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Chapter 1

"Hinata!" A young girl with raven black hair and piercing white eyes came running into the room.

"Yes, Neji-sa–." The girl was interrupted with a slap to the face. She stumbled backwards into the wall, clutching the side of her face.

"Just because you are family, it doesn't mean you can waltz around this house like your own. When I call you, you best get here quick," spat a young boy with the same piercing eyes. "You may think you deserve pity, but you aren't the only one who lost their family." He grabbed her arm and roughly threw her down to the ground.

"Neji-san, p-please stop," Hinata pleaded. Neji looked down at her. "You may be nine years old, but you will soon learn your place in this house. Don't think because you are only one year younger than me that we are equals." With that said, he turned and walked out of the room, leaving a crying Hinata on the floor behind him.

Forward 6 Years

Hinata ran down the hall, nearly out of breath, as Neji chased after her. "Stop Hinata," he screamed. She closed her eyes and pushed harder, not wanting to stop or look back. Neji started to make hand signs. When Hinata opened her eyes, Neji appeared before her. He ran forward and grabbed her arms, then turned to pin her to the wall.

"What have I told you about training," he questioned. Hinata just stared at him, which only made him madder. He shook her and yelled, "Answer me!"

"Y-you said that I w-was not supposed to t-train," she responded.

"That's right. And I'm going to make sure you don't train for a while." Neji let go of her arms and made familiar hand signs. "Byakugen," he yelled. Before she could move, Neji grabbed her arms again, causing her to scream. He used his ability to block the chakra passages in her arms, which left them to remain motionless by her sides.

"Neji-san, w-why must you hurt me all the t-time?" Neji sighed and rested one hand on her shoulder.

"We've been through this before. Hinata, I hurt you because I love you. I'm doing this for your own good." He turned and walked away as Hinata slid down the wall to the floor. 'What is love' she thought as she watched Neji disappear down the hall.

Forward 5 Years

"Now that I'm twenty-one, I can run things around here, which means I can finally get rid of her." Neji smirked, "Now, how should I do it? I could always just throw her out." Neji shook his head, "That wouldn't be too much fun." Then it hit him. "Why didn't I think of this before?" Neji quickly scribbled down some words on a piece of paper. He looked at it, then added some more. When he was satisfied with his work, he called his servant to the room.

"Send a copy of this to the richest men in the area," he said. As the man walked out, Neji turned to the window. "It's only fair that I get something in return for her stay here; plus, it will be interesting to see how much money she can get me."

A knock came at Kakashi's door. "Yes?"

"Sir, there is a note here for you."

He looked up from his book. "Please bring it in," he said as he set the book on the table. An older man entered with a folded piece of paper.

The man looked at the book. "Sir, must you read such naughty books?" He smiled at Kakashi as he handed him the note.

Kakashi just smiled behind his mask. "Don't worry Kenji, you can read it too." When Kakashi took the note, he noticed the seal of the Hyuuga clan on the back. 'Strange,' he thought, 'what's this for?' He broke the seal and opened the note.

You are welcomed to attend the auction of my dearest cousin, Hyuuga Hinata. She is young and beautiful, as well as very obedient when taught where her place is. I will leave that to the winner of the bid. The auction will be held tomorrow night at seven at the Grand Hall in room 24. I will be looking forward to seeing you there.

Hyuuga Neji

Kakashi reread the note. 'I didn't know Neji had a cousin,' he thought. Kakashi and Neji go way back. Even though Kakashi was five years Neji's senior, they were competitive when it came to almost anything: who was richer, who was the better fighter, who had the better car; you name it, they could fight about it.

But he never knew about this cousin of his. He handed the note to Kenji. "Do you plan to attend sir?"

Kakashi smirked under his mask. "Of course I'm going. If I didn't, Neji would think he has won. I'm not sure what sick game he is playing with his cousin, but I can't back out of this one."

"Certainly sir, I will make the preparations." Kenji set the note on the table, turned, and walked out of the room. 'This should be interesting,' Kakashi thought as he picked up his book and resumed reading where he left off.

The Next Day

Hinata sat in her room. 'I guess this is my last day in here.' She had one bag packed with another still open on the bed. She looked around her small room. 'I wonder if I'll miss this place.' She took another look around the room. 'No, I don't think I will ever miss this place.'

She then reached for the side table and picked up a picture in a small metal frame. A grin appeared on her face. 'Hey mom, dad, maybe I'll get a bigger room.' It took Hinata everything she had to stifle her giggles. A knock came at the door and before she could react, Neji entered the room.

Hinata quickly jumped up and bowed. Neji just stared at her. He then set a chest on her bed. "This was your mother's."

Hinata gasped. 'My mothers?'

"You need to look nice tonight. Wear what's inside the chest." Just as quick as he entered, he was gone.

Hinata reached for the chest. It was a solid black wooded chest with silver metal designs. She gingerly touched the wood. 'Is it really hers?' Her hand found the metal latch; the lid slowly opened.

The inside was layered with red velvet material. The touch of the fabric brought back memories. 'I remember... I remember it!' She ran her hand further down until she located soft black fabric. Her eyes widened in realization. 'This... this is her dress!'

She pulled the garment from the chest and held it before her. It was just how she remembered it. It was a solid black velvet dress that ran down to the floor. The top resembled a strapless dress, while the bottom had a slit coming right up above the knee on each side. The sleeves were short and designed to sit on the shoulders; not really to hold the dress up, but more for show.

She set the dress across the bed and looked back in the chest. There was matching gloves that went just up above the elbow. There was also a pair of black heels.

'I always wanted to wear this dress, but not like this.' She took a second glance at the door then turned towards the bed and began to change.

Kakashi was looking in the mirror. 'Why did Kenji have to choose a tux?' "Kenji……"

"Sir, we have been through this. There are times, like tonight, which you must look your best. A tuxedo is the only thing you own that looks nice."

"What about the..."

"No sir, that is an everyday piece of clothing."

Kakashi just let out a big sigh. "Well, just to let you know, I'm still wearing my mask and headband." He glanced at the clock. It was five past six. "I should probably get ready to go soon. Don't want to be late."

Kakashi headed down the stairs and out to the garage. He was about to reach for the black motorcycle when Kenji suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

"K-Kenji, where did you…"

"Sir, I hope you're not planning to ride that, are you?"

Still surprised by the sudden appearance, Kakashi just shook his head.

"Very well. I shall be your limo driver." Kakashi was about to protest, but he knew it would do no good. He smirked under his mask. 'Why do I deserve such a good friend?'

As the limo pulled in front of the Grand Hall, Kakashi checked his watch. It read half past six. 'I still have a half hour. Guess I'll look around.' He got out and started to walk around a bit. 'Man is it crowded. There must be over a hundred people here.'

The Grand Hall is a place where several parties can meet at once. It has over fifty ballroom sized rooms, as well as a garden area in the center. Kakashi walked down a couple long halls and soon stood in front of door 24.

He checked his watch again. Only five minutes had past. He was about to turn away when the door opened. Neji emerged from the room with a shocked look on his face.

"What the hell are you doing here Kakashi?"

"Nice to see you too Neji. Didn't you invite me to your little auction? By the way, who is this cousin of yours? She must be a real pain in the neck if you want to sell her…"

"Well, I did invite you, but I didn't think you would show. Of course, you could be a sick pervert that would buy any girl." Neji smirked. 'Oh yeah! Got him with that one!'

Kakashi crossed his arms. "No, I'm just here to observe. You are the sick bastard that plans to sell off family for money. With that Kakashi turned and walked away. Neji's face was red with anger.

Kakashi smiled. 'Ha... works every time!' He made his way to the garden area and sat on a bench. He looked across at the fountain. 'This is going to be a long night.' He reached into his back pocket and pulled out his book. 'Never leave without it!'

Hinata was walking around the room. There was still a full twenty minutes left before the auction started. She was getting bored. 'Ok, maybe if I'm quick, I can sneak out and look around.'

Hinata slowly walked toward the door. 'Wait, that would be too obvious.' She back towards a window. 'This must be the garden area I heard about.'

She hopped onto the window seal and swung her legs over. Taking a second glance around the room to make sure no one was watching, she jumped down and landed softly on one knee. 'No wonder mom wore this dress on secret missions. It's very easy to get around in.'

She got up and walked towards the water fountain. It felt great to get out on her own for a change. She sat on the edge of the fountain and looked in. She couldn't believe the girl she was looking at would soon be sold off with her freedom taken away.

'I could always run away, but Neji will come after me. He always finds me.' She couldn't help but let a tear slide down her face into the fountain, causing the image to ripple away.

Kakashi looked up at the sound of crying. He saw a beautiful woman in a black dress sitting on the edge of the fountain. Her head was hung low with her raven black hair covering her face.

'Wow, is she hot. Wonder what's wrong.' Kakashi stood up, pocketed his book, and casually strolled over to the fountain. He reached out and rested a hand on her shoulder. "Hey, why the sad face?"

Hinata jumped at the touch. 'Is it Neji? No... this voice sounds... nice.' She slowly turned her head towards the voice. She looked over the silver hair, and then gazed into his eye. She could feel him smiling under his mask.

'What a handsome man.' Realizing she was still staring, she quickly averted her gaze. "N-nothing's wrong, really."

Kakashi sat down beside her. "Well, you sure seem upset. You can tell me what's wrong." Hinata lifted her eyes to meet his. They had fresh tears in them. There was a tightness in her throat. She couldn't hold back her emotions anymore.

"I…I am trapped in a life where I have no freedom. No matter what I do, I can't seem to escape it." She lowered her head as tears rolled down her cheeks. Kakashi wrapped his arm around her trying to comfort her.

"Is there anything I can do?"

She looked up into his caring face. "I'm afraid there is nothing you can do for me. However, what you have just done has helped me greatly. I normally have no one to talk to." She glanced at the watch on his wrist. It read five till seven.

'Oh no, I have to go!'

Hinata wiped her face with the back of her hand and stood up. She looked down at him. "I'm sorry, I have to go." She turned and began to run away.

Kakashi stood up. "Wait, hey, wait! What's your name?"

Hinata disappeared behind a wall of the building. She jumped up and grabbed the window seal and pulled herself up. Swinging back over the ledge, she dusted herself off and wiped her face one last time. She walked around the room once again and Neji walked in.

"Get ready," he said as he walked to the opposite side of the room.

Kakashi scratched his head. 'Man, she ran off fast. I wish I could have helped her more.' He checked his watch. 'Guess I better get going.'

Kakashi neared room 24. He walked in to find the room filled with men, all talking about 'the item up for bid'. As he leaned against the wall, he heard conversations of some of the men.

"I heard that the girl is feisty."

"Oh yeah, well I heard that she is still 'intact'. That alone is enough for my bid."

Another group came by. "So, if you win, what will you have her do for you?"

"If I win, she will be my mistress. According to the note, she does whatever is told of her."

'What is with these sick perverted bastards? Even if she is Neji's cousin, no one needs to be treated like this.'

Neji stood at the front of the room on a platform. "If everyone will take their seats, we can start the bidding." The men rushed to get a seat as close to the front as they could. They wanted to get a good look at 'the item'. Kakashi chose a seat at the back. He sat down and pulled out his book.

Neji cleared his throat. "Ok, now for what you have been waiting for. My cousin, Hyuuga Hinata."

All the men stared as Hinata walked onto the platform. She looked down, not wanting to meet anyone's gaze. Neji turned towards her.

"Let them see your face." Hinata slowly lifted her head, which caused the crowd to whisper amongst themselves. She didn't like all the attention. All the men were gawking at her, and some seemed to be undressing her with their eyes.

Kakashi was getting tired of the noise. He looked up from his book and saw a black dress.

'It can't be...'

When he saw her sad face, he knew it was her. 'The girl from earlier.' Kakashi couldn't believe it. Now was his chance, he could actually help her.

Neji turned back to the crowd. "Shall we start the bid?"

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