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Mark groaned awake. His brain was trying to burst out of his skull. He rolled over, trying to ignore the throbbing in his head. He had been having a wonderful dream, one without a monster headache. He rolled over again. It was no use. He needed Advil. Lots and lots of Advil.

He pulled himself out of bed and noticed he was still in his clothes from the night before. Suddenly last night's party came rushing back to him. He groaned again. He seemed to recall lots of things he did that he didn't want to remember. Revealing the age of losing his virginity was one, Maureen kissing him was another. Mark sighed and walked out of the room.

He went over to the coffeepot without noticing Mimi sitting on one of the stools.


"AUGH!" Mark jumped, nearly dropping the coffeepot. Mimi grinned.

"Holy shit, Mimi!"

"Hehe, sorry. I thought you had seen me."

"Obviously not."

"Well, coffee isn't going to do you any good. Here." She pushed over the blender. There was a sickly looking red liquid inside. Calling it a "liquid" was being kind. There were several other…substances mixed inside that Mark couldn't place.

"No offense, Meems, but…what the fuck is that?"

Mimi giggled. "This is a homemade hangover remedy. A girlfriend of mine at the Cat Scratch Club showed me how to make it. It's amazing."

Mark frowned. "It still looks frightening."

"Just drink it." Mark complied. Mimi seemed to know what she was talking about. He grabbed a cup out of the cupboard and poured some of it out of the blender. He sniffed the concoction and grimaced.

"Ugh, it smells like shit," he took a sip, "and it tastes like shit, too!" He pushed the cup away.

"Funny. I had no idea you knew what shit tasted like." Mark looked up. Collins and Angel were starting to wake up.

"Shut up, Collins. This 'shit' works wonders," Mimi said.

"Then give me some, because I'm gonna need a miracle." Collins said.

"Mimi, how come you're so chipper?" Mark asked.

"Sweetie, it takes more than a few tequila shots with you guys to put me over." Mimi answered. Mark really didn't want to know where she had received her tolerance. He just continued to nurse his "hangover cure". Once he had taken a couple more sips, his mouth got sort of used to it. Or maybe his mouth just went numb. He couldn't really feel much. Mark shook his head. Suddenly, there was a noise behind him.

"Whoever invented the sun should die a slow, painful death."

"Morning, Roger!" Mimi called.

"Too loud."

"Poor baby." Mimi hopped off her stool and walked over to her boyfriend. She gave him a kiss on the cheek and Roger smiled, then grimaced.

"Oh, fuck. Who is using the fucking jackhammer?" Angel giggled.

"There's no jackhammer."

"What?" Mimi led Roger to the counter and sat him down. She poured out some more of her brew and gave him some. Roger scrunched up his nose, but drank it without complaint. He had gotten too used to Mimi not to trust her. With alcoholic cures, that is. Things were still a little iffy on the other side of the spectrum. However, Roger refused to let himself think about that. He didn't get the chance, because the phone took that moment to ring, causing Roger to fall off his chair onto the floor.

"Shit!" Angel, Mimi, and Mark burst out laughing. Collins giggled as he grabbed the phone.

"Davis and Cohen residence," he answered, causing Mark to erupt into another series of giggles, which made his head hurt more. He stopped quickly and drank some more. Mimi helped Roger off the floor.

"Hi Maureen! We're fine. I hope you two had fu-headache remedy? Yeah, we've got one. Mimi cooked it up. Um, sure. Come on over." Collins hung up.

"Maureen and Joanne are coming over. They seem to have the same illness."

"Hmm. Wonder why?" Angel retorted. She had poured herself some of Mimi's remedy. She didn't have too much of a headache, but she wanted to make Mark, Roger, and her baby feel better.

Mimi got to work making another batch. "Didn't expect them. Oh well, this stuff is pretty easy to come by. It has—"

"Oh please. I really don't want to know what's in this. All I need to know is that it works." Roger said.

"Then, you may want to close your eyes." Mark, Roger, and Collins immediately jumped away from the counter to the couch. Mimi laughed quietly and started adding her ingredients.

When Maureen and Joanne finally arrived, Mimi had finished the cure and Roger, Mark, and Collins' headaches were almost gone. Maureen and Joanne walked into the loft and Mimi was ready at the door.

Well, they didn't exactly walk. Joanne more carried Maureen in.

"Thanks, Mimi," Joanne said and immediately starting helping Maureen. Mark watched the two. His heart went out to Joanne, who was being so sweet to Maureen. Mark remembered having to care for Maureen after she'd get drunk. She could be worse than Roger, depending on how much she had taken in the night before.

"Thank you, Pookie," Maureen mumbled.

"So! How much does everyone remember about last night?" Mimi asked cheerfully. Immediately, Roger and Mark's eyes dropped to the floor. Maureen, feeling better already (she was always a fast healer, Mark remembered), immediately piped up.

"Yeah, how muchdo you two remember?"

"Not much," Mark said.

"So you don't remember the full-on make-out session you and Roger had?" Maureen asked.

Roger and Mark's heads shot up.


Maureen giggled, then clutched her head. "Just kidding."

Mark sank into the couch, relieved. A make-out session with Roger? Ew. Mark ignored a sudden voice that popped in his head. No, I'm not Maureen. I don't change gender at the drop of a pin. Mark shook his head and observed his six friends.

Roger was cuddling Mimi, Angel was sitting on Collins lap, and Joanne was still feeding headache cure to Maureen. Mark smiled. He loved these six people so much. Suddenly Mimi piped up.

"Hey! Angel's birthday is in a couple of months! We should totally--"

"NO DRINKING GAMES!" Everyone immediately yelled.

"Just a suggestion."

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