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Chapter 3

Tears Stream
Romantic / Fluff Ending

Rain was once again bombarding Harry as he ran down the wet cement steps, and across the empty street. Tears streamed down his face, mixed with the water from the sky, and he continued to run as fast as he could, into the muggle park across the street from Hermione's flat.

Harry was devastated beyond words. He put all his hopes, all his dreams; everything into this night, and was massively destroyed by the outcome. He never in his entire life felt as low as he did now, running away as fast as he could from the one person he loved the most.

His feet became soaked almost instantaneously from running in the grass, which was permeated with water like an urban swamp. It didn't matter to Harry though; all he wanted was to get away as fast as he could. He didn't know where he was running too, but even that didn't matter; as long as it was away from everyone.

Soon enough, he found himself panting and at a loss for breath. He ran a great distance in a short while, and he slowly came to a walk, which was in actuality more of a stagger.

His shoulders slumped, his head bowed down, and his body and mind totally lost for energy. He stopped walking, closed his eyes, turned his head to the sky, and let the rain cast itself on his face. He could feel the droplets splashing against his cheeks, his nose, and his eyelids, while the water and tears ran down his neck and through his hair. He tried desperately to calm his mind, but fought against his pessimism and depression in vain. His face screwed up in sadness, knowing the reality of what happened, and again his head fell onto his chest. He hiccupped, and his shoulders shuttered as he began to cry.

He told Hermione he loved her, and her reaction was devastating. She didn't jump for joy, or even slap him in the face; all she did was stare at him, no expression apparent. He looked at her for a moment, and instantly realized her feeling when her expression did begin to show. Slowly, but surely, her face fell, her eye brows moving together slightly, and her eyes told Harry exactly how she was feeling.

She was sad. It was something Harry dreaded to see, and he reacted exactly how his mind was screaming at him to do: to run. Run away as fast, and far as possible, without looking back. He knew as he ran that he destroyed everything; his friendships, his hopes, and his dreams. All of it was mangled beyond repair, and he had no one to blame but himself.

As Harry's mind tormented him with this, he could not stop himself, and he broke down entirely. He lost the two people he cared about the most; Ron and Hermione, with this one, horrible act. He knew they could never be replaced, and that this night's actions would haunt him forever.

Harry put hands to his face, and felt his knees buckle. He felt totally alone now. The rain battered down at him from the clouds above, and just as he could feel himself about to fall over, he heard a squishing sound coming from behind him. It sounded like someone was running through the park, and when Harry turned around, he felt a pang rip through his chest.

Hermione was running towards him. Even though he was far away from the lights that glowed over the pathways, he could see she was drenched. Her hair was matted, and swung behind her as she dashed towards Harry.

He turned around, and started walking away slowly. He didn't want to hear any explanation about why the one last wish he had could never come true. He saw her reaction, and that told more than any words. Hearing any explanation would just hurt him more, and he couldn't take it.

'Harry! Harry wait!' she yelled as she approached. Harry stopped, and let his head hang low. His mind was still telling him to run away, now even louder than before; yet his heart was pleading with him to stay. For the longest time he followed his head, and it only led him to burying his emotions. Tonight he finally allowed his heart to guide his actions, and it only caused pain. Yet even now, as he stood--cold, wet, and broken--he could not ignore his heart's pleads.

He turned around slowly, and glanced up to see Hermione. As he started from her feet, which were soaked in a pair of house shoes, his eyes moved upwards, seeing her waterlogged pants, which stuck to her legs. Her shirt, which Harry already loved when he saw it in the flat, was clinging to her, and he felt himself become both warm, from seeing her beautiful curves so clearly, and cold, from realizing he would never be able to caress them. When he moved to her face, he felt a new surge of misery hit his mind, and his heart.

Her face was still perfectly clear, yet covered in raindrops and streams of water. She looked sad beyond words, and he felt absolutely terrible for his actions this night. She was crying profusely, and took deep, sobbing breaths.

'What do you want Hermione?' Harry quaked. His voice was raspy with all the crying he had done, and was still doing. Hermione wiped her face, and looked at Harry, while the rain continued to fall.

'Is it true, do you l-love me?' she asked quietly, stuttering over the last two words, as if pained to say. Harry looked to the ground as new tears came, his eyes hurting from so many tears falling. Not only did she question if he meant it, she could barely admit what he said in the first place.

Harry didn't bother to say anything, knowing he would be unable to, and nodded. He glanced at her for a moment, and saw one of her hands reaching up to her mouth. He looked back down to the soaked grass below him, and he knew he needed to get away from this.

'I need t- . . . I need to go' Harry uttered, beginning to turn away.

'Harry wait' Hermione said pleadingly. Harry, turn his head, and looked at her.

Swiftly, she walked over with a determination he never saw in her, and planted a huge kiss on his lips. The smell of honeysuckle from her hair and skin, along with the taste of strawberries and the salt from her tears enveloped Harry. His eyes open wide in surprise, closed gratefully, and he wrapped his arms around her, her arms moving around his neck.

She pushed up against him, and he pulled her in, his mind forgetting all his problems, and falling into the moment in its entirety. He could feel the rain falling on him, and moving down his face as they deepened their kiss, and began to explore each others drenched bodies. He could feel his eyes still shedding tears, feeling so wonderful to be experiencing Hermione like he had many times in his dreams.

Harry felt her arch as he pushed against her lower back, and he pressed firmly, her body coming into full contact with his. The response to the move was immediate to Harry, but he was so focused on Hermione and the kiss that he really did not notice it. Her aroma, her taste, and her touch were all Harry knew in the world right now. Nothing else existed.

Hermione, very slowly, moved her hands to Harry's face, and rubbed his tear streaked cheeks. She slowed the kiss, which Harry agreed to, and it became a kiss not of fiery passion, but of slow and longing love. They slowed to such a pace that Harry thought time was standing still. Even the rain slowed, falling at a slower pace.

They held their lips together in the end, and separated slowly; their lips sticking together. Harry took a deep breath, and for the first time that night, smiled as Hermione did the same.

She lowered herself, however kept her hands on his face. She was still crying, worst than before actually, but smiling the whole time. Her tender auburn eyes stuck to Harry as if he was the only thing to exist in the universe. Harry warmly moved one of his hands around, and wiped her cheek. She closed her eyes, and leaned her face into Harry's hand, taking in a deep breath of the moisture filled air. She rubbed his cheek, and moved his head closer to hers, so they were almost nose to nose. She was so beautiful, even when crying.

'I love you too Harry' she quivered.

Harry's chest back flipped with her words, and he couldn't stop himself from smiling. The five words he wished for years to hear from Hermione, and she just said them. He never wanted this moment to end.

'Oh Harry, I love you so' she whispered passionately, and she pulled Harry down, and lashed another deep kiss on Harry. Harry, feeling so wonderful and full of life, picked her up, and slowly revolved on the spot. She squeaked as they turned, and he laughed as their tongues moved in their fervent and longing dance. He let her down gently, and they once again slowed and separated, both parting for a moment, then grinning at each other.

'Can we go inside? My feet are soaked' Hermione asked quietly, still recovering her breath and motioning to her feet which--were indeed--drenched. Harry's mind, at the mentioning of inside, came to a dead halt, and his stomach began to twist.

'What about Ron?' he questioned darkly. The thought of Ron made Harry feel terrible, at what he did and what they were currently doing. Hermione, to Harry's amazement, smiled and looked up at Harry.

'We broke up three weeks ago' she informed, moving up and giving Harry a light kiss, while Harry's eyes once again grew wide. He looked down at her for reassurance that she wasn't joking, and she nodded to his unasked question.

'We didn't tell anyone. That's why he left, he wanted some time alone. He's alright though Harry, he owls every day' she explained softly. Harry felt torn, feeling bad for Ron and Hermione, but also happy at his own revelations. Hermione sensed his inner conflicted, and draped her hands around Harry's cold and soaked shoulders, her brown eyes looking deeply into Harry's green eyes.

'Let's go back, we can talk more' she suggested again. Harry nodded his head, and she moved her arms, and took hold of his hand. They walked back to Hermione's flat in quietness, reveling in the sound of the rain and the darkness of the night, accented with the amber glow of the clouds above them. They made their way back to Hermione's flat, and once again, Harry felt himself shaking when entering.

Once they entered, Hermione slowly turned around, and embraced Harry in a hug. Harry, shaking from the cold, hugged Hermione tightly, and she reacted to his shivers.

'You're freezing, come and sit down' she said quickly. Harry moved into the sitting room, and sat down on one of the couches. Hermione took a dark blue cozy looking blanket from next to her chair in the corner, and snuggled up close to Harry on the couch, laying the blanket over the two of them.

She cuddled up to Harry, closing her eyes and again taking a deep breath, and Harry followed suite. He felt so perfect with Hermione like this, sitting on a comfortable couch, a dull light shading the entire room. Her touch was like a warming fire to Harry, and her scent . . . was just intoxicating to Harry. He opened his eyes, looked at Hermione, who was gazing up at him, and he fell into her eyes.

Harry understood now why she looked sad before. It was not really sad, but just so surprised and joyous. He never really thought she would be so joyful for his admission to appear sad, but that was her reaction. She was so full of bliss that she actually cried, and it was the crying that made her look sad.

'How long?' Hermione asked softly, still looking closely at him. Harry couldn't get away from her eyes. He was lost in the beautiful colour of tree trunks, the dark and mysterious shades of coffee, and the warm and soothing dye of chocolate; all mixed together, and some how kept within the confines of her eyes.

'Forever' Harry whispered, still unbelievably lost in her eyes. Her lips turned into a smile, and Harry pulled himself out of the pool of auburn, and smiled at her beautiful dimples on her cheeks. They both leaned in, and shared a short, but longing kiss. They parted, and moved even closer together, their noses rubbing against each other playfully.

'You?' Harry said. Under the blanket, Harry's hands were wrapped around Hermione's form, firmly pressed against her sides. He was stroking her curves soothingly, causing shivers of excitement to run through his body. Her legs were pressed next to Harry's, which were laying on the couch. One of her hands was placed behind Harry's head playing with his hair slowly, and the other on his lap, causing even more shivers. He wouldn't be surprised if she took off the blanket, a plume of steam would come off him.

'I'll let you wonder' she said playfully. Harry lowered his glance, and Hermione did the same, unable to keep herself from laughing. Harry leaned over, and they closed off the world again with another kiss. Harry push in, and Hermione pulled him down, so he lay down on her, the blanket wrapped around and somewhat between them.

Harry felt nothing but the opposite of what he did in the rain, and earlier that night. He was actually kissing Hermione, and she was responding with just as much pent up love and emotion. He was warm now, bordering on hot from all their kissing and lying so close to her, wanting to get as close as he could.

Hermione pulled her hands up his back, and allowed her fingers to scrape his shirt. The move caused Harry to feel a shiver of pleasure run though him, and he attacked Hermione with his lips, pushing still deeper and allowing his hands to explore her lustful and aching curves. Just as she again pressed her fingers into Harry's back, yearning him to persist, he pulled up, and looked at her closely.

'How long?' he asked teasingly. Harry grinned at her evilly, and she chuckled, reaching behind Harry's head and pulling him back down.

'Forever' she breathed, grinning back, and kissing Harry. The two of them beamed at each other, and lay back on the couch.

Harry allowed his head to relax, and he rested it next to Hermione's, seeing her angelic expression; a mixture of happiness and pleasure. She turned slightly so she could see Harry.

'What about Ginny?' she asked sorrowfully. Harry's face fell, but it lasted only a moment.

'She should know, but I'll talk to her' he said. Hermione still did not look happy like before, and Harry moved her face in line with his, rubbing her cheek. 'This is what matters Hermione. Ginny will be alright, just like Ron' he reassured.

He didn't want to loose the happiness of the night to regret for their actions. Hermione looked at Harry for a moment, and nodded, the two sharing a kiss, and Harry unable to keep himself from giggling afterwards, having Hermione so close, and being so overjoyed. She smiled at Harry, and snuggled against him, pushing thoughts of Ginny and Ron out.

'Why tonight?' she asked after a few moments of laying in each other's arms. Harry smiled, and remembered the sight on the street earlier that night.

'Lights guided me.'

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