Perfection is a Lie

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Summary: Bloody wounds always go away but they leave permanent scars. Neji knew Hinata wouldn't be able to heal quickly, but he took the chance. After all, nobodyis perfect. (nejihina)



"I want to forget, yet I cannot forgive..."

It was a horrible day. She remembered her heart beating fast when she saw Neji carry his dead body silently to her house. It was a bloody sight and, though she had treated many people in the hospital bloodier then this, his body almost made her faint. She sat silently and waited until Neji would tell her what happened. Oddly, he didn't. He sat frozen and his eyes showed a cold sadness that Hinata couldn't quite comprehend. Hinata had to ask him herself. It was a stupid mistake...

That was a week ago. Hinata stood alone in the empty house of hers. It's funny really how someone can just disappear and become a distant memory in an instant. Just like with her, it was what became of Naruto. The memory slowly turned into a far memory and became something she only saw in her dreams. Hinata would cry when this happened. She didn't want to forget him and she wasn't going to.

Her eyes were cast down as she stood motionless in front of her refrigerator. Reality hit her. There was no one to cook for anymore. He was gone…her fiancé was gone...Naruto was gone. Hinata covered her face with her dry and withered hands. All this week she had clean the whole house three times to keep her thoughts away from Naruto's death but it didn't work. She was going to clean her home again but Ino and Sakura made her promoise not to when they came over to check up on her.

She was never able to stop thinking about Naruto; not when she was young and not even now after his death. She sacrificed everything so that the two could get married but in the end it didn't turn out all well. Hinata remembered what Neji had told her the night before she was deciding to leave the Hyuugas for her marriage with Naruto.

"Hinata…sacrificing yourself for love is useless. There are never happy endings in tragic love stories like those..."

Hinata fell on her knees, falling hard on hard tile of the kitchen floor. She remembered how much she wanted to prove Neji wrong. There were happy endings in sacrificial love stories. She would get a happy ending. She would sacrifice anything and everything to prove Neji wrong that she and Naruto would get a happy ending. That's what she promised herself.

But it all turned wrong that night. There wasn't a happy ending at all.

Hinata remembered the heavy rain that engulfed Konohagakure as Naruto left their home, which was far away from the Hyuugas. They refused to talk to their ex-heiress who left the Hyuugas for the Kyuubi man. She remembered how Naruto's cerulean eyes stared into nothing and how he was emotionless as he opened the door outside.

"Naruto...are you going to finish your dinner?" she asked right before he took a step into the raining village. He kept quiet and Hinata felt the tension in the air.

"Hinata-chan…I…" he took a breath and turned around. He smiled and flashed her a thumbs up. "I'll be gone for a mission but save my dinner okay? I can't miss out on your tasty dinner! I wouldn't forgive myself if I didn't finish it. It'd be a waste of food."

Hinata smiled weakly. "H-Hai…" That meant he wouldn't be staying for dinner. That happened a lot recently. Naruto had been going out late in the afternoon and coming back in the middle of night. At first Hinata thought that he was having an affair but when she looked at him, he didn't show any signs of a cheating guilt. He just looked unusually depressed and Hinata decided it was because of the recent death of Sasuke.

"This mission…" Naruto drifted off. "Hinata, this mission is very important. I'm going to be going into the front line of the war."

Hinata let out a small gasp. "W-why?"

"Tsunade-baachan's orders." He answered, with a small smirk. "The war with Sound is going crazy. But don't worry, I'll be fine. I'll come back, Hinata." He reassured. Hinata's stomach tightened and her hand held her fork firmly.

Naruto had already gone by then but Hinata stood out of her seat suddenly. Her eyes were cast down and her hands began to shake. "Don't go, Naruto...!" She said, but no one was there to hear her. Except for his broken soul…


I shouldn't have let him go, She thought to herself. Hinata couldn't handle it anymore. Her throbbing heart was aching too much. Losing Naruto was like losing her life and Naruto was her life. "Na-Naruto…kun…" she cried. Her tears ran down her pale cheeks and stained her beige colored jacket. Naruto had used to always tell her to stop wearing the jacket because he told her that she looked more beautiful without it. Hinata remembered how he would never stop looking at her and how he would get the reaction of a cherry colored blush and a stuttering Hinata. But now, nothing mattered. There was no one to look at her that way and smile, making her blush. No one to reside in this empty house that Naruto took forever to pay for. No one to cook a dinner for and eat with laughter and stories of that day. No one to…no one to fill the empty gap that now existed in Hinata's broken heart.

Hinata was interrupted in her thinking when she heard someone knock on the door. It was as if a memory from her mind pushed her legs up so that she would stand. At first she walked slowly, but then desperation and pain reached her unstable mind and her walk turned into a run. Naruto…? Naruto is it you?

She remembered how he would always come late at night and knock a few times at the door. When Hinata would answer, he would smile warmly at her and say he's back and he would tell her not to worry. Hinata reached the door and didn't care to catch her breath when she turned the golden knob that creaked as it twisted. "..Naruto!" she yelled as she opened the door. It wasn't him. "…Neji…!"

"Hinata-sama." Neji stood surprised in front of Hinata. She panted loudly as her eyes caught his. He could see she was still not over Naruto's death. But of course, how did he expect her not to? She was in love with him and love was never one to die easily. "I came…I came to check on you."

Hinata took a breath, her hands clutching her heart which began to ease and return to its normal rate. "Oh…I'm fine."

Neji's gaze turned to the floor. He wondered if she would let him in, but she made no attempt to say anything. "May I...come in?" he asked embarrassingly. He felt like she didn't want him in.

"Yes, of course." She said, holding the door for him.

Neji sat on a small couch and took a look around. It wasn't a big house. There were only two rooms and at first one was always empty. Hinata and Naruto used to always sleep on the same bed until Naruto began his "depression" state. He started to sleep in the other room since then.

"What have you come here for, so late in the night?" she mumbled in a low voice.

Neji felt like an unwanted stranger. "I told you, I came here to check on you."

Hinata looked away and nodded slowly. She pressed her lips against each other and didn't face Neji.

"Hinata, how have you been ever since Naruto…well…" he didn't want to bring Naruto up but Neji couldn't help it.

"It's been okay." She answered.

Neji knew she was lying. He wasn't one to be naive to these feelings. "I'm sorry, Hinata."

Hinata thought he had said that because he couldn't save Naruto. She knew it wasn't Neji's fault and she wondered why he would be apologizing.

"I'm sorry for not supporting you at all through your hard times. I was…" Neji rested his hands on his thighs as he sat up straight. "I was a stupid fool. Forgive me."

Hinata looked up to meet Neji's pearly white eyes. It was the first time Hinata saw Neji so guilty and miserable. She nervously looked at Neji and then back down to her feet on the floor. "N-Neji-kun…please…please don't look at me like that. Y-you're…you're the only kind one to me in the Hyuugas. You don't need to be apologizing."

"No, Hinata, I must. I don't deserve to be standing in your house. I've never done anything good to help you and because of that I feel terrible." Neji stood up and put his hands on Hinata's shoulder. "Hinata, there is one thing I can help you in."

Hinata looked up surprisingly at her cousin. "What…what are you talking about Neji?"

"I'm getting you back into the Hyuugas."

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