Okay…just so you guys know, this is NOT a full chapter, as in, nobody will be kicked off, and nothing will happen.


All this is, is one more chance for you to place a vote, so we can make our final two. Hopefull, it'll make you laugh, too.

There is, however, this cool dialogue thingy, (so we don't violate the ToS) featuring:

Sirius—Superhunk, and the bachelor.

Liza (LB), Jade (JF), and Michelle(M)—The final three girls.

The Host guy (FH)—Possible homosexual. Has out gay-ed everyone I've ever met

Jessica (JC)—me, padfootandme4ever, the most brilliant author ever who never updates, self insert!Sue, whatever you want to call me.

And…here's the…thingy.

JC: Hi, everyone…erm, sorry for not updating in so long.

FH: Welcome to our super special special!

JC: looks at host it's going to be FABULOUS!

LB: laughs

FH: Don't patronize me, bitch.

SB: So, we're just here to give you one more chance to vote for the final two!

JC: Yeah, it's really close. I want you guys to be sure of who you're voting off, here.

JF: Yes, so here are the votes so far:

LIZA: 39

JADE: 35


JC: So, it's über close.

FH: Nobody says "über" anymore.

JC: Don't patronize me, bitch.


SB: gigglesnort

All the girls (and maybe FH) swoon a little because that was the most adorable thing they'd ever heard.

JC: So…um…that's it. And if you have an idea for the next chapter, let me know, because none of my ideas so far have worked out. At all.

FH: I have an idea!

SB: Does it involve sparkles?

FH: No!

SB: glares

FH: …yes.

JC: So, any idea that doesn't involve sparkles…

FH: opens mouth

JC: …or parachute pants…

FH: closes mouth again

JC: is welcome! Please, just let me know. And don't be too upset at the nonexistentness of the next update, because I'm definitely working on it. It's almost here, I promise!

LB: And, if she's lying, there's this nifty lamp right here that looks great for whacking people…

JC: OKAY! Go on, and vote your hearts out…

SB: waves adios

Everyone swoons again.