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Chapter 8: My bloody tears

Her eyes glazed over. He's gone.

I'm waiting for you...

His body hitting the floor and the blood flying from his nose.

You hated me from the start.

The thump of his fall echoed through the hall.

I'm starting to hate you...

He lifted from his spot on the floor and his gold eyes flashed to red.

The familiar feeling of my heart being crushed.

He stood shakily from his spot on the floor.

You gave me the blood pouring into my heart.

He pushed the man onto the floor and tore at his skin.

I try not to cry as it hurts me to.

Her heart stopped. Her soul hung in the balance.

The pain inside is tearing me apart.

The man's body lay limp on the floor as he stood and his eyes changed into gold.

The blood spilling from my eyes is because of you.

Kagome squeezed her eyes shut as the nurses flooded the hall, trying to carry away the man in critical condition. InuYasha's silver hair was stained with his blood, the blood of her father. Kagome pushed her hands over her ears as the shouts rang over her head. The pain tainted her heart. Her father was dying.

Her hands touched her face briefly only to feel wetness. Hot tears stinging her face made her hands shake. The door opened and her vision was blurred into oblivian. The voices spoke softly to her... Her mind was reeling out and in. His hands touched her face lovingly but were gone in seconds.

"InuYasha!" She screamed. Her hands went out to find him...to find his hands. He grabbed them and held them to his face. Her finger tips met his wet cheeks.

"I'm so sorry." He choked out into her ear. She mashed her lips into his, muffling his apology. Her lips said everything without saying it. It was okay.