This is Probably the shortest story I've ever written but to Adieu2Snow, this is for you chicka. I got the message across I hope.

Fang's POV

Pure and Undefiled

It's been a while, hasn't it? A year or so on this very spot. We thought it would be a safe haven. Somewhere we could call home for a while. But I guess we were wrong…

I looked away from a frozen cave where I had placed a single white rose in remembrance. I looked around and saw the spot where you always stood and smiled. I miss you Max…

I flapped my wings against the wind that pushed at me. I looked at the spot and saw you in a proud stance, overlooking the canyon below. I can imagine your hair billowing around you as the wind blows. I can see the determination in your eyes and the soft smirk that always crosses your lips.

For the flock, you would say, everything is for the flock. As long as they're happy, I am. Spoken like a true parent. We were basically parents to them. You and I, we were going to be something. We were but now we can't. The flock's at our Colorado home, if you're wondering, it wasn't burnt down after all. I flew for two days just to see you.

The wind slowed to nothing and snow began to fall silently over your resting place. I see you standing proud just above the cave, eyes set, and ready for anything. I smirk to myself. What I wouldn't give to have you back. Then I see you look at me and I hold my breath. You're really standing there. You smile so softly at me, your eyes are filled with tears. You mouth 'I'm sorry'.

I'm sorry too Max…

You told me to run, protect the flock but I should have protected you. No Erasers came after us, they only wanted you. If I had stayed… maybe you'd still be here. But like you always say, for the flock. I witnessed from far away, you bashing up those Erasers. One made a fatal blow to you before you killed it. I should have been there to stop it. I hated to leave you behind but I followed your order like a last request. I intended to follow it through.

A snowflake landed on my nose causing me to glare at it before the wind playfully wiped it away. I saw the laughter in the eyes of your fading form atop the cave. You waved and I gave you one of my quick smiles.

I can see the snow falling all around you, so white and pure. It made you seem like an angel, making me seem like a demon with my dark wings. You would laugh if you heard me say that, but I believe that you can hear me. I know you're right beside me, helping me take care of the flock, each step of the way.

I hear you Max. I thought to myself as your figure faded from your spot. You disappeared into snow. Snow continued to fall all around, slow and silent, pure and undefiled, just like you Max.

Just like you.

Slow and Silent, your snow falls pure and undefiled...