A long, vast thread of ivory mist and snow trailed down from the hazy sky into the Emerald Valley, sprinkling the grass with dancing snowflakes. Howling wind raced through the frozen autumn trees, tearing the few tattered leaves from their quivering branches and carrying them away.

Atop the ancient hill at the outskirt of the valley stood a young woman, surveying the long stretch of land before her. Snow fell down to the earth like a waterfall, concealing the peak so well that one could just make out the faint silhouette of her graceful figure and a hint of her dark skin.

She seemed to be clothed in delicate silk spun carefully with falling stars as the thick blanket of cotton swirled in a waltz with the dancing winter wind. With a thrust of her midnight hair, a gust of controlled air came forth from the darkness and herded the curtain of snow away from her slim frame. The breeze traveled upwards, brushing away the thick clouds. The night had awoken.

Silver Traveler: yeah, so it is sorta short. Srry. I can't go on too long, so this has been pretty fast for me. Anyway, waiting for reviews!