Chapter 6: Unleashing the Kraken

It was the cruise liner's final day and for good reason because the Tennysons were ready to head back to dry land.

"I just can not believe this trip is finally over" said Gwen as she got out of her bed and started to stretch her arms.

"Same here" added Ben.

"We should probably head to the cafeteria for breakfast" said Grandpa Max.

As they were heading toward the cafeteria, Ted was moping up the floor.

"I think I should warn you people" said Ted as he continue to mop the floors of the ship, "Davy Jones and his crew are very persistent against anyone whom stands in their way. Believe me, I should know since many members of my family had encounters with him."

"Well" said Ben, "if he ever shows his face around here, we'll just kick his butt again."

"You shouldn't be worried about Jones" said Ted, "but be careful about his kraken."

"Don't worry" said Grandpa Max, "we have faced such a thing before."

"Well" said Ted as he continued to mop up the floor, "just keep a sharp eye."

"Will do" said Ben as the Tennysons left the scene and headed for the cafeteria.

Meanwhile not far from the cruise liner, the Flying Dutchman was not far behind.

"There she be" said Jones as he looked at the cruise liner which he had attempted to take over and noticed that Ben and Gwen were running toward the cafeteria with Grandpa Max not far behind, "and there are the three troublemakers whom prevented me from acquiring new crew members."

"What do you want us to do?" asked his first mate.

"Summon the kraken" replied Jones, "I want to see just how powerful that young lad's magical watch really is against the mighty kraken."

As his men got into their positions they began to turn a large wheel on the Dutchman along with making some sort of chanting. The chanting began to grow louder and louder and even as far as on the cruise liner, the Tennysons could hear that strange chanting sound from afar.

"What the heck is that?" asked Ben.

"I don't know" replied Grandpa Max.

"It's the chanting to summon the kraken" said Ted as he came into the scene, "this is bad, very, very bad."

"So how would we know when the kraken has struck?" asked Gwen.

Gwen spoke too soon as a large tentacle came rising from the depths of the ocean. She turns around and screams as a large tentacle comes crashing down, but Grandpa Max quickly takes her out of the direction of the large tentacle.

"I'm going to get some help" said Ben as he began to run around the corner and switched his Omnitrix to Heatblast and pressed the button.

"That's what the kraken looks like?" asked Gwen.

"Yep" replied Ted.

"The last time we saw a kraken was when it was on our side" said Grandpa Max.

"Well this one is surely controlled by Davy Jones himself" said Ted.

Suddenly Ben emerged from the shadows as Heatblast ready to face off with the kraken.

"Who is in the mood for some fried calamari?" asked Ben.

Ben then uses Heatblast's powers and fired some fireballs against the large tentacle. The kraken screamed in pain, but as Ben thought he was the victor, the kraken revealed itself making it a clear view for the everyone else on the cruise liner to see.

"Get the passengers and the crew members of the ship to safety" said Ted.

"That's what I was just thinking" said Grandpa Max as he and Gwen began to help the crew members calm down the passengers and place them in a safe place.

"Wow" said Ben as he looked at the kraken, "this is one ugly thing. The last one I faced as Ripjaws was actually on mine side. Oh well."

Ben then flared up and began to fire more fireballs at the kraken, damaging its tentacles. The tentacles that remained attempted to smash Ben, but Ben managed to dodge the tentacles and fired a heat beam directly at the kraken. The kraken screamed again and used almost all of its remaining tentacles. Ben then really let loose a large fireball and threw it against the kraken, causing much pain for the kraken and driving the kraken away from the cruise liner.

"I don't believe it" said Jones as he observed the entire battle from the telescope he was looking through, "my kraken failed me. I never had my kraken fail me before. This looks like a very formidable foe indeed."

"Do you want us to board the ship again sir?" asked his first mate.

"No" replied Jones, "I have another plan. I want to follow these three troublemakers wherever they go."

"But sir, it seems like they be heading for land" said his first mate.

"Perhaps they might have won this battle" said Jones, "but the war isn't over yet. We'll meet those three troublemakers again and when we do, I shall have my revenge. Along with acquiring that special magical watch that boy has on his wrist."

Back on the cruise liner, Ben noticed that his Omnitrix was flashing red lights and found a suitable hiding place where he changed back into his normal human self as the crew members of the cruise liner were searching for him.

"Oh, is that hideous beast gone?" asked Ben pretending to be afraid to the crew member whom found him.

"Well" replied Grandpa Max as he came to the scene, "looks like our trip is over."

"Thank goodness" said Gwen.

"Well" said Ted, "I'm glad I manage to tell you three the tale of Davy Jones. But be warn, I suspect he will continue to try to hunt you three down."

"Don't worry" said Grandpa Max, "we're use to having a large enemy list."

As the cruise liner docked with the port, the passengers along with the Tennysons left the cruise liner with their luggage in hand.

"It's good to get back on the trailer" said Gwen as she finally placed her stuff back on her spot.

"Yep" said Ben, "same here."

"I just hope we don't run into Davy Jones or any of his crew ever again" said Grandpa Max as he began to start the engines of the trailer."

"Somehow" said Gwen, "I am doubting that."