A Broken Soul

"How is he now?"

Faust stood from where he was sitting tending on Ren, "Way better than before." He dipped his hands into a bowl of water on a table beside the door, "Though I must say, it's just beyond my comprehension how he managed to survive that long."

'Must be his hope of being rescued by Yoh' Hao sighed, "When do you think he'll wake up?"

"Should be any time; but give him water to drink and something soft to eat, his stomach wouldn't be able to handle heavy food; not after being starved for so long." He nodded to Hao, "I'll be leaving now, take care of him, but don't tire yourself too much."

Hao smiled, "You know me too well, huh?" Faust laughed and left the room.

Hao chuckled some more as he made his way to Ren's bed. He knelt down and traced a line on his cheek, "How did it feel, Ren?" his expression turned serious, "How did it feel to watch your sister die slowly in front of you, or your mother and grandfather being killed because they felt your father was going hard on you, and again in front of you?" his eyes narrowed as he saw a flicker from the other boy's eyes, "You must be feeling guilt eating at your heart, don't you?"

"Hao?" Hao looked over his should to see Yoh, along with HoroHoro and Manta, standing by the door, "Faust said Ren could be waking anytime."

Hao nodded, "He's waking up" he returned to watching the boy in the bed. Yoh and the other two walked over to them, "That mustache made sure to make him feel his wrath."

"… 'Oh…"

Their attention was quickly taken by Ren, who was slowly but surely regaining conscious. Yoh moved closer to him, seeing as the boy called his name, "Ren, you awake?"

Ren moved his head to the side facing the group, his eyes clinching slightly before opening half way, they moved around the room a bit not sure where he was, then landed on the boy nearest to him, "… Yo..h?"

"Wait, drink this." Yoh took a glass of water that was put on the night-stand incase Ren woke up, and positioned it so it rested on Ren's lower lip. Horo helped the golden eyed boy sit while Yoh retrieved the glass and helped him drink the water, "Drink slowly, don't want you chocking on it." Horo joked, but Ren didn't seem to hear him and drank the water steadily.

As he finished the glass, Horo helped him lay back down on the bed. Ren let out a small sigh, "Where?"

"If you're asking where you are now, it's the Onsen, Japan. And if you're asking where your father is, then he's dead." Manta answered him. Ren stared at him for a while before his eyes widened and he sat up so fast that Yoh was startled, "JUN!"

Hao took the boy's shoulders in both hands and looked into his panicked eyes, "I'm sorry, Ren, but at least we buried her properly."

Ren stared at the new boy, his heart was like a hammer in his chest, but his breath slowed down as he took in what he had just said and tears gathered in his eyes, "I..failed her.."

Hao took a deep breath, he knew this was going to be hard on the younger boy, "No, you didn't fail her; your father did." He wiped the tears that were making their way down the boy's face with his fingers then drew him into an embrace, "She's in a better place now, don't worry."

But it seemed that the truth finally sank in and Ren wept into Hao's shoulder his anguish for his fallen sister.

Yoh, Horo and Manta made their way out of the room, where they saw the rest of their friends standing in looking worried, and ushered them out, leaving Ren in the care of Hao.

After what seemed like forever over, Ren calmed down. Hao kept his arms around him, rubbing soothingly on his back.

"Who… are you?"

Hao smiled slightly, "Asakura Hao, Yoh's older twin."

"Yoh?" Ren blinked and pushed away from the embrace enough to look at Hao's face properly, "You… I saw you before…" he ran his eyes over his face and hair, then his clothes. He frowned then gasped in realization, "You were the one who came… I though I was going mad." he whispered.

Hao smiled at this, "You have a great memory, I see. It was me, alright." Ren sighed leaning his head on Hao's chest and closing his eyes, already trusting his rescuer, "Arigatou… for everything."

"You're welcome, though it was nothing, rest now; you'll have a long day when you wake up."

"Mmm" Ren was already half asleep by this time, Hao thought it was from crying himself to exhaustion. He then lay the sleeping boy on the bed and moved the sheets over him, tucking him in. he stood up and left the room, mind set on making some food for the golden-eyed boy.


Beta-read: 11-02-2015