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"Dean…how long is forever?" asked 5 year old Sam as he sat on yet another motel bed coloring

"Sammy….I told you so many times forever means a very long time" answered his 10 year old brother sighing

"Is that how long we are going to be on these trips with Daddy?" asked Sam looking a little scared

"I have no idea" answered Dean

"Is that how long Mommy is going to be gone?" Sam asked his big brother

"Yes, Sammy" answered Dean simply

John Winchester stepped out of the motel room bathroom and walked over to Dean

"Son, I have to go out for a while, you know what that means. Take care of your brother. Ok?" said John kissing Dean on the forehead

He made his way over to Sam who was still coloring

"I'm going out for a while Sammy, listen to your brother" said John kissing Sam on the forehead

"Daddy? Are you going to be gone forever?" asked Sam

"No, son don't worry, love you guys" said John as he made his way towards the door

"Love you dad" said Dean and Sam in unison

Dean looked at the clock and noticed that it was time for Sam to go to bed

"Ok, Sam time for bed. Brush your teeth" Dean told his little brother

Sam walked into the bathroom to brush his teeth while Dean made sure that the windows and door was secure. Sam finished and climbed into the bed that him and Dean shared

"Night Sammy, love you" said Dean to his brother

"Dean? How long is forever" asked Sam once again

"How long I will love you" answered Dean

"O.k. love you too" said Sam nodding off