"RICHIE! Come over! I'm bored... and i miss you." said Ash in a whiney kiddy tone on the phone.

"But Ash, I have to finish my garden work. I miss you too," Richie said feeling bad about not coming over, "I'll see if i can come over later, kay?"

"Sigh...okay, BUT remember to bring me cookies!"

"Okay okay Ashipoo."

It's been nearly two years since Ash and Richie have been secretly dating.

"Ash, honey! Is Richie coming over?" yelled Ms. Ketchum.

She is still very oblivious to them.

"Yes mom. We might go hang out somewhere."

"Okay just be back in time for dinner."

Ash walked up and down his room trying to figure out what to do with Richie.

"Ugh, what should I do for our two year anniversary!"

"ASHIPOO!" Richie said jumping into Ash's arms.

"HEY! I THOUGHT I WAS SUPOSED TO DO THAT!" Ash said almost dropping Richie.

"You know what day it is! I'm going to take you to a very special place." he said with a smirk.

It sent chills up Ash's spine.

Richie then covers Ash's eyes with a blindfold when they left the house.

"Just hold my hand and follow my lead."

It seemed like forever before they got to this "very special" place.

"I'll tell you when to open your eyes."


Richie takes of the blindfold.

"Okay now."

Ash's eyes saw a candle light setting and a bed covered in forget-me-not flowers.

Richie then runs up and kisses Ash.

They tripped over almost everything before getting to the bed.

Two hours past.

"Richie…you're an idiot." Ash said while having his head on Ritchie's bare chest

"Ash! WHY ARE YOU CALLING ME AN IDIOT?" he said knowing that Ash was kidding and then kissed him.

"Haha, you're my idiot," Ash said while jumping on Richie, "AHH OMG WHAT TIME IS IT!"

"Um… its 5:30, why? You need to be somewhere?"


"Well, then Ash, why not just tell her you are just going to stay the night over at my house." He said taunting Ash.

"But, she'll suspect something…"

"No she won't. Come on just stay. Please?" Richie said with a sad face.

"Aw, why are you so cute!" He said now tackling Richie and pinning him to the bed.

"Because I love you."

Auther's note: Haha Kinky.

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