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Fair & Square


There she was. Walking around like the Queen of whatever. Head held high, shoulders back, and that infuriating little smug smile on her lips. It was only one game, and the only reason they won was because of bloody Potter. I would like to see her that bloody cocky if they didn't have the boy wonder on their team.

They all do it, prancing around like they own the place. All because that Potter caught the snitch before Higgs. You don't see us doing that no we have some class. Bloody Gryffindorks. We'll get the bastards next time.


This is getting bloody ridiculous. Surely every one realises that the only reason they are winning is because of Potter? We lead pretty much the whole game. The game was ours for the taking. But no, Malfoy couldn't stay on his expensive bloody broom. That girl friend of Potters wasn't wrong. The only reason he was on the team was because of his father.

Sure he had the build of a seeker, but he didn't have the eyes that Potter seemed to have. Plus he didn't have the focus, if he just stopped worrying about what Potter was doing, and antagonising him. Maybe, he'd be an all right seeker.


Well there goes my chance for glory. Wood and his bloody boys have ruined another perfect chance for us to win the Cup. There wasn't anymore we could do. We tried our bloody hardest. You know I would never admit this to anyone, but Wood is an all right Keeper. Well he'd have to be! He kept pretty much all of my attempts to score out.

I'd say there is always next year. But this is it for me. My last chance to beat Wood as captain. Maybe we'll meet again in the Professional league, if I get picked up. Then I'll beat him. Should be a good few years before Potter makes that grade, and I'll take every chance I can get.