Author's note: I've decided to do a story with the crew of the USS Blessing Way, which is comprised entirely of my own original characters. Two of these characters, Shannon Tanner and T'Sarak, made their first appearance in A Dagger I See Before Me, and several others, including Captain Atri Yusumi and Doctors Fahad el Naser and Deraan, were introduced in A Moment in the Sun. If you are dead set against reading a story with only OC's, I suggest you stop here. If you are interested, and you haven't read Dagger or Sun yet, I suggest you read those two stories first. It goes a long way toward establishing some of the characters, particularly Tanner and T'Sarak. If you do read it, I hope you enjoy it. This story is set late in the fourth season of DS9 (but there's not DS9 in it). This story technically is set in the main ST universe, but if you imagined a few Cardassian and Bajoran crew members, it could easily in the Greensleeves universe, too.

Disclaimer:Star Trek and all the characters associated with it are property of Paramount Studios, and I am not making any money off of them. All original characters, situations, and settings are my property and may not be used without permission.

Background: The USS Blessing Way was launched approximately six weeks after the T'Kail returned from the Gamma Quadrant. It is on a six-year deep space mission heading for the Gamma Quadrant via the Beta Quadrant. It is a very small exploratory ship, comprising about eighty crew members and several civilians. The main purpose is scientific study and cultural contact.

The crew of the USS Blessing Way:

(I may not introduce all of these characters, but I made the list for myself and thought it would be beneficial to the readers to help keep everyone straight.)

Captain Atri Yusumi (human female): Captain

Commander Vanek (Vulcan male): First Officer

Lieutenant Commander Zimna Dein (joined Trill male; former host: Karas Dein): Chief of Security/Tactical

Lieutenant Commander Shannon Tanner (human female): Chief Science Officer

(Lieutenant) Doctor Fahad el Naser (human male): Chief Medical Officer

Lieutenant Commander Aleshma Sh'rain (Andorian female, mate to Doctor Deraan): Chief Engineer

Lieutenant Maris Fairclough (human female): Assistant Chief Engineer

Lieutenant T'Sarak (Vulcan female): Science officer

(Lieutenant) Doctor Jon'len Deraan (Andorian male, mate of Lieutenant Commander Sh'rain): Doctor

Ensign Soran (Vulcan male): Science officer

Ensign Marik Meress (half Bolian, 1/4 human, 1/4 Vulcan) Chief helm officer

T'Palik (Vulcan female, wife of Commander Vanek): civilian exobiologist

T'Mela (Vulcan female, youngest daughter of Vanek and T'Palik)

Lieutenant Turan (Vulcan male) science officer

Ensign Hareen Jaim (Bolian female) science officer

Treiss and Ch'lan (Andorian female; Andorian male) mates to Deraan and Sh'rain

Ensign Isla Kelly (human female) nurse

Ensign Nechek (Vulcan male) security officer