The badger lord is fearless

As he rules the land and sea

From Salamandastron onward

A mighty ruler is he.

An ally of Redwall Abbey,

He leads his Long Patrol.

Protecting good beasts and destroying vermin,

Is the badger lord's own goal.

Tough as leather,

Soft as wool,

Their heart is ever strong.

Working hard for other beasts

Even when their day is long.

With courage never failing,

They fight all the way to the end.

With bravery and wisdom prevailing

To Dark forest the vermin they send.

Also, they rule wisely,

With others as their guides;

badger lords of old come out of the mists

And stand ever by their sides.

The forge room is place of mystery,

The inner chambers, too.

Who knows what a badger lord goes in there to seek

Or what a badger lord will do.

Making weapons in the forge,

Or carving history on the wall;

Some animals are marked with destiny

But badger lord most of all!