Dracula held me in his arms, his embrace was warm and loving. Yvonne remained silent for some reason, and Indriel looked worried. It was all to confusing, all these emotions. I stood up, all looking at me. Dracula kissed my cheek lightly, it was so...so gentle. Something was very wrong, and I hadn't the slightest idea of what was going to happen. Indriel was crying and I was just dumbfounded. What was with all the emotions? I mean, honestly, why? Yvonne was just upset for a reason, and I wanted to know why. I went downstairs to the living room, and Yvonne followed.

Aurora: "What's the matter with you? With them? I don't get it."

Yvonne: "Dracula loves you Aurora, and he's not leaving till he has you. Indriel is letting him take you."

Aurora: "What! And you...you don't care?"

Yvonne: "Of course I do, we're best friends. I'll miss you."

Aurora: "What makes you think I'm leaving?"

Yvonne: "If we let him take you, he won't kill us. And what is it with you loving him, then wanting him to go to hell? It's confusing."

Aurora: "You try and live with a past that you regret. I thought he liked you, or something. I'm suprised he even wants me."

Yvonne: "He does...a lot. You are the only one who understands him. He's a monster in my eyes to be telling the truth."

Aurora: "He is not. He's just a man who made a dark decision. He was afriad of dying."

Yvonne: "I knew it. You like him."

Aurora: "He is cute, scratch that...he is really hott."

Yvonne: "That is so true. This is weird we're all sad and then we start talking abut a guy."

Both of us laughed just like old times, and then Dracula and Indriel came downstairs. He smiled at me, and put his arm around my waiste.

Dracula: "Darling, come with me, and live with me forever."

Aurora: "Yes of course. I'll miss the both of you."

I said my good-bye's and Dracula turned into his hellbeast form. We flew to a hotel and let's just say it was a very productive night. And that I guess is the end of it all; I'm happy with the man I love in a beautiful land, forever.