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Okay, please excuse me. I haven't written any fanfiction since February of 2005, so please bear with me. This scene popped in my head and it WOULDN'T. GO. AWAY! This is during RENT, because Maureen would have to had a birthday at some point in time. Oh, and this is in play time, mostly, not movie time.

"May 25, 9 A.M, Eastern Standard Time. The loft. Isn't it a sad little loft? Messy. Depressing. But it's home. And home is…"


Mark yelped in surprise and nearly dropped the camera. There was Maureen running up the stairs, full of energy as always.

"…where the heart is," he finished with a sigh. It wasn't as though he was going anywhere with this segment, anyway. He pointed the camera to her as she came in. She loved having the camera on her, and with five days until her birthday, he figured he should make her happy. Not that he didn't do that already.

"Hi, Maureen. How're you?"

"I am AMAZING, as always, Marky!" Her effervescence always managed to astound him.

"And to what do I owe the honor of you gracing me with your presence today?"

"Well, I am here- wait, where's Roger? He needs to know, too!"

"He's still asleep."

"Not anymore…" a voice came off to the right. Roger stumbled out of his room, rubbing a hand over his eyes. Mark had to hold back a laugh. Roger's laziness and lack of energy completely contrasted with Maureen's bubbliness and over-flowing energy. Sometimes Mark wondered how in the world he had managed to become so close to two such different people. Then again, Roger was Maureen's friend, too. Opposites and semi-opposites attract, it seemed.

Maureen squealed with delight, because now that Roger was up, she could tell them both her news.

"Okay, so why are you here again?" Mark asked.

"Roger? Are you listening?" Maureen asked, barely able to contain the excitement in her voice.

"Uh-huh. Fire away, Mo." Roger replied sleepily. He finished making himself a cup of coffee and stumbled to the couch where Mark was sitting. He knew that the only way to make Maureen go on was to give her the entirety of his focus. If he didn't, it could be several hours before the entire thing came out. He sat down, cradling his coffee and smiled at Maureen.

"Okay! I wanted to invite you both to my surprise birthday party on Saturday!" Maureen exclaimed.

Both Roger and Mark sat there, dumbfounded. Mark was the first to speak.

"Mo? How can you invite people to your own surprise party?"

"Because I can! I'm even working on a surprise face." Maureen demonstrated for them. Her mouth was open, with her eyes wide and her hands flew to her mouth.

"But, if you invite…" Mark continued, but Roger shushed him with a shake of the head and a hit on the shoulder. He gave Mark a look that clearly said 'Let her go, this is Maureen we're talking about'.

"Okay, Maureen." Mark finished. Maureen smiled and clapped her hands together.

"Here are your invitations!" She handed one each to Mark and Roger.

"Mo, this says the party is at OUR loft," Roger said.

"Well, duh! How can the party be at Joanne and mine's place when it's a SURPRISE party?" Maureen gave him a look that said 'Couldn't you have figured that out for yourself?'.

Roger opened his mouth to protest, but this time, Mark shushed him.

"So, you guys better be there!" Maureen said.

"How can we miss it, it's at our loft!" Roger said quietly, but Maureen was too wrapped up in pulling out other invitations to notice.

"Okay, well I gotta go give one to Mimi and Collins and Angel." Maureen announced, but Roger and Mark both jumped up to stop her.

"No!" They both yelled. Maureen looked confused.

"Mo, why don't WE handle giving the invitations out?" Mark said.

"It is your birthday party. We don't want you to have to go to all the trouble," Roger added.

Maureen smiled and handed them the invitations.

"Thank you SO much! You two are the best!"

Roger and Mark inwardly sighed with relief.

"Okay, well I have to go, boys! See you Saturday. Make sure you two get me REALLY good presents!" So with one last flourish of her hands, Maureen bounded out.

Roger collapsed onto the couch while Mark wound his camera.

"Thank God," Roger said. "At least we can save her face with Collins, Angel, and Mimi. Planning her own surprise party? That's new, even for Maureen."

Mark laughed and sat down next to Roger. "What about Joanne? Does she know already?"

"Of course. Maureen was practically bursting when she came in here to tell us. Do you really think she could hold it for her girlfriend?" Roger replied.

"Then I guess we'd better go give the rest their invitations. I still can't believe that she actually was going to plan her own surprise party. I mean, if she was going to do that, why not just say that she was having a party?" Mark wondered.

"Don't worry about it. It's just Maureen. Who do we start with, Collins, Angel, or Mimi?"

Hope you enjoyed! I should have the second part up in a little while. I think this going to be a three-shot. Before (what this was), during, and after. Reviews are my heroin! I don't want to go through withdrawal! I don't have Mark to take care of me. :)