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Summary- High Schools finished and everyones gone their seperate ways, Five years later, can fate bring them back together in a town they onced called home.

Spoilers- Sadness fills this story. Jake/Peyton, Brooke/Lucas & Nathan/Haley.

"What? You can't!" Lucas told her, he couldn't loose Brooke again.

"Well I am moving to California, so you can either support me with my decision, or forget it" she told him

"I know California has great fashion colleges, but baby i'll miss you!" he told her truthly

"It's a great opputunity for me, and if you can't handle that then.." she sighed and then walked off.

"One week and it's all over Hales, do you think it will work?" Nathan asked. Since he was going to play basketball at college and Haley was going to college in Alanta near her parents, they decided to stay friends.

"Us being friends? Of course!" Haley told him

"I mean were like thousands of miles away from each other!" Nathan knew he would miss her no matter what.

"Nathan, we have e-mail, we can write and phone each other. Come here" she said giving him a hug.

Peyton and Jake were in her bedroom with baby Jenny asleep in her crib.

"I can't believe everyones leaving, im going to miss them all!" Peyton said.

"Look, were older and matured. Everyone's going to college. I mean come on, did you picture Brooke in college?" Jake said trying to ease her.

Peyton laughed "No. Not really, but im proud of her!"

Looking at Peyton and down at Jenny, Jake said "Look, me, you and Jenny are going to be a family. I love you"

"I love you too" she said leaning in for a kiss.

"Whoa, Brooke, you and Lucas breaking up, I don't think so, your so in love" Haley said talking to Brooke.

"Just like you and Nathan" Brooke said trying to get Haley back. "Oh, Haley, im really sorry, I didn't mean it."

"It's ok Brooke. Truth is, I hate the fact that me and Nathan are going to be apart, I love him so much" Haley told Brooke

"Tell him!"

"I can't, we both want different things. Everyones leaving and lives will be turned upside down"

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Last day of school and everyones leaving Tree Hill behind