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"A baby." Brennan said softly placing the tiny skull down next to it's larger look-alike. "If I had to guess, a mother and child. Based on how the skull doesn't appear to be slightly cone shaped, and the size, I'd say that either this baby was delivered very early through a Cesarean Section or it was born at all. My guess is the latter though." She pursed her lips, reaching back into the barrel. Although her concentraion for the most part was the case, she was worried about Booth. He, after all, had Parker, his own son and as a father seeing this, she thouht might have thrown him over the edge. However, her partner gave no reaction other then his question before. He stood perfectly still, eyes trained on the wooden tub in front of him. Although, Booth said nothing, his eyes portrayed it all. They were filled with anger, fear, sadness and shock all at once if possible.

Finally, her hand emerged from the murky substance in the container. "I'll know more when the bodies are transported back to the lab." She paused and as almost an afterthough she asked, "Are we going back to the Jeffersonian or is there a lab around here, or what's going on?"

"We're gonna head back to the Jeffersonian. You and the squints can look at that with all your equipment and stuff." He said a thouch a of pain in his voice. "Tonight we're gonna be in West Virginia. It's just easier. We can head out first thing in the morning."

"Well I'm going to have the crime lab here send it back to the Jefersonian. I'll call Angela and tell her to be expecting it… if she hasn't left already. Or maybe she can tell Hodgins or Zack to just wait for it." Brennan said.

"You heard the lady." Booth said to a nearby CSI who had overheard. He turned to walk to the car. Brennan pulled off her gloves and the sleeves of her blue lab coverall and followed Booth to the car.


Bennan sat on her bed at the West Virginia Lodge going over the casefile. Photos, preliminary reports and accounts of the three boys who had found the body were spead out across the bed. There wasn't too much she could do without the bones. Her job after all was to examine the skeleton, give a description, age, race, height, cause of death, and possibly a name.

Booth had turned in early, saying he wanted to get some sleep so they could get out early tomorrow and start work on the bones. She deduced that he did not want to discuss the case any further. Deciding he had a point, she gathered the contents of each folder and put each one away in it's respective one. Her phone rang just as she was going to turn off the light. So much for going to sleep early. Grabbing her phone, she quickly looked at the caller ID screen. Angela. I'll call back in the morning.


Brennan sat in front of the lab table that the body of the Jane Doe was laid on. She had been in the high ceiling space that was the Bone Room for almost three hours putting together what she had of the Jane Doe. Angela, Jack and Zack were around the lab somewhere; Zack was cleaning the remainder of the bones: the baby John Doe. Jack Hodgins was running samples of the soil found near the barrel Angela was probably starting sketches on the face of the Jane Doe and the baby John Doe. She, personally, felt bad for Angela, having to draw the face of a baby.

Brennan sat in the Bone Room, piecing to gether the upper part of the skeleton. She had down to the pelvis and was now analyzing what she had so far. Her findings had identified the skeleton as a Jane Doe: Caucasoid, approximately five feet four inches to five feet seven inches. Time of Death estimated anywhere from 5 weeks ago to a year, most likely the former. Approximate age: based on the development of the bones, fusing or otherwise, she guess the age of the Jane Doe to be anywhere from 16 to 20. Cause of death: blunt forced trauma.

Brennan had looked over where the stab marks appeared on the ribs and possibly they would give a location of a major artery or vein that had been hit. She had found marks on the left third, fourth, eighth and ninth ribs but based on the location, she guessed they had not been fatal. The blow to the back of the head was the most likely cause of death. The Jane Doe had been hit so hard that her skull had fractured into several different pieces. Brennan had spent most of her time putting the fractured skull back together with crazy glue.

Also upon examining the arm bones further, she had found a break in the ulna and radius, probably about six to eight years before death. Although the pelvis appeared to have suffered no trauma related to giving birth, the baby still could have been a still born via cesarean section, the Jane and John Doe might not be related at all or the last possibility, the baby might not have been born at all. Either way, she had sent samples to the FBI lab for further DNA testing. Booth said he would drop by later today with the results, as well as for an update to see if he could get a missing persons list. The Jane Doe also had, what appeared to have been, a slight case of scoliosis in the past. It appeared as though it had been at one point worse so she guessed that a back-brace had been worn at some point. Hopefully, that would help Booth out. That could possibly narrow down the search.

About an hour later, Angela came into the room insisting that Brennan go outside for a break. She had been in the Bone Room for almost 4 and a half hours straight.

"Come on sweetie, you've been in the lab since the beginning of man. Come grab a bite to eat with me." Angela said leaning on the table the Jane Doe was layed out on.

"I can't Angela. I have an outline to work on. Then I'm meeting David." Angela scowled at the mention of Brennan's boyfriends name. David was the accountant Brennan had met online. The two had been dating almost three months and overall, he was a nice guy… a nice boring guy. Angela thought to herself. "I have to wait for Booth. Speaking of which here he is now. Thank god." She walked over and left Angela standing muttering something about Booth and David.

"Hey Booth!" she smiled. He had a matching smile plastered on his face

"Bones." He said. "So watcha got for me?"

"It's in my office." She decided not to bring up the subject of the baby John Doe. When they reached her office, she pulled out her laptop which contained the notes on the Jane Doe. A word chart popped up onto the screen. "Ok so here's what we have so far." She pause and then read off the list. "Our Jane Doe caucasoid, approximately five feet four inches to five feet seven inches. The time of death was probably anywhere from 5 weeks ago to a year but most likely the 5 weeks. Her approximate age, she was in the 16 to 20 years range and the cause of death was blunt forced trauma." She looked up making sure he took it all in before continuing. "There were also marks on her ribs consistant with stabbing but based on the location, I'd say they weren't the cause of death. Actually based on the type of marks they made, I'd say they were post mortum. The blow to the back of the skull was the ultimate COD. Her skull was shattered. She broke her left arm, consistant with a fall from a tree or something of that height. That was approximately eight years before death. She also has scoliosis, and might have worn a brace at somepoint. The Jane Doe also hasn't gone through childbirth and by the looks of it the baby John Doe was only 6 months along and is in relatively good condition… considering the state of the Jane Doe any way." She looked up again to see his reaction. He gave none. "Um lets see. I'll send samples to your lab for DNA testing. The Jane and John Doe might not even be related." Unlikely.

"Ok. Thanks Bones." He closed the small book he had written a few notes on and put it in his jacket pocket.

"I'll print you out a copy. Not squint mambo-jambo or anything the agents won't understand. I'll even have Angela proof it." Brennan said trying to earn a laugh. She got one.

"It's mumbo-jumbo Bones." He said shaking his head. "And that would be great. Thanks." Booth turned to walk out the door of her office. "Hey. You wanna go to Wong Foos for lunch?"

Her eyes turned to regret. "I'm sorry Booth. I can't I'm meeting David." She said. "How about tomorrow?"

"Sure. Sounds great." He walked out of the office and she followed at a distance. Brennan turned to walk back to the lab platform when he heard him call, "I'll get a ist back to you ASAP. Then we can discuss it."


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