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Never Apart

Chapter 1 - Gone

Summary: Sometimes, love is so strong, nothing can tear it apart ...

One year after Never Alone.

"Eleven o' clock?" Piper said, leaning against the door.

"Yep. Eleven o' clock." Leo nodded.



"You're gonna be here early, aren't you?" Piper asked. Leo nodded.

"Probably." The beep-beep of a car horn made him turn around, and he waved at the car parked outside - his mother. "I gotta go." He said, leaning in for a quick kiss, that wasn't so quick.

"OK - bye -" Piper murmured, finally breaking away.

"See you tomorrow. I love you."

"I love you too."

Smiling as she leaned again the closed door, Piper gave little sigh.

"Oh, that's so sweet." Prue commented as she walked into the hall.

"What is?"

"You and Leo. You've been going our for a year now, and the two of you are still in the whole sighing stage. So where are you going tomorrow?"

"Usual." Piper smiled. "McDonalds and a movie." Just like they always did, right?

True to their word, they were still best friends. Still their for each other. She'd supported him when his grandfather had died, he'd supported her after she and her sister found out they were witches - the legendary Charmed Ones. Nothing could tear them apart. Ever.


"Piper!" Paige's high pitched, scared voice alerted Piper to the demon in the downstairs hallway.

"Since when do demon's attack this early on a morning?" Prue grumbled as the two of them ran down the stairs, Piper ready to freeze. It wasn't actually that early - a half past ten - But Piper could have done without this attack - Leo would be here any minute.

She froze the demon seconds before it's fireball would have hit Phoebe.

"What do we do?" Piper asked. She still wasn't used to this whole on-the-spot demon fighting thing, didn't like being unprepared.

"Book." Paige muttered, and the heavy book of shadows orbed into her outstretched hands. Before the demon could be found, before the book could even be opened, there was a short knock at the door and Leo walked in.

"Hiya." He said brightly, then caught sight of the four worried faces and the frozen demon. "Oh - bad time?"

"Yeah! Get out!" Piper's voice got suddenly louder as the demon started to unfreeze. Leo started to back out of the door, but he stopped as the demon launched a fireball at Piper. Concentrating on Leo, she hadn't even noticed it ...

It all happened so quickly - he threw himself forward, knocking her out of the way, and instead ...

Someone was screaming, so loudly Piper felt her head would explode. Then she realised, it was her.

Laid on the floor, suddenly unable to move, she could only watch as a fireball hit him, the force of it sending him flying against the wall. She could only scream as he slumped to the floor, suddenly too pale, his eyes closed ...

And a sudden, sharp jolt shot through her, pain like she'd never experienced, a sudden burst of - of love ... and then all was still and she felt empty.

"Leo!" She heard Paige yell, but not clearly - it sounded almost like water was rushing through her ears. As the demon shimmered out, she threw herself onto the floor next to him, screaming for someone to help her. Prue was yelling for Grams, but Piper knew. It was too late, it was all too late. He was gone, she'd felt it, she felt him leave the earth, she'd felt him leave her.

He was gone.

Leo was ... dead.

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