Disclaimer: I'm a poor 17 year old poet... Do you think I own Yu-Gi-Oh?

Title: Unexpected Love
Rating: R
Pairings: Jounouchi/Mai, Marik/Mai, Bakura/Ryou/Malik
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: OOC, AUish and basicly thats it I guess.

I've had this idea in my head for quite some time now, I've just been too tired to do it but now I finally feel like I have enough energy and time to start this. This is just the prologue so its pretty short, plus my carpal tunnel is acting up so I really shouldn't be typing right now... (not that its stopped me before)


Their eyes locked, they both just stood there staring at each other, hatred and anger present in their eyes. Mai closed her eyes for a moment, the next thing she knew she was pressed up against the wall, his lips pressed against hers harshly. As he slipped his tongue into Mai's wet cavern she took a fistful of his blonde hair brining him closer while slipping a leg between his rubbing against his growing erection lightly. The blonde man growled, releasing her lips only to attack her neck, biting down hard, then started to lick away the blood hungrily. Mai let out a strangled gasp, feeling a pool of warmth in the pit of her stomach traveling downwards. She threw her head back against the wall moaning as the man started to rock his hips against hers while squeezing one of her breasts, "Oh... Ma-"

Mai shot up in her bed breathing heavily, looking around her room for the sign of another person. 'How could I dream about him?'. She let out a relived sigh when she realized she was alone, she turned her head and looked at the clock. 'Its 7 already? Its a good thing I get to sleep in today...' The duelist laid back down, turning over to her side once again closing her eyes. She stiffened as she felt the bed shift, her eyes snapped open and her breath hitched as an arm snaked around her waste a warm body pressing close to her.

"You okay babe?"A hoarse voice whispered his warm breath caressing her ear.

Mai relaxed and leaned against the body, "I'm fine Jounouchi... I just had a bad dream."

He smiled and kissed the back of her neck lightly, "Okay, good night."

"Night," she yawned and closed her eyes once more.


Marik scowled as he got dressed, he had yet another dream about her. It was about the 6th time in the last 2 days that the tanned Egyptian got a hard on just thinking about the blonde duelist he once found much pleasure in torturing. He stomped out of his room, walking down the stairs hoping to find something that would make his erection go away. But he stopped dead in his tracks at the sight he saw on the couch, Mslik sitting on the couch with the tomb robbers light on his lap. Malik's hand was down the pale boys pants, while the other had his eyes tightly shut, gasping. Malik closed his eyes, throwing his head back letting out a moan, 'Damn it... I wanted to see something that would disgust me! Not something that would turn me on more! Where the hell is that thief anyway? He hates to be left out, No! Stop thinking like that! With him there it would turn you on even more then this is!' He snapped his eyes open, Malik and Ryou were frozen both their eyes on the yami, Marik just growled and stomped out of the house bent on causing some destruction.


That's the end of the prologue, it didn't come out as bad as I expected it too... But it could have been better. I just love Marik and Mai together for some reason... Don't ask me why but I just do.
Yami Sango