Author's Note pertaining to The Reign of Kellyn Wood:

Hello everyone! This story used to be a little different, set at a new school in the USA because I was worried that Hogwarts would close after the sixth book. Now that the 7th book has come out and proved that wrong, I seriously edited all the chapters I currently had written. The story will take place at Hogwarts and some of our favorite Potter character's kids will show up, like James, Albus, and Lily Potter, as well as Rose and Hugo Weasley. And Scorpius Malfoy too. But he's actually going to be quite nice.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this new direction of the story. And as promised, here is the summary of the story, and it will also be in the first chapter. I'll slowly start feeding out the rest of the chapters to you guys if you're hungry.

Lots of love,

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It's been 24 years since Voldemort has been defeated by the Boy Who Lived and time for a new generation to rock Hogwarts. Meet the dramatic and clever seventeen-year-old Kellyn Wood, daughter of Oliver Wood and Cho Chang. After her father retired from his job as a professional Quidditch player when she was 10, the whole family has lived all over the world. Oliver promises one last move and they end up back in England where Kellyn and her thirteen-year old brother, Declan Wood, finally attend Hogwarts. They are immediately welcomed, but never-the-less make some enemies too and prove themselves as Quidditch superstars. Scorpius Malfoy, Rose and Hugo Weasley, and James, Albus, and Lily Potter make their debut. All the turmoil is to be expected, after all, they are the new kids.

List of Characters (current as of Ch 75)

I have begun to realize there are a lot of characters in this story and it is rather had to keep track of them, so I have decided to compile a list of characters in case you get lost in the names. I'm only including second generation/OCs, but if I miss anyone, let me know! I'll try to keep this current as I go, but hopefully there won't be too many new people.

Abigail Spinnet: 4th year Hufflepuff, daughter of Alicia Spinnet, dating Hugo after being his date to the Spring Ball

Adam Owens: 4th year Ravenclaw, Beater on reserve Quidditch team, younger brother of Rob Owens

Aiden Ramsey: Slytherin Beater

Albus Severus Potter: 6th year Gryffindor, Beater on Quidditch team, Prefect; aspires to be a Healer, in love with Helen; brown hair, green eyes

Amadi: 7th year Gryffindor; best friend of Helen, "dating" Andren; dark skin

Analiese Visala: 6th year Gryffindor, Keeper on Quidditch team, flirts with Sam

Andren Mahone: 7th year Slytherin, lead vocals and guitar in The Keepers and Rebels; "dating" Amadi, aspires to be a rock star; black hair with blue tips, grey blue eyes, punk-rocker

Andrew (Drew) Indovinello: 7th year Ravenclaw, captain of the Quidditch team (Beater), Muggle-born; good at Transfiguration, aspires to play professional Quidditch; Patronus is hawk; auburn hair, green eyes, tan

Anton Haldor: the annoying and offensive piece of shit at Durmstrang who is convinced that the Vultures want to recruit him

Calvin Ballard: Gryffindor Beater

Chayton Helmuth: Falmouth Falcons recruiter

Clarence Huntington: Glen's younger brother and Declan's best friend; 3rd year Gryffindor, Chaser on Quidditch team

Cole: 7th year Ravenclaw, Shaylee's date to the Spring Ball

Corin Kemen: Wimbourne Wasps recruiter

Cy Trevelian: Hufflepuff Seeker

Dailey McRow: 3rd year Ravenclaw, Keeper on reserve Quidditch team

Darya: Kellyn's roommate at Durmstrang, probably too nice for her own good

Declan Wood: Kellyn's younger brother; 3rd year Ravenclaw, Chaser/Seeker on reserve Quidditch team; dark brown hair, brown eyes

Delphine Ludovic: Slytherin Chaser

Elia Marquise: Slytherin Chaser

Eva Visanaythan: 4th year Ravenclaw, Chaser on reserve Quidditch team

Gideon Keitaro: Slytherin Beater

Glen Huntington: 7th year Hufflepuff, Head Boy, captain of Quidditch team (Chaser); lives in Margate, Kellyn's neighbor, aspires to be a Healer; Patronus is a German Shepherd dog; brown hair, brown eyes

Grwap: Hagrid's half-brother giant who takes a liking to Kellyn

Gulliver Dwight: 7th year Hufflepuff, bass guitar for The Keepers and Rebels, stuck in a complicated relationship with Lily, best friend of Drew, Muggle-born, aspires to make potions

Hagrid: Care of Magical Creatures professor

Headmaster Avgustin Feodosiy: headmaster of Durmstrang Institute; neatly trimmed salt and pepper hair and dark, beady eyes

Helen Garvgaski: 7th year Gryffindor, co-captain of Quidditch team (Chaser); aspires to be a historian, best friend is Amadi, gets pregnant by Albus; Patronus is a horse; red hair

Horatio Flannery: Puddlemere United recruiter

Hugo Weasley: 4th year Hufflepuff, president of S.P.E.W.; dating Abigail Spinnet; red hair, freckles, brown eyes

James Sirius Potter: 7th year Gryffindor, captain of Quidditch team (Chaser), member of Dueling Club; in love with Stella, aspires to work in the Department of Magical Games; Patronus is a lion; brown hair, brown eyes

Jay-Jay Davies: daughter of Roger Davies (captain of Ravenclaw Quidditch team during HP's time); 7th year Ravenclaw, Beater on Quidditch team; sarcastic and Kellyn's best friend, mother died when young, aspires to be a curse-breaker at Gringotts; Patronus is a porcupine; blonde hair, blue eyes, curvy body

Jeremy Green: Appleby Arrows recruiter, twin Liam

Kathleen: 7th year Hufflepuff, resident photographer of Hogwarts, Gulliver's date to the Spring Ball

Katima Senalda: 7th year Slytherin, on and off dated Sam; blonde hair, green eyes

Kellyn Wood: our wonderful protagonist; daughter of Oliver Wood and Cho Chang; 7th year Ravenclaw, Chaser on Quidditch team, member of Dueling Club, aspires to play professional Quidditch; Patronus is a dragon; dark brown hair, some freckles, hazel eyes

Kevin Hunt: 7th year Ravenclaw; dating Rose Weasley after being her date to the Spring Ball

Laurel: Kellyn's lovely ghost friend, perpetually stuck in the body of a 14-year-old; dark curly hair, blue eyes

Leo Arham: Hufflepuff Beater

Liam Greene: Tutshill Tornados recruiter, twin Jeremy

Libby Munin: 7th year Hufflepuff, Chaser on Quidditch team, one of Sharon's best friend's

Lily Luna Potter: 4th year Gryffindor, Seeker on Quidditch team; caught in a complicated relationship with Gulliver Dwight; red hair, brown eyes

Marcus Mealby: Chudley Cannons recruiter

Melanie Vitalay: Slytherin Chaser

Mummi Tatting: owner of Twilfitt and Tattings in Diagon Alley, makes Kellyn's dress

Nate Radley: Durmstrang student and Kellyn's non-friend; has a wonderful, colorful vocabulary

Neil Terrel: 7th year Hufflepuff, Beater on Quidditch team, Jay-Jay's date to the Spring Ball

Petar Ivanova: former member of the Bulgarian national Quidditch team and present coach of the Vratsa Vultures; blonde hair with a buzz cut, cold, stoic blue eyes, tall, broad shoulders and long arms

Professor Annabelle Whitland: Charms professor

Professor Cuthbert Binns: History of Magic professor, ghost

Professor Jackson Sharp: teaches Defense Against the Dark Arts, Head of Slytherin, advisor to Dueling Club

Professor Neville Longbottom: Herbology professor, Head of Gyffindor

Professor Saleema Tancertia: Ancient Runes teacher, Head of Ravenclaw

Professor Tarasova: Ancient Runes teacher at Durmstrang; a robust Russian woman with a hearty laugh and a very matronly persona

Professor Teddy Lupin: son of Remus and Tonks, married to Victoire Weasley, has daughter Camille; teaches Transfiguration

Robert (Rob) Owens: 5th year Ravenclaw, Beater on Quidditch team, best friends with Seb Montley

Rose Weasley: 6th year Ravenclaw, president of Dueling Club, manager of Ravenclaw Quidditch team, Prefect; dating Kevin Hunt; red, curly/frizzy hair, brown eyes

Rowland Krasimir: new trainer for Vratsa Vultures, three years older than Kellyn, Katie Bell's son; blonde hair, brown eyes

Roxanne Kalliyan: Hufflepuff Chaser

Scorpius (Sam) Malfoy: 7th year Slytherin, captain of Quidditch Team (Seeker); best friend of James, aspires to work in Department of International Magic Cooperation, dates Kellyn for a stint before falling for Shelby; Patonus is a panther; blonde hair, green eyes

Sebastian (Seb) Montley: 5th year Ravenclaw, Chaser on Qudditch team, best friends with Robert Owen

Shane Fulbright: 6th year Slytherin, Keeper on Quidditch team, Lily's date to the Spring Ball

Sharon Tabor: 7th year Ravenclaw, Chaser on Quidditch team; originally Kellyn's enemy, but they make up, love interest of Drew; Patronus is a swan; blonde hair, blue eyes

Shaylee Kantowen: 7th year Ravenclaw, co-captain of Quidditch team (Seeker); occasionally ditzy at times, good friend of Kellyn, aspires to be a Healer and a mother; Patronus is a brown bear; dark, curly hair

Shelby Katsuma: 7th year Slytherin, Head Girl, Muggle-born; one tough cookie, tutors Sam in Muggle Studies, Sam's love interest, one of Sharon's best friends

Stella Lovegood-Thomas: daughter of Luna Lovegood and Dean Thomas; 7th year Ravenclaw, writer for the The Trough; Patronus is a flamingo, good friend of Kellyn, love interest of James, aspires to become a journalist; silvery blonde hair, blue eyes

Teegan Farley: 7th year Slytherin, drummer for The Keepers and Rebels, Andren's best mate

Tigris Jordan: 7th year Gryffindor, resident DJ and Quidditch announcer