House of the Idiots Chapter one

The scene sets on a very small apartment building in the middle of a big city. On the outside it seems like a harmless apartment, yet on the inside no one can see the chaos forecoming. As the image of the apartment atop the tall building gets closer the sounds of the police sirens, horns honking, and people cussing starts to diminish and the sounds of what seems like arguing are replaced.

Inside the apartment we see Albert Wesker sitting on a small yellow sofa grumbling to himself as he tries to do his lab reports. In the backround the sounds of the arguing come to there climax and the scene settles on an image of Ada and Krauser pushing each other back and forth, "NO the top bunks mine!" "Its mine I called it first when we got here!" "Well I called it on the plane ride" Ada said with a greedy smile. "THAT DOESN'T COUNT!! You actually have to be in the building before you call it!"

And with that he pushed Ada into the back of the couch knocking her into Wesker and causing him to make an ink blot on the papers he was signing. He growled angerly and stared up at the two immature "children". "What the hell is wrong with you people, Ada your in your 20s and Krauser your in your friggen 30s what in the hell is wrong with you two?!"

"Well she says she called the top bed on the plane ride but I told her that she can't until she steps into the door." "I can't believe you two are fighting over a god damn bed!!!" Krauser mumbled something along the lines of "She started it" and Wesker put his hand to his face in annoyance. "Ok 'kiddies' heres the deal how bout if Krauser gets the top bed and you Ada will get to pick where we eat tonight." "Sigh fine I guess" Ada said with slight annoyance and laid back on the bottom bed. "YIPPEEEE!!!" Krauser yelled in a girly squeal and dove on the top bed, breaking the poles holding it up with his weight and causing it to crash down on Ada. "AAAH!" she screamed and was engulfed by the bed. Krauser who had his eyes closed with a bright smile slowly opened them, "

Krauser, Wesker, and Ada made there way down the dusty city streets. "So Ada where you wanna eat?" Wesker asked in a more blank tone then curious. "And no Chinese." Krauser quickly added. "I wasn't gonna suggest Chinese you racist bastard. bout something fast like McDonalds?" "Fine with me" They both said in unison and made there way to the first MickeyD's they saw.

They walked through the doors of McDonalds and were greeted by the sweet sent of frenchfries and vomit. They walked up to the girl behind the cash register who gave them a bright cheeky smile, "Can I help you please." Wesker stared up at the menu for a sec, i'll take a number 4 with large fries, and these two 'children!' will have the kids meals."

Ada pouted, "Hey we will not!" but Krauser smiled happly, "Speak for yourself I want the toy all I need is one more and I complete my WWll collection happy meal toys!" Ada just rolled her eyes and looked at the menu,"i'll have a number-5-no-pickles-number-3-hold-sauce-number-7-extra-mayo-but-no-cheese-twenty-piece-chicken-nuggets-with-BBQsauce-6-orders-of-large-fries-largest-coke-ya-got," She took a large breath, "And a small caesar salad...after all gotta watch the figure you know."

She stared at the girl behind the register and saw she had her mouth hung open and her eyes bulging out. She looked to her right at Wesker and Krauser. Wesker had one eyebrow raised behind his glasses and his mouth slightly ajar, and Krauser stared with both eyes completly wide and a little drool coming out of his mouth. "What?" Ada said defensivly.

After they got there order they sat at one of the booths in the middle of the restraunt. Wesker ate his at a normal pace taking occasonal glances at Ada who was gorging down all her food she ordered. Krauser didn't even start eating his food yet and was happy that he got his last toy for his collection.

"Oh no look out Roosevelt its Hitler and Mussolini aaaah." Krauser was rocking back and forth the mini Roosevelt in his little wheel chair who had a tommy gun his his hand. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the a little figure of Hitler giving his salute and Mussolini giving his weird walk. He started to hit them against the Roosevelt figure. Krauser was looking very happy and decided to pull out his new toy "Never fear Roosevelt Harry Truman will save the day." He said pulling out a little plastic model of Truman with an attachable A-bomb. He pushed the little button on the bottom of him and fired the plastic A-bomb into Hitler and Mussolini toppoling them over. "Hooray! We did it!" He yelled and got his models of Roosevelt, Truman, Churchill, and Stalin to jump up and down in victory. Wesker sighed "God I hate this idiot."

Wesker got done his food before his friends and just leaned back on his side of the booth that he had for himself, putting his legs on the booth and sticking his head back whistling a cheery tune. While he had his head upsidedown he looked at the other side of the room and his eyes went wide when he noticed Chris and what looked like Jill and Rebecca all laughing at a table on the side of the restraunt.

Chris just got done laughing at a joke he made and looked over to the middle of the room to see an image of Wesker his head upside down staring wide eyed which you could see through his glasses, and his mouth still in a whistle pose. His eyes went wide for a sec and then they came down into a glare of pure hatred. He got up leaving a confused Jill and Rebecca and moved over to where Wesker, Ada, and Krauser were sitting.

"Oh shit." Wesker said in a medium tone and moved his head upright and started to whistle again watching Chris approaching in the corner of his eye. Chris walked up to his table and stared at Wesker with hate, his hand closed into a tight fist. Wesker looked as if he was suprised to see him, "Oh hi there Chris-" "DON'T 'hi Chris' me you traitorus bastard!!"

Ada looked up and stared at the two and Krauser just kept playing with his toy figures. "Chris Chris" he said with a nervous chuckle, "Can we let by gones be by gones and move on with are-" He stopped the sentence short and kicked Chris in the balls from under the table. "RUN!!!" he yelled grabbing Ada who in return grabbed Krauser.

Krauser didn't know what hit him when Ada grabbed him and because of it dropped his Truman, Roosevelt, and Mussolini toys. "NOO!!! We have to go back!!" "No time!" Wesker yelled and pushed open the door. Krauser reached into his pocket and pulled out his Eisenhower figure and said in an Eisenhower voice "I shall return!" and was pulled out the door.

Back at the apartment Wesker was rubbing his head from the headache he was in while Ada was laying on the couch with her hand to her stomach with gurgling sounds coming from her gut. "Aww I shouldn't have had those last four sandwichs." She said with a moan and closed her eyes.

Wesker's headache became a lot worse when he heard the sound of a hammer coming from the bedroom from Krauser trying to fix the bed. Wesker grimanced a bit and said with a yell, "Can you keep it down in there Krauser?!" "Do you want the bed fixed or not?!!" "Why the hell do I care i'm not even sleeping on it I got the friggin couch." "Haha what a loser." "SHUT THE FUCK UP KRAUSER!!! If you didn't keep making all those prank phone calls with the Umbrella B.O.W. reasearch facilities phone we wouldn't have to live in this crappy little hellhole!!! Now if you can just get done fixing the bed your fat ass broke I can finally lie on my couch and get some sleep!"

"Hey Ada?" Krauser said in a mischiveous tone, "Want some of my leftover cheeseburger." Ada's eyes lit up and her cheeks puffed out causing her to do something pretty disgusting all over Wesker's couch. "Man I hate my life" he muttered to himself with Krauser laughing and Ada groaning in the backround.

Authors note: Im sorry if the WWll happy meal toys offended anybody expecially the Atom bomb part, I only put that in because Truman was the one who ordered the atom bomb not because of the destruction it caused on the good people of Japan. Reviews and suggestions of the next chapter and what city this apartment should be in (close to Raccon city) are welcome.