A Fleeting Moment

by taitofan

Rated PG-13 for yaoi and pupaphilia

Disclaimer: The closest I come to owning Naruto is by having lots of merchandise. In other words, not at all.

Author's Note: I didn't think I could write full SasoDei without messing it up, so I decided that drabbles were the way to go. But my drabbles tend to grow… So one sentence drabbles sounded perfect. And thus… I did just that! Spoilers up chapter 317. Some of these are before the time-skip, some are after, and none are related. Please tell me which ones you like so I can write a real SasoDei fic in the future!

1sentence challenge: theme set Epsilon

Flames do nothing but make me laugh, although I'll listen to any CC you have. Please read, review, and enjoy! Finished 07-28-06

01. Motion
Deidara was always in motion, going so far as to kick his irritable partner in his sleep.

02. Cool
Whenever Deidara saw Sasori fighting out of Hiruko, he thought to himself, 'Sasori-danna is so cool un.'

03. Young
Though it probably was perverted to admit it, Sasori's young face always turned Deidara on.

04. Last
Deidara thinks back to the last conversation he had with his danna before he died—arguing about art—and decides that he doesn't regret it.

05. Wrong
If loving his bratty partner was wrong, then Sasori didn't want to be right—clichés and all.

06. Gentle
One might not think that wooden hands would be gentle, but when the puppet master cleaned and dressed his partner's wounds, Deidara couldn't think of a softer touch.

07. One
Sasori didn't see how he could possibly refuse when Deidara asked, "Can I have one last kiss before we leave, un?"

08. Thousand
There were a thousand reasons why their relationship shouldn't work, but they never did like following the rules.

09. King
Sasori could have been the king for all he cared; Deidara still would have argued about art with him.

10. Learn
It took a while to learn all of the spots that made Deidara scream, but it was all worth it to see him writhe like that.

11. Blur
Deidara was a blur in the sky on his clay bird, but Sasori's well-trained eye could always find him.

12. Wait
Sasori insisted that he hated his partner, but Deidara was more than willing to wait until he was over his bad case of denial.

13. Change
Deidara might have been loud and obnoxious most of the time, but Sasori wouldn't change him for the world.

14. Command
Deidara's loud personality commanded total attention, and Sasori was no exception to his charms.

15. Hold
Sasori would kill anyone who knew, but he secretly liked it when Deidara held him close in the dead of night.

16. Need
Deidara only needed three things to be happy: art, food, and his Sasori-danna.

17. Vision
To say Sasori was a vision of loveliness was a horrible understatement, and much to the puppet master's dislike, Deidara liked to remind the rest of Akatsuki of the fact on a regular basis.

18. Attention
No matter what Sasori was doing, Deidara knew he could get his danna's attention just by showing a little skin.

19. Soul
Sasori might have been a puppet, but Deidara figured that since he still had a soul, there was nothing wrong with loving him.

20. Picture
Though he was gone, Deidara only had to close his eyes and he could see a perfect picture of his Sasori-danna.

21. Fool
"You're a fool" was Sasori's way of saying "I love you brat."

22. Mad
They usually got mad at each other when they started discussing art, but the makeup sex afterwards always made it worthwhile.

23. Child
Deidara might have the attention span of a child, but when he moves just like that, Sasori knows that he's all man.

24. Now
Tobi might be considered his partner now, but in his heart, there'd never be anyone but Sasori.

25. Shadow
The shadows danced on the wall, making the two ruthless killers seem a little more humane.

26. Goodbye
Right before Sasori dies, all he can think about is how he wishes he could have said goodbye to his feisty blond lover.

27. Hide
Sasori hid behind his puppets, Deidara hid behind his smiles, and they both hid their feelings for each other.

28. Fortune
Deidara didn't know why he had the good fortune of being the only one to see his danna's soft side, but he certainly wasn't complaining.

29. Safe
It was hard not to feel safe in battle when you had a possessive partner-slash-lover in a giant scorpion puppet watching your back.

30. Ghost
Deidara secretly hoped that ghosts were real, because then there was a chance that Sasori was still with him.

31. Book
Deidara had never been more surprised in his life than the day he walked in on Sasori reading the Kama Sutra.

32. Eye
When Sasori demanded to know if he meant danna as master or husband, Deidara's good eye just sparkled with that look of "I know something you don't know!"

33. Never
Deidara would never forgive the little wench who took his danna away from him.

34. Sing
Sometimes Deidara would sing to annoy his fellow Akatsuki members, but he left the really suggestive lyrics for Sasori's ears only.

35. Sudden
It was a sudden thing; one day Sasori decided that he couldn't live without that pesky blond who had the nerve to call him danna.

36. Stop
Deidara couldn't have been happier the day Sasori stopped glaring at him when he said "Sasori-danna."

37. Time
Sasori was gone and time went on, but Deidara never was quite the same.

38. Wish
"Your wish is my command Sasori-danna, un," had the additional silent disclaimer, "But I'm going to do what I want to regardless un."

39. Torn
When Deidara knocked over a vial and broke it in the throes of passion, Sasori was torn between yelling at him and kissing him senseless, because he looked so erotic while doing it.

40. History
Deidara had a history of breaking his toys as a child, but now he had one special puppet that he treated with the utmost care.

41. Power
Sasori already knew that he was capable of murder, but knowing that he could make someone moan as wantonly as Deidara was gave him a whole new sense of power.

42. Bother
One day they can't quite make it to the bedroom and Itachi catches them, but they don't bother to explain; everyone already knows anyways.

43. God
Deidara prayed to every god he could think of that he'd join Sasori wherever went after he died.

44. Wall
It was times like this, when Deidara was discussing their sex life—complete with hand gestures no less—with a very amused Kisame, that Sasori felt the urge to bash his head against the wall.

45. Naked
Sasori thought that perhaps if Deidara ever saw himself naked, maybe he'd change his mind about art being a fleeting thing.

46. Drive
There was no stronger force in the world than Deidara's sex drive after his danna let him have sugar, and Sasori cherished that fact.

47. Harm
Deidara growled, "Nobody harms my danna un," and promptly blew up the foolish ninja who dared to get in their way.

48. Precious
Sasori thought it was idiotic to compare eyes to semi-precious gems, but that never stopped him from thinking of sapphires whenever he looked at Deidara.

49. Hunger
Sasori might not have needed to eat, being a puppet and all, but that didn't mean he didn't hunger for his partner on a regular basis.

50. Believe
As they lay in a pleasant afterglow, Deidara couldn't help but believe that life couldn't get any better than it was with his danna.