Greetings, fellow authors and authoresses. I have to warn you: this tidbit of a story is very short indeed, so please forgive my lack of interesting writing.

Your humble Authoress,


It was Harry's birthday.

Inside was pure chaos. Lupin was sitting on the couch, his wand producing more and more brightly colored balloons. Peter was nervously helping to pile up presents, jumping at every single giggle of the young guests. Unfortunately, Harry had to be excused for a moment for a diaper change, monitored by Lily. James and Sirius were attending to very important business.

"Sirius, come out already," James yelled through the bathroom door.

"I still can't believe you're making me wear this...this..." Sirius walked out of the bathroom.

James had to grab the door to support himself. His laughs echoed through the upstairs as he observed his best friend.

"I hate you," Sirius said sourly, pinching his clown suit disgustedly.

Choked James through his laughter, "!"

Which earned James a well-deserved noogie.

Lily marched up the stairs.

"What are you two do...Oh my word! Sirius!" she said, breaking out into laughter.

Sirius grimaced. "Thanks a lot, Lily." He released his hold on James and straightened his bright blue wig.

When Sirius got downstairs, the cheers of the children seemed to make him slightly more optomistic. He told a few corny jokes, juggled balls, and did a stupid little jig.

He was, thankfully, interrupted when Lily signaled for quiet.

"Introducing...the birthday boy!" she said proudly, and James walked in with a grinning Harry.

"Happy birthday Harry!" all of the toddlers screamed.

Harry reached out for Sirius. "Doggie!" he whined, struggling to reach his uncle.

Sirius walked up to his nephew. "Like the party, little man?"

Harry gave Sirius a high five.

"Ow!" Sirius pretended to cringe as Harry slapped his hand. "James, this kid's gonna be a Quidditch player if you're not careful."

Lupin offered a weak smile and said, "Now, the schedule says...Presents."

Harry squealed with delight and pointed impatiently at the present-filled dining table. "Hawee pwesents!"

As James lowered Harry towards his presents, Sirius lightly dropped his present on top.

"Hey, kid, open this," he said, pointing to a rather small box.

Harry eagerly grabbed it and ripped off the rainbow wrapping paper. He took out his gift and stared at it for a moment. Then he screamed, "Tank oo!"

James shook his head.

"A Snitch?

Done. Flames are allowed.