Me-Hey everybody I have important news. I'm doing a complete rewrite of Masked Emotions now known as "A Piece of My Heart". It's going to be better, longer, and with new and improved scenes. The couples will still be the same and hopefully in this story I'll get the chance to hook up Jou and Seto. Also I changed Ryou's last name to Isuri…it's just to weird to have the last name of your boyfriend first name.

Melody- I'm actually really happy my hikari is doing this (for once) the other one definitely needed improving.

Me-Like I didn't already know that oh yami of mine…anyways

Warnings-Yaoi, Angst, stuff homophobics won't like...

A Piece of My Heart


A boy with blond bangs and black hair that was outlined in crimson was running down an empty street. Though the boy looked to be about twelve he was actually fifteen. 'Oh gods please just let me make it home' he thought while running. He suddenly tripped and allowing whoever he was running from to catch up.

"Well what do we have here?" one of the kids said.

"Ushio please." the boy, Yugi, pleaded desperately for some kind of mercy.

"Why little boys like you shouldn't be out so late," Ushio said sarcastically.

"P…please I…have…t…to get h...home." Yugi stuttered not able to contain his fear.

"Well your gay ass is going to have to wait now isn't it." Shishio his friend said. Yugi knew there was nothing else he could do so he quickly got up and ran again. He just could not win. He was walking home from his friend's house and accidentally bumped into Ushio's girlfriend Anzu. Lets just say he wasn't happy about it

. 'Great out of all people I have to run into'. Yugi ran around another corner trying to pace himself.

'One more block, one more block' he chanted to himself trying not to think of the people behind him. Fortunately when they started chasing him he was right near his home. The game shop, where he lived, finally appeared before him. He quickly opened the door and closed it behind him locking it as fast as possible. Panting he let out one more breath before walking into the home part of the game shop.

"Grandpa" he called out hesitantly since there were no lights on. He made his way into the kitchen and sighed when he noticed the note on the table.

"I wonder how long this time." he mused aloud. He went over to the island in the middle of the kitchen and picked up the note.


I'm sorry to say that I will be gone for about a month and a half along with Mr. Isuri. Very interesting artifacts were found and our assistance is needed. You're aloud at the Isuri or Ishtar residence if anything comes up. Isis will come and check up on you every now and then. Money is on the table for while I'm gone.

See you soon,

Love, Grandpa

Yugi closed his eyes and took a deep breath then turned off the lights heading upstairs. His room was painted midnight blue and it consisted of a bed and bureau, not much. His sheets were unfortunately the same color as his walls. He stood there for a minute taking another deep breath then quickly changed into nightclothes. He lied down on his bed taking joy in the warmth. Opening his eyes Yugi let out one last sigh. All he ever wanted was for someone to notice him. I mean yeah he had friends and his grandpa but he always felt like something was missing. A single teardrop fell from his eye dampening the pillow beneath. Alone. That's what he always felt, that he was alone. He hated being alone.

Me- I can guarantee you're all going to find that this story is so much better than the original. Everything is going to be so different! So please review and help me out by telling me what you think. The prologue is pretty much the same as the first but all other chapters will definitely have different things.