s-sick t-too. W-w-would you l-like some m-medicine b-balm?"

"…whad's id do?" Sasuke asked mistrustingly. Sure, he knew a whole lot about weapons and jutsus and whatnot, but his knowledge on medicine was practically nonexistent. Almost…normal level, actually. But hey, it's not as if he had any use for that kind of information anyway!

"Y-you rub it o-on y-your nose, a-and it c-clears it up," Hinata explained hesitantly.

"………" On the one side, this'll fix my stuffy nose. On the other hand, I'm not going to rub my nose in front of the class. I refuse to do anything so…foolish.


"Alright. Put id on."

"W-what!" Hinata yelped.

Sasuke smirked. There was the familiar blush again. He could get used to this, actually. "I'm not about to rub id on myself. For one thing, I don't know how id's done."

"M-m-maybe one of o-our c-classmates w-would p-prefer to do it," she offered weakly.

"I'm not about to let one of them touch my face. If you offered your help, you might as well follow through completely," Sasuke maintained.

"O-o-okay," Hinata agreed. Opening the balm container, she rubbed a bit of it on her delicate, slender fingers-there I go again with the poetry, Sasuke thought scoldingly to himself-and leaned towards Sasuke.

"U-um…Sasuke…w-would you mind h-holding still?" Hinata requested.

"I am holding still," he insisted. It wasn't his fault medicine made him fidgety!

Hinata sighed. Using her free hand and blushing, she cupped Sasuke's face to hold said object in place. The Uchiha attempted to ignore the giddiness it gave him.

Smoothly, the Hyuuga's fingers rubbed the balm on his nose. And, amazingly, he felt his nose clear up.

Taking Hinata's hands, he stared at her intently.

"…Is it supposed to tingle when you put it on me?"

Hinata blushed. "U-u-um…I-I s-s-suppose. S-see, the m-medication i-is b-being absorbed by your s-somatosensory y-your b-brain i-identifies the r-rushing feeling as i-itching…"

"Oh. Okay," Sasuke dismissed it, releasing the Hyuuga's hands.

Of course, it had only been after he released her hands that his skin had stopped tingling…but he wasn't going to tell her that.

Geniuses such as the Uchiha prodigy didn't get schoolboy crushes. But then again…they didn't get stuffy noses either.

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