Trouble on the High Seas

Chapter 1: Just an Innocent Cruise Trip

The trailer carrying the Tennysons stopped in the parking lot.

"Grandpa" said Ben as he noticed a large cruise liner in the far off background, "what are we doing here?"

"We're going to go on a three day cruise trip" said Grandpa Max as he turned to Ben.

"I just hope nothing bad happens on the high seas" said Gwen as she was packing her stuff along with the charm bracelet she had when she was Lucky Girl.

"This should be just a relaxing break for the three of us" said Grandpa Max, "and no aliens will be involved so you won't have to use the Omnitrix Ben."

"I hope so" said Ben as he finished packing his stuff, "even though I do enjoy going hero I'm getting sort of tired of doing it."

As the Tennysons finished packing their stuff, they got out of the trailer and started to head toward the bus stop with some other passengers whom were prepared to head to the large cruise liner. The bus came toward them and the Tennysons and the other passengers got onto the bus and headed toward the cruise liner. As the bus finally reached to the large cruise liner, the Tennysons and everybody else boarded the ship.

"Welcome" said the captain as he greeted the Tennysons and the other passengers, "just show the hotel manger of this cruise liner your reservations and he'll show you to your rooms."

"Well" said Grandpa Max to his grandchildren, "let's find our rooms."

"And oh, we should warn you about the dangers of the sea which includes the dreaded Flying Dutchman and the captain-Davy Jones" said the captain as the Tennysons were about to head to the hotel manger and find their room, "just be a warning to you."

"So Grandpa" said Ben to Grandpa Max, "who is Davy Jones."

"And why is the captain so spooked about the Flying Dutchman?" asked Gwen.

"The Flying Dutchman is an old story of a captain known as Davy Jones" replied Grandpa Max, "I'm not too familiar with these sort of stories. I only dealt with aliens more than ghosts during my days as a plumber."

"I just hope nothing bad happens on this trip" said Gwen.

As the Tennysons and the other passengers got their assigned rooms from their reservations, the captain ordered his crew to start the engines of the cruise liner and off the cruise liner went into the deep high seas. As high noon approached, Ben and Gwen wanted to explore the cruise liner even. Ben didn't want to use any of his aliens to do it since he was quite tired of trying to find the right alien to search the ship.

"Come on Ben" said Gwen, "why don't you use Ghost Freak and search the ship without notice?"

"Look" replied Ben, "I do not think this is the time for it."

"Well" said Gwen, "we can find out more information about this Flying Dutchman story."

"Sounds good to me" said Ben.

As Ben and Gwen searched the entire ship and began to ask some crew members even the hotel employees, all of them were either not interested in the story of the Flying Dutchman or Davy Jones or were just scared to hear the tales. But soon Ben and Gwen found the janitor of the cruise liner whom was open to the story.

"Sure" said the old man, "I know the story of the Flying Dutchman and the notorious Davy Jones."

"So how do you really know the story of the Dutchman and Jones?" asked Ben.

"The name is Ted Turner, not to be confused with the owner of CNN" replied the old man, "my great, great, great grand father Will Turner had a run in with the notorious Davy Jones along with a pirate known as Jack Sparrow."

"So what happen?" asked Gwen.

"My ancestor was forced to be a member of Davy Jones' crew" replied Ted, "but he managed to escape capture of Jones. He thought he also killed Jones with his beating heart as well. But after that, my family still hears tales of sailors and captains and their ships that have been destroyed by a notorious kraken."

"Say Turner" said the cruise liner's captain as he came into the scene, "you're suppose to be back to your work."

"Sorry" said Ted, "I was just telling these youngsters about the tale of the Dutchman and Davy Jones."

"Look" said the captain, "I do not like it when you tell these sort of stories of your famous ancestor Will Turner. It's scaring the passengers and the hotel business may loss money."

"Well I say it's important that people need to know the risks of traveling on the high seas" said Ted.

"Well don't tred on thin ice" said the captain as he leaved the scene.

"Why is the captain and everybody else so spooked out about the story of the Dutchman and Davy Jones?" asked Ben.

"They all fear the truth" replied Ted, "and the truth does indeed hurt believe me it has hurt my family for generations to continue to hear that Davy Jones, the devil himself still lives."

"Well I'm not afraid of no devil" said Ben.

"Yea, we faced more horrible creatures than that" added Gwen.

"Ex nay on the creature aye" said Ben to Gwen trying to cover up his secret.

"Keep the story of the Dutchman and Davy Jones to yourselves" said Ted, "best it be that way for all of us."

After Ben and Gwen heard the story of Dutchman and Davy Jones, they head back to the hotel room where Grandpa Max was waiting for them.

"So did you find anything interesting on your self-tour of the ship?" asked Grandpa Max.

"Well, let's just say we sort of know someone whose ancestor fought against Davy Jones" replied Ben.

"Well I have seen stranger things in my life" said Grandpa Max, "we should head to the eating area for dinner."

"Finally" said Gwen as all three left the room, "some real food."

As the Tennysons and the rest of the passengers went into the dinning area of the cruise liner, Ben finished first and wanted to find more about the story of the Dutchman and Davy Jones so he started to head toward where Ted Turner was mopping up the floors of the ship.

"So youngster" said Ted as he continued to mop on the floor, "you still want to hear more about the story of Davy Jones and my ancestor Will Turner?"

"Certainly" replied Ben.

Before Ted could began the story of his ancestor and the legendary Jack Sparrow which he was about to give more details, strange black clouds in the distance started to form in the night sky. As both Ben and Ted turned around, Ted could tell these were no ordinary clouds, but the clouds that would cover up the Flying Dutchman.

"What the heck is that?" asked Ben.

"That looks like the Flying Dutchman" replied Ted as he had a frighten look on his face.