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Hey kiddos, here's the next chapter of my magnum opus (ok, maybe it's not that great). I'm a little worried because I've never written a fic that was pretty much all action so bear with me if it's not so good. Kudos to Nyte Kat and Dapple for guessing Creedence Clearwater Revival, they were right. The House of Blue Lights and Molly were named after "Good Golly Miss Molly" Susie Q was named after Susie Q, and Bad Moon Rising was named after Bad Moon Rising. The Band I referenced in Chapter 1 was Pet Shop Boys. Chris is named after Chris Lowe (keyboards), Tennant University is named after Neil Tennant (vocals) and Discography is the name of their Greatest Hits album. Now be prepared for the action!


Chance felt his stomach knot up, no matter how many times he did this, he always felt a little scared. He knew that as soon as he was in the air, his confidence would return. The engine started to roar and soon the Turbo Kat was soaring through the sky. Chance could see the other planes zipping between the skyscrapers of Megakat City. There was smoke rising from the ground, and it seemed that a couple of buildings were damaged.

Oh yes, Chance thought, this would be fun.

The Turbo Kat picked up speed as T-Bone raced to the center of town. White smoke filled the sky, making it hard for him to see anything farther than five feet in front of him. T-Bone lowered the Turbo Kat until he was under the smoke. The streets below him were utter chaos as kats were running in every direction, tripping over bodies and wrecked cars. T-Bone couldn't hear outside sounds in the cockpit, but he could imagine the commotion going on.

Where was all the smoke coming from, and where was the postal pilot? Flying low enough to avoid the smoke, but not low enough to hurt any innocents, T-Bone weaved between buildings until he saw a major wreckage. Two Enforcer planes had crashed into the library, that's where the smoke was coming from, now where was the culprit?

As if to answer that question, a plane swooped down from the smoke, headed straight for the Turbo Kat. T-Bone pulled up and flew into the smoke, but not before reading the words on the side of the plan :Jimmy Jazz.

"That little shit." T-Bone yelled.

Jimmy Jazz was the second best pilot at Enforcer Academy (second only to Chance) and was the biggest ass hole in Megakat City. The sadistic bastard was always picking on Jake. That was how he and Jake had met actually. It had been the first day of training and one of Jimmy's goons had Jake in a headlock while Jimmy was punching him in the stomach. Chance pulled him off, and punched the bastard in the face, which landed him in serious trouble with the commanders. On the bright side, it introduced him to Jake, which was, without question, the greatest thing that ever happened to him.

Now T-Bone was lost in this white fog, not knowing where Jimmy was, or even exactly where he was. He almost flew into a couple buildings until he spotted a plane flying almost haphazardly towards him. Suddenly the plane began to fire on him, narrowly missing him, but hitting a building.

I gotta get him out of the city, T-Bone thought, But how?

T-Bone began to fly his plane directly towards a skyscraper and then pulled up before hitting it. The sudden increase of G's made him a little woozy, but he hoped Jimmy would follow him, which he did. Sticking close to the building, T-Bone flew up above the smoke and towards to ocean. He wasn't too worried about getting shot, Jimmy wasn't much of a marksman, but then again, neither was he. He flew to the ocean,knowing that Jimmy would follow, he had a plan, he just hoped that the Jimmy hadn't made any upgrades to his plane since he last saw him.

T-Bone flew to the ocean and then dived towards it, his speed increasing. Jimmy followed, and soon T-Bone was only a few yards from the ocean surface. Suddenly, Jimmy began to level out, just like T-Bone hoped he would. T-Bone kept diving until he was nearly skimming the surface, then he leveled out and began to decrease speed. His old Enforcer's plane would have never been able to handle that, and apparently neither could Jimmy's, who was now above and in front of the Turbo Kat. The Turbo Kat quickly gained altitude and was soon following Jimmy's plane. T-Bone launched his ballistic missiles and they soared through the skies leaving a trail of fire and smoke. They hit Jimmy's left wing and he began to lose control. His plane began to spiral as it fell to the shore. While it did explode when it hit the ground, it was not some spectacular sight. Instead it was just a fire that engulfed the plane quickly, and T-Bone hoped that Jimmy had either passed out or died before he caught on fire. Oil from the wreckage had leaked into the sea and caught fire, creating rivers of flame.

T-Bone was about to leave the scene when he noticed a bystander near the scene and decided to check and make sure he or she was all right. He landed and jumped out of the plane. He could see that the bystander was male, but he had his back turned.

"Excuse me sir, are you all right?" T-Bone yelled, running towards the Tom.

The Tom turned around, it was Chris. He looked strangely calm for someone who had come close to death. Chris smiled and said:

"You've already got the Enforcers on your ass, looks like the oil spill's gonna make the environmentalists hate you too."

The comment took T-Bone by surprise, and he wasn't exactly sure how to respond.

"I suppose," he replied, thinking on his feet, "but I doubt there's not much they can do to me. I just wonder what made the enforcer start attacking people."

"Well, we'll never know now, will we?" Chris's voice wasn't exactly accusatory, but it wasn't exactly condoning either.

"I guess not. Are you all right sir?"

"I'm fine, thank you Chance."

T-Bone nearly shit his pants.

"How did you know?"

"I recognized your voice. I have the whole "Jake" incident engraved in my head." Chris began to walk towards to parking lot. "Don't worry I won't tell anyone."

T-Bone watched as Chris walked out of sight before getting back to the Turbo Kat.

"Why is it," T-Bone asked himself while jumping into the plane, "that every time I see that kid, I end up getting confused?"


Well, I hope you liked it, I also hope it made sense. This'll probably be the last time I write an action orientated fic, I hate writing them. I guess I should have thought of that before starting writing fan fiction for a cartoon that is centered on action. Please R and R, and of course, brownie points to those who spot the music reference.