Note: Okay, I know you all are wondering what this story is about. I can't really say much, because...well it'll give it all away! I will say

this though. You never read a story like this one, and you probably never will. Enjoy! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Troy sat in the waiting room of the ER. He was waiting for any word on how Gabriella was.

Truth was, she was shot.

"Mr. Bolton? Anyone for Ms. Gabriella Montez?" A doctor asked.

Troy stood up and walked to him, "How is she?" His voice betraying him, "Is….Is she going to be alright?"

The doctor shook his head, grimly, "She probably won't last the hour. The bullet entered her chest, slightly grazing her heart.

Your lucky you found her when you did. She would have died on the spot, otherwise…"

Troy stood there, shocked, "How am I lucky when she is going to die!" he exclaimed.

The doctor sighed deeply, "I give you my deepest sympathy, I really do, you can go and say good bye if you'd like…"

Troy nodded and was led away by the doctor.

Troy groaned and rolled over in his bed, sweat built up on his forehead.

He entered the room. He looked at the bed.

Gabriella was pale and sickly looking.

He slowly walked to her and took her hand, "Gabby….I love you so much……I always will…" He gently kissed the hand he was

holding, "I'll never forgive myself…..Goodbye…" He whispered and kissed her hand again, laid it down, and kissed her


Than that one long beeping noise everyone hates…

Troy groaned and turned so he was facing the other way, "No….Gabby…" He mumbled.

He walked out casually and walked to a window and looked out. He let the tears run down his face freely.

"Hey, dude, you coming or what?" one of his so called friends asked him.

He turned and looked at them. All 4 of them. They weren't his normal group. It wasn't Chad, Zeke, Jason, and Ryan. He looked

down and nodded slowly.

They didn't even care that his one true love was dead! But than again, would they care if they knew…?

"I-I guess…" Troy stuttered.

"Get over it, people die!" Another one of his so called friends said.

"Yeah….but not from me." Troy said bluntly.

"What are you talking about?" The first one said.

"You know how she was shot?" Troy whispered softly.

All four nodded.

"I'm…I'm the one who shot her….." Troy looked away and back out the window.

Troy sat up, gasping for air. "Gabby…" He whispered, covering his face in his hands. He took them away and looked at the clock.

4:30. 4:30 in the morning, on a Saturday.

Troy sighed and walked to his bathroom. He turned on the faucet to the coldest it'd go, and washed his face. Without drying it, he

looked in the mirror.

No, Troy did not really kill Gabriella, let alone shoot her.

Yes, He really did know all four people from his dream.

Yes, Troy Bolton was in a gang.


Note: I bet anything you weren't expecting that one! Hope you liked it, let me know what you thought! Till next time!