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In the beginning, there was that mango tree on the top of a small hill near a rarely visited park. That certain mango tree never had any fruit. Only once did that large plant have specks of gold peeking from its green foliage. And I was there to see it…

As a junior high school student of Erudition Academy, all I thought about was school, family, and myself. I never really cared about anything else, but that doesn't mean that I'm ignorant. I just didn't mull over boys, crushes, and love… although I may seem to. I only prioritized those important to me. I speculated that falling in love was just a nuisance; maybe I was just too young to even understand it.

But…I don't get it. Many girls of fourteen (same age as me) have boyfriends or someone who courts them. To be honest, I never had any experience of courtship…just a bunch of people who have a crush on me. But I frequently hang out with boys, not as a flirt, moreover as one of them. I really felt comfortable with the company of the opposite sex. It was with them that I found my much needed solace. Many think that I'm friendly yet boyish, a rowdy lass who can be mistaken for a boy in a girl's body (not counting the clothes I wear, I usually dress in sporty/girly-type clothes). Laughter was my only reply, subsequent to that was an explanation. Enough about that…

Every time after school, I would always spend my time beneath this mango tree. I would sit under it and read books or do my homework. Then, I would look up at the afternoon sky, thinking of what things I should finish by the following day, book reports, projects, so-so. At exactly five-thirty p.m., I would head home.

But one day, everything changed. Past speculations, former theorems, everything…all because of a certain boy.

I was on my way to the mango tree, all dirty because of P.E. We had soccer then, getting messy was inevitable. With a foul mood, I trudged toward my resting place. As I finally arrived, I saw something that wasn't in my daily routine. Underneath my favorite tree sat a boy of fifteen, leaning against the tree trunk. Slowly, I approached the stranger. I got nervous when he looked my way. I was about to turn back when he suddenly spoke in a curt voice.

"Hey, is this your spot? Sorry if I occupied it without your consent."

I only nodded in response to his query, somewhat annoyed by his manner of speaking. I scanned him from head to toe. Based on my observations, he's a tall and lanky individual. He had a really fair complexion and bluish-black hair; semi-long bangs covering his upper and side façade, and spiky tresses at the back of his head. He definitely had the most handsome features in the face of the city, and onyx eyes that could mesmerize you with a stare. For once, I involuntarily admired a person.

I sat on a patch of grass a foot away from him, my back still touching the tree trunk and proceeded to my usual stuff. Judging from his uniform and books, he also studies at my school, the same year as me. He closed his book and packed it inside his knapsack.

"Are you leaving already?" I asked him. The boy smirked.

"Not yet. I just arrived a couple of minutes before you did."

I resumed writing my essay on "Nostalgia For The Farce." Silence filled the air. We didn't speak to each other, probably because of shyness. Later on, he tapped my shoulder and introduced himself.

"I'm Uchiha Sasuke of Class B. And you are?"

"Yamanaka Ino of Class A. Nice to meet you."

Consequently, we began chatting, but it was usually me doing the speaking. We talked about school, friends, and portions of our personal lives. This conversation led us to become fast friends and I learned more about Sasuke. He was already hanging out under the mango tree long before I did. Only when he reached first year high school did he stop going here, due to a lot of schoolwork and after school activities. He never had time to return here until today. I happened to be a transferee to Erudition Academy during first year; he was already studying there ever since first grade. I got to see him sometimes during freshman and sophomore years but I didn't know him then…and I didn't care…

We agreed that we could share the haven beneath the mango tree. Today, I had a companion, and will always have that companion for days to come.

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