Cast of Characters

Jude- A sexy lady with a past she can't remember and a killer on her trail.

Tommy- The neighboring rancher who'll do whatever he has to in order to keep Jude safe.

Kwest- Tommy's younger adopted brother. He likes Jude, but is afraid she will cause Tommy trouble.

Stewart- Jude's father and the owner of the Running Deer Ranch, which borders the Quincy spread. He's dead but still luring Jude into a web of danger.

Liam- He has his fingers in a lot of pies and they may not all be legal.

Darius- Liam's ranch foreman, but he may be following his own agenda.

Jamie- He's afraid of losing his fiancé.

Sadie- Stewart's step-daughter. She wants the Running Deer for herself.

Mason- The old ranch hand who shows up where you least expect him.