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The nest few weeks passed and the kids were back at school. Mac had her state of the unions speech and everything was going well. Kelly loved her new family, but at the same time she felt claustrophobic in the Whitehouse, she hadn't told anyone as everyone else seemed so happy, well almost everyone, the twins were typical teenagers and at times were cold towards her.

Kelly one night decided that it would be a fantastic idea if she went away for a while, on a vacation, she really needed some time away, she packed a bag and left word with the secret service that she would be away, giving them a location, but asking them at the same time not to tell the first family what was going on. The secret service of course knew that Kelly was Mac's daughter, it would have been very difficult to hide it from them, but the oath they took made sure that it would stay confidential.

Kelly left and went to the airport where she got a fligt to New York, she booked into a hotel and went to meet some old girl friends, she went to a club, where she got extremely drunk, she felt liberated like she was free from the constraints place on her from her home and work the Whitehouse. Although she got on greatly with her President, boss and mother, this time away was a blessing for her.

There was a guy standing at the bar, Kelly looked at him, he was the most handsome man she had ever seen, or was that just the alcohol talking, how many times before had she seen a man whom she thought looked hot, and after waking up next to him the next morning wishing she had stayed at home, but she succumbed to the temptation and went with him. The 2 danced and kissed before he invited her back to his apartment, of course Kelly went along. Everyone thought the press secretary of the United States was a good wholesome girl, when in actual fact she really wasn't, she was just very good at hiding it, by always using a fake name and making sure that she went to clubs not in D.C.

"So, whats your name?", she asked as she stumbled into his apartment "Tony," he replied as he helped Kelly in. "God, he thought, this one will be easy to lay". Kelly looked at his dark hair, he really was handsom.

The night went on and he thought her name was Linda, Kelly loved it, the sex was amazing, he really was great, and the months she had of having no man let her let go of all the pent up tention.

The next morning she woke up and looked over at the man lying next to her naked, she couldn't remember the night before, like always, but this time it was different, the man lying next to her was not a beast like usually, but he looked so farmiler to her, it wasn't until she looked closer she realised that he once was a member of the Whitehouse Press Corps. "Shit, she thought to herself". Her head was full of thoughts, "maybe he wouldn't remember her", "Jim was going to have a coronary when he found out". Kelly quickly got up and looked around for her underwear, as she got up, Tony also woke up. "Hi Kelly, did you have fun last night?" Kelly replied "Yes". "He knows my name she thought, he knows who I am" Tony had Kelly's phone in her hand. "I took the liberty of going through your messages last night, it seems very interesting, what a story I got". Kelly knew immediately what he meant. "The President is your mother that must be an exclusive, well last night after you passed out, I sent the message to some guys at my paper in D.C. It should be on the front page by now". Kelly didn't know what to say, she had been used, she quickly got ready and left without another word. She went to the airport and headed back to D.C, not forgetting to buy a newspaper to see pictures of her and Mac on the front page. Kelly knew that the President and everyone else at the Whitehouse would be trying to contact her, but she really didn't feel like speaking to them on the phone, so she turned it off.

Meanwhile at the WH

Mac was putting Amy to bed, she has let Rebecca spend the weekend at Stacey's, but Horace, well he was still grounded.

"Mommy, where is Kelly?" Amy asked her mother. Mac never knew the answer to that question, usually when she went out she would let someone know where she was. "I don't know baby, she went out" Amy looked at her mommy with worry on her face "Will she come back, I still want her to be my big sister" Mac patted her daughters shoulder as she lay back down in bed "I'm sure she is perfectly fine, she'll be out with her friends". Amy relaxed a little

Mac went to bed, she had an unusually quiet day and was glad that she had the chance of an early night.

Mac was awoken by the phone ringing, Rod picked it up and sleepily handed it to his wife. When Mac heard what Jim had to say she jumped out of bed and met Jim in the reception room of the residence.

"Madam President as I was saying, the times have an article about how Kelly is your daughter" Jim stated. Mac never knew what to say, of course she was going to have to tell them, but she wanted Kelly there. "Jim, I need to speak to Kelly, is she here?". "No, Ma'am, I have tried calling, but to no avail"

Mac tapped the side of her head, she was trying to think of what to do. "Alright Jim, push back today's Press conference, tell them something, make up a story". "What should I tell them?". "I don't know and I don't care, tell them I have been abducted by aliens if you want"

"Ma'am, is it true, is Kelly your daughter?". "Yes Jim, she is". Mac replied with a sigh. "I didn't know she was my daughter until just before she was in the car accident. I gave her up for adoption when she was a baby".

Mac, told Rod the news and they waited for Kelly to come home, the deputy press secretary took a press conference, Kelly was suppose to do it, and Brian knew very little, he look inadequate in front of the press, who had many questions about the story. He refused to say anything (of course he knew nothing about it, so he wasn't lying).

Mac was sitting in the kitchen of the residence when Kelly came through the door. She looked really really hung-over, no in fact she looked still Drunk. "Where have you been?" Mac asked her daughter "I was with friends," Kelly replied, she couldn't look Mac in the eyes, she knew she was angry she had every right to be. "that dosen't answer my question, where were you. You know you can't just up and leave, you never told Jim, he never knew where you were". Kelly moved nearer to the counter where Mac was sitting "I'm sorry, I just needed out the house". "Well next time take a day off, We had to throw Brian into the press conference totally unprepared" "I know, Mac I am very sorry, something happened last night" Kelly was worried about how Mac would react to what she would say. "Kelly, there is something I need to say before, there have been stories…." "That what I need to tell you" Kelly interrupted, "It is my fault, I mmmm, I went to a club last night, and I done something which I regret" Mac looked at the worry on her daughters face "Honey, it's OK, don't worry, you wanted to tell people anyway" "I know, but I wanted us to tell them, not Tony Wilson". "How did he find out anyway?". Kelly continued her story "Well at the club, I got really drunk and ended up in his apartment, I didn't recognise him, until the morning, anyway he went through all the messages on my phone" "Kelly……. Did you sleep with him" Kelly looked at Mac, she felt so small, so worthless "Yes, I know what you are thinking, that I must be some kind of slut". "No, Kelly, I don't think that, but I think that you have to be more careful, and not go home with men you don't know, that was very dangerous, what if he raped you." "Believe me last night, I would be more than willing to do anyone," that was not what Mac wanted to hear at all. "Why don't you go to bed, we will have a press conference this evening and we can then tell everyone our story"

Kelly smiled at her mother and left for her bedroom.