A Fleeting Moment

by taitofan

Rated PG-13 for yaoi and pupaphilia

Disclaimer: The closest I come to owning Naruto is by having lots of merchandise. In other words, not at all.

Author's Note: Wow, finally, the last one, complete with Hidan and Kakuzu cameos! …I kinda forgot all about this fic after I got out of the Naruto fandom, but now I'm back and finally have it done! It's been really fun writing these, and I hope everyone has enjoyed the 250 SasoDei moments I've envisioned. Throughout the humor, fluff, angst, and sex I've been reminded why this is my OTP, and I must say that now that I'm done, I love it even more. Long live SasoDei!

1sentence challenge: theme set Beta

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01. Walking

After their first time together, Deidara felt like dancing on air—unfortunately, he had to settle for walking with a slight limp while Sasori smiled smugly beside him.

02. Waltz

Sasori is out of Hiruko and moving about the enemies in a waltz of blades and blood and poison—Deidara watches out of the corner of his eye and hopes that the dying shinobi are honored that they get to see something so exquisite before they expire.

03. Wishes

Occasionally Deidara wishes that his danna would say those three little words back, but it was all right, because deep down he already knew it was true anyway.

04. Wonder

Sometimes Sasori wakes up and the middle of the night to odd slurping sounds, and he wonders if his partner knows that the hands on his mouth are capable of licking him as Deidara sleeps.

05. Worry

Deidara didn't worry when he left Sasori to fight against the little girl and the old woman by himself—after all, it wasn't like Sasori could die or anything…

06. Whimsy

On a whim, Sasori fashions a nervous system out of chakra so he can feel what Deidara feels; after all is said and done, he decides that such feelings are better left to someone who is better physically equipped for dealing with them.

07. Waste/Wasteland

Deidara had just been assigned as Sasori's new partner, and any apprehension he'd initially felt at the thoughts of meeting the infamous puppet master washed away once he saw the wasteland that was to be his new room—"…You're such a slob un!"

08. Whiskey and rum

Deidara giggled and swayed dangerously after a night of drinking; Sasori helped his partner get back to their room, glad to be away from all those people who'd had the "privilege" of hearing the blond sing drunken, off-key love songs to his danna.

09. War

It's a war, and Deidara knows all too well that casualties are to be expected, but that doesn't stop his devastation when Sasori is among those lost.

10. Weddings

The tale of how Sasori became Sasori-danna was a rather amusing one involving a tipsy Deidara in a dress, a secretly amused Sasori, and a drunk-off-his-ass Hidan deciding that he was qualified to marry a man and a living puppet—Kakuzu made a lot of money when Deidara bought the negatives from his impromptu wedding.

11. Birthday

"Happy Birthday Sasori-danna!" was met with a glare, mostly due to the fact that the cake Deidara had set in front of him was completely covered with candles.

12. Blessing

Deidara stopped believing in religion a long time ago, but when Hidan catches them in the hall—Sasori's synthetic tongue down his throat, the two of them still covered in blood from their latest mission, having not quite made it to the bedroom—and informs them that Lord Jashin gives such a violent couple his blessing, he can't help but smile a bit.

13. Bias

When Tobi asks him who the strongest member in Akatsuki is, Deidara knows that he's biased, but he readily answers "It was Sasori-danna un" regardless.

14. Burning

There's a burning in his eyes that Sasori has never seen before, so when Deidara suddenly launches forward and presses his soft lips to his own synthetic ones, he allows himself a bit of shock.

15. Breathing

Sasori doesn't exist like his partner does, but when Deidara's breathing hitches and he arches his back like that, he doesn't need to—just seeing it is enough.

16. Breaking

Every now and then Sasori would bring Deidara to the breaking point only to nurse him back for no other reasons than that he could, and the blond would let him.

17. Belief

They both have very different beliefs on the nature of art, but they can always agree that the things they do together late at night are the most beautiful masterpiece of all.

18. Balloon

Deidara looked positively innocent as he inconspicuously sent a tiny clay spider to rest on a little girl's balloon; Sasori smirked when there was a loud pop followed by shrill crying seconds later.

19. Balcony

Deidara leaned over the balcony in their inn room to take in the view while Sasori stood a few feet behind him and took in an even better view.

20. Bane

Deidara glared at the bane of his existence, wondering why he couldn't have just died with Sasori rather than being stuck with Tobi of all people.

21. Quiet

"If you don't want to get caught," Sasori whispered during the meeting as he slipped his hand under Deidara's cloak and down his pants, "then I suggest you keep quiet."

22. Quirks

Everyone in Akatsuki has their little quirks—immortal religious zealots, multiple heart containing moneygrubbers, cannibalistic plants, sharks with big swords, apathetic teenagers with brother complexes—but sometimes, as he was picking splinters out of the tongues on his palms, Deidara wished that he and Sasori could have had quirks that didn't conflict so much…

23. Question

Hidan started ranting that Deidara was going to hell, and the blond hoped that he was right, if only so he could see Sasori again when he died.

24. Quarrel

During their latest quarrel—about art of course—Sasori didn't know what was more childish, the fact they both had their tongues stuck out at each other, or that fact that he was facing down the tongue on Deidara's right hand.

25. Quitting

Sasori couldn't have cared less when Orochimaru informed him that he was quitting Akatsuki, because a new blond guy had just joined, and now was the perfect time for him to need a new partner…

26. Jump

Deidara jumped right before the poison-tipped coil could hit him, and he swore that if he made it through this one alive, he'd never tell the others about his and Sasori's sex life ever again.

27. Jester

Tobi is now the resident jester of Akatsuki, taking the position that his partner used to have; Deidara doesn't miss the irony of the situation, but it hardly changes his desperate wish that Sasori was still there telling him to stop being such an idiot.

28. Jousting

Everyone rolled their eyes as Sasori and Deidara started up their infamous verbal jousting about art for the umpteenth time, knowing that eventually they'd rush back to their room to settle their differences, just as they always did.

29. Jewel

Deidara suggested that Sasori use real jewels for his eyes for that he could compare them to rubies; Sasori swatted him upside the head and told him not to be ridiculous.

30. Just

"Just shut up already," Sasori growled before pulling his talkative partner close and making him shut up.

31. Smirk

Kakuzu and Hidan returned from a mission in Iwagakure with tales of villagers using Deidara as a ghost story—they even overheard one mother telling her son to behave or Deidara would come and blow him up—and though Deidara was proud of his reputation, Sasori could only smirk at the news and wonder what all those people would think if they knew that their bogeyman could be turned into a moaning, withering mass of flesh by a puppet.

32. Sorrow

Deidara had tried drinking his sorrows away, but after he thought he saw his deceased danna in his drunken stupor, he swore off alcohol forever.

33. Stupidity

Deidara idly wondered what it would be like for him to take Sasori for once, then he laughed at his stupidity seconds later—he'd get some nasty splinters from that

34. Serenade

After ingesting more chocolate than could possibly be healthy, Deidara decided that it would be a grand idea to serenade his danna; Sasori let him have his fun for thirty seconds before he grabbed hold of him with chakra strings and proceeded to shut him up the old-fashioned way—kissing him senseless.

35. Sarcasm

"And how are we going to do it, un, use that coil in your stomach?" had been sarcasm, but Sasori decided it was actually a very good idea.

36. Sordid

Sasori sees the sordid remains of the shinobi they'd just killed on Deidara—his cloak, his face, even in his hair—but that doesn't stop him from accepting the celebratory kiss his partner eagerly gives him.

37. Soliloquy

Deidara slammed the door and launched into a soliloquy about how infuriating Sasori was, and how he had no concept of art, and just because he was so sexy and intoxicating gave him no right to act like that, and—and he made himself so worked up that he had to go right out and find his partner just to get rid of all his tension.

38. Sojourn

They sojourned in an inn during a long mission and took the opportunity to reacquaint themselves with each other's bodies, not caring how loud they might get, and when they checked out the next morning, Deidara had openly laughed when the girl at the counter had blushed and refused to meet their eyes.

39. Share

Sasori looked at his shivering partner and rolled his eyes before commanding him to get over there and share his blanket already—Deidara happily complied.

40. Solitary

Sasori had always been a solitary creature since he'd left his village; one day he got Deidara as his new partner and decided that maybe being alone was overrated.

41. Nowhere

"There's nowhere to run," Sasori breathed as he ran the blade down Deidara's chest and licked away the resulting blood; Deidara moaned at the sensation, knowing he'd never try to run away in the first place.

42. Neutral

Akatsuki rooms weren't exactly cozy, but the occupants still got to decorate them as they saw fit, so when Orochimaru left and Deidara came instead, the first thing he'd said after seeing his new room was, "These neutral colors are boring un, let's add some yellow!"

43. Nuance

Sasori's words were full of just as many nuances as his art was, and it was because of this that Deidara could only smile when his danna called him an insufferable brat.

44. Near

Deidara protested with a frustrated moan when Sasori pulled away with a smirk just as he was near his completion.

45. Natural

As they kiss, Deidara grabs Sasori's hand and proceeds to kiss those too, and though it would look odd to any spectators, to them it was the most natural thing in the world.

46. Horizon

Deidara looked to the horizon as the sun slowly set, trying not to think about how the red hues reminded him of the soft red hair he used to run his fingers through on a regular basis.

47. Valiant

Deidara made a valiant effort to forget about Sasori and go on with his life, but every night through vivid dreams he was reminded of the man who stole his heart and died with it still in his possession.

48. Virtuous

Sasori was hardly what one would consider virtuous, so he had no problems slowly ripping apart the man who dared to lodge a kunai in his partner's leg.

49. Victory

Deidara glanced down from his clay bird to see Sasori impale their target with Hiruko's tale, and he smirked as he thought of the many ways they could celebrate their latest victory that night.

50. Defeat

Though he'd been trying to deny it for a long time, Sasori finally sighed in defeat and took Deidara into his arms—"I love you too brat."