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CANON: Alichino

AUTHOR: Sage Kitten

TITLE: Dakishimento

A/N: An AU piece focusing on Myobi and Ryoko's relationship. Well, I imagine it as AU anyway. It's short and simple.

A pale hand graced the edge of the lacey pink mattress, its fingers softly curled to cup the head of a rose. Myobi's violet eyes studied the anatomy of the specimen, quietly trailing fingers down the spiny stem. Quietly she retreated back into the massive bed, curling her body protectively over the single flower with an adamantly stubborn look in her eyes. They reflected the curtains moving in time with the breeze sweeping through the open windows.


Myobi's lips perked into a slow smile that did not reach her eyes.

A finger edged against the soft lip of the flowers and slowly dipped in. The first one tore apart.

He loves me.

The second petal did not need any further urging and rested upon the bed.

He loves me not.

How long had they been playing this game? As master and servant...Myobi couldn't remember who was who. She always thought her control over him had been secure. And then an endless sea of green would wash over her and she'd surrender to that lustful manly power.

He loves me.

Myobi jerked as a thorn embedded into the palm of her hand. The glistening drop of blood trailed down the lifeline of her palm as a river of red then soaked into the black lace draped over her wrist. An even darker stain began to spread but only as long as there was still blood to spare.

The fourth petal fell to the floor.

He loves me not.

The sound of flesh hitting wood did not stir Myobi's still figure. Her eyes did not flicker at the lustful moan of a deep voice cutting through the childish giggles of a woman.

He loves me.

She could vividly remember his touch on her skin. The pinpricks of electricity that remained were the remnants of an excited beat in her heart. The adrenaline could not have been any faster.

He loves me not.

The stinging slap had been enough to fuel a boiling contempt. Myobi shuddered at the slick feeling of oil pouring over her heart. Her eyes narrowed and she heaved her chest...once. Twice. And then no more. Trails of silver draped over her chest and moved indifferently as Myobi's body struggled upright. Her hair fell slack against her back, and curled comfortably over her chest.

He loves me.

The harsh breathing was louder now. And there was another grunt of effort. The smell and sounds of sex penetrated the still air. The silver handle twisted and the door opened with a slow creak.

He loves me not.

Myobi felt the hands running over her silken garments and his soft breath running up her neck. Tickling the back of her vision were the blond tresses decorating her thin shoulders. The hands were strong and confident as they kneaded up her back. She turned to lose herself in those vivid green eyes.

He loves me.

The rose fell to the floor, rustling up only the smallest sound as the two bodies twined together in an effervescent shade of lust. Did love ever fuel their actions?

And lying there, on the floor remained a single red petal on the rose...unaccounted for.

A/N: Well...I tried. There's supposed to be a specific "story" within this lack of plot sort of...er, thing. See if you can figure it out. I'll tell you if you're right. Twinkle Twinkle. And believe me, if you really want to read this story look up MICHIYUKI on youtube (find the five minute version) and THEN read this. Kay kay? 333

Dakishimento: embracing love (or so I'm told)


But I'm not.