Well, here it is the very last chapter...

Chapter 10 - Epilogue

Leo Wyatt walked out of the large wooden door that had appeared at the top of the manor's stairs, pulling his robes over his head as he did so, revealing the normal clothes he had on underneath. As soon as he closed the door behind him, it vanished, and he walked down the stairs.

"I'm home!" He called loudly.

"Daddy!" Five-year-old Melinda, his youngest child, hurtled towards him, and he swung her into her air.

"Hiya dad." Seven year old Chris said from the conservetory, where the sound of a computer game was blaring from.

"Hi dad." Wyatt, the oldest at eight, echoed.

"Hi boys." Leo said, carrying Melinda into the conservetory. "Where's your mother?"

"Kitchen." Wyatt said, and then whooped as he blasted an alien on the game. Still carrying his daughter, Leo headed towards the kitchen.

"Hi honey." He said, setting Melinda on the floor.

"Hiya." Piper said, turning to face him.

Leo could hardly believe ten years had passed since their wedding day. Ten years, two months and four days. The time in which so much had happened and here they were, still as strong and in love as they were that day.

It was hard to believe it had been just five years since he'd clipped his wings, became mortal. It had been a few months before Grams had died, right after Melinda was born. He'd decided then, that his family needed him the most, and now he couldn't have been happier. Teaching at magic school was far less time consuming as being a whitelighter.

The years had brought them indescribably happiness - with the births of their three twice-blessed children, and sorrow, too, with the death of Penny, and his mother. There had been attacks on each of their lives, and that of their children, but for now things had clamed down, and they could just be happy.

Piper sometimes found it hard to believe what she had - at just 27 she was married to the guy she loved, she had the restaurant of her dreams and most of all three perfect children. She knew they were young, had been young when they married, and had their kids, and sure, sometimes it had been hard, but they had each other, and loving each other gave then the strength and determination they needed.

"Where's the rest of the gang?" Leo asked, moving forward and looking in the pans simmering on the stove.

"All out." Piper replied. "Don't ask me where, it's a million different places I can't remember. I think Prue said dinner with Andy's parents, but the rest…" She didn't need to finish, he knew what she was trying to say, and she knew he knew. They always had been able to understand each other, from the time when the loss of a baby tooth had made Leo make a whistling sound when he spoke, making his words harder to distinguish, and the time she'd accidentally put her knee through a glass pane of a door, and spoke through clenched teeth and howls of pain as he tried to pick the bits of glass out.

"OK." Leo replied. "Nearly ready?"

"Yeah. Tell the boys to switch the game off will you?"

"'Kay." Leo replied, and gave her a swift kiss before turning away. Piper had to smile... she still got butterflies when he did that. Sometimes she still felt like that love-sick teenager again. The one that married and grew up and had kids before anyone else her age she knew. The one that wouldn't change a second of it. As her boys and Leo walked in., Piper looked into her husbands eyes and smiled. He was still her best friend, through everything. Nothing would ever change that. But he was more than that, more than a husband, a lover, a father. So much more.

They both smiled as, although neither knew it, the same old line drifted into their heads; and they lived happily ever after...

The end. I dunno if that chapter is any good, I wrote the first half last Friday before I left and I forgot most of what I was going to write. But it's a ending all the same, and it'll do, right?