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Chibi Love Chapter 4


"You're weirder than I thought you'd be." Naruto said.


"Well at first I thought you were just a mean stuck up show off."

"Gee, thanks." Sasuke frowned.

"No problem. Hey I know! Let's go see Sakura-chan!"

"What about school?" Sasuke knew his dad would kill him if her heard he missed it. Even Itachi would be angry that he wasn't there when he was supposed to pick him up.

"Don't worry about it! We'll be back before anyone notices we're gone!"

"I don't know...maybe we should do it after school instead." he suggested, hoping Naruto would agree and he wouldn't have to be good now and go alone after class was dismissed. They weren't even supposed to be out in the first place.

"Heh, fine be coward. We'll go after school then." the blonde mocked.

"Wait!" He wasn't going to let himself be called a coward. Uchiha's were NOT cowards. "We'll go, but we'll be back before the bell rings, got it?"

"Alright!" Naruto grinned. "You aren't a wimp after all!"

"What did you say?"

"Nothing!" he laughed and ran off. Sasuke jumped off the swing and followed him. Not really trying to catch him though. He had no idea where Sakura's house was and assumed that maybe Naruto knew where he was going.

They were off the academy grounds when Naruto came to a halt and turned around. Sasuke almost bumped into him but luckily he stopped just in time.

"What's wrong?"

The boy grinned sheepishly, "well you see I...kinda don't know where Sakura'chan's house is..."

It figured he didn't. That was the last time he followed this kid anywhere before asking directions. "Fine, then we can't go to Sakura-san's house. What do we do now? If we walk back in there we're sure to be caught by someone." Sasuke sighed.

Naruto grinned again. Sasuke was beginning to hate that grin...

"We could always just ask around. I'm sure someone knows where Sakura-chan's house is!"

"Why do I have a really bad feeling about this?" he mumbled.

"Did you say something Sasuke?"

"Uh, no." he lied.

"Oh, okay then! To the Ichiraku!" the blonde yelled and grabbed Sasuke by the arm and dragged him to the noodle stand which was only so far from the academy building. Wait- noodle stand?

"Why are we here?" Sasuke looked at Naruto confused.

"Duh! The chef knows all!" the boy said mysteriously. Sasuke didn't buy it.

"No one knows everything, moron! Why would he know where Sakura-san's house is? Does he know her?"

"Uh...I don't think Sakura-chan likes I guess he doesn't but he knows where her house is!"

"That's the biggest piece of-"

Sasuke didn't get to finish his sentence because Naruto had wandered off to the stand and was now talking to the chef. The man seemed to be in deep thought from what Sasuke could see but he couldn't hear them because Naruto had insisted on whispering in the chef's ear.

After a while Naruto walked back over to Sasuke with a large smile on his face.

"Sakura-chan's house is right over that way." he pointed.

Sasuke looked at him, shock written all over his face. "How did he...are you sure that it's Sakura-san's house?" he asked him.

Naruto nodded. "Now who's the moron?"

"I'll believe it when I see it." Sasuke scoffed at him.

"Alright then! Let's go! Last one there's a-"

"Don't even say it..." Sasuke growled but Naruto didn't hear him.

"-rotten egg!"

Again, Sasuke didn't race Naruto since he didn't know where he was going exactly. He hoped this time Naruto was sure of their destination and sure enough they were soon standing outside of a two story house that seemed to be some sort of a store on the bottom floor.

"See! This is Sakura-chan's house!" Naruto exclaimed. "Ha! And you thought I didn't know where I was going. It just goes to show that I am smarter then you are! Who's the genius now?"

"Whatever. Do you see her in there anywhere?" asked the Uchiha.

"Uh...we have to go in first!"

"Right..." Sasuke didn't believe this was Sakura's house at all.

They walked into the store and they were greeted by a woman hair? Maybe Naruto was right after all...

"Hey!" said blonde called to the lady. "Is Sakura-chan here?"

The woman looked down at them with an almost shocked look on her face, "yes...she's here. Why are you asking?"

"Sasuke and I came to check up on her and see if she's okay! We're her friends from school, right Sasuke?"

"Uh, yeah. Right." Sasuke nodded.

The lady gave them another suspicious look but she led them upstairs into what looked to be a normal home. Sasuke guessed that the bottom was a store and the top of the building was where they lived. Naruto had been right, but he wasn't going to bring that up.

"Her room is right down the hall. Second door to the left." the woman, who Sasuke guessed was Sakura's mother, instructed.

"Hai. Thank you." Sasuke said.

Naruto grabbed his arm and pulled him to the door before he got a chance to do anything else.

"You know Sasuke, Sakura-chan might hate us for coming here..." Naruto added as a last thought before they stopped in front of her room.

"She would?" he asked, not entirely understanding why.

"Hm, guess I know Sakura-chan more then you do! Haha! She'd like me better!"

"Keep dreaming you moronic loser!" Sasuke glared.

"What did you call me you selfish jerk?" he retorted.

They both gave each other dirty looks until they heard the door open beside them.

"Excuse me?" Sakura sniffed. She was wrapped in a pink blanket and her hair looked like she had just...woken up...

"I'm sorry Sakura-chan! Sasuke jerk was being himself and so he made me argue with him...I didn't mean to disturb you. He's the crook!" Naruto blamed.

"Wow, thanks." Sasuke said sarcastically. Some friend he was.

"We both didn't mean to disturb you like that. We just wanted to make sure you were okay because you weren't in school today."

Sakura turned her head and looked at the clock in her room, then she turned back to look at the two boys in front of her. "You ditched school just to check up on me?" she gave a small smile.

Sasuke blushed. Naruto grinned.

"Of course Sakura-chan! I'd do anything for you!" he exclaimed.

Sasuke just mumbled something inaudible under his breath.

"Did you say something Sasuke?" She asked him.

"No, it's nothing."


"Hey Sakura-chan! What's wrong?" Naruto gave her a strange look.

"Uh..." She sniffed again. "I caught a cold..."

"Then you shouldn't be out of bed Sakura-chan! Go lay down!"

"But Naruto I-" she couldn't finish because Naruto turned her around and pushed her lightly into her room and took her to the bed.

"Sakura-chan, you have to get better so you can come to school tomorrow and see me!"

Following the blonde's instructions she got on the bed and laid down.

"See? Don't you feel a little better?" he asked.

Sakura gasped. "Now my nose is stopped up."

"All you need is a tissue! Sasuke, go get a tissue!" Naruto ordered him.

Sasuke glared but only went when he realized that it was Sakura who needed the tissue, not Naruto.

"Here." he said as he handed it to her

She blushed and took the tissue from him, "T-thank you..."

Naruto wrinkled his nose when he saw Sakura blushing from the simple gesture from Sasuke. If he wanted to win her before Sasuke he had to take action and prevent this from ever happening again. With his plan in mind, Naruto proceeded to asking Sakura what she wanted to eat.

"Uh...cookies?" she replied shyly.

"Of course! Sakura-chan get's cookies!" he yelled.

"Can I speak with you over here Naruto?" Sasuke asked, sounding almost angry.

"Wait til I get Sakura-chan's cookies!"

"No, this can't wait." Sasuke said as he pulled Naruto's arm and took him over to the corner.

"Alright, what?" He demanded.

"Well, have you ever taken care of a sick person before?" Sasuke whispered, trying to make sure Sakura didn't hear them.

"No, but I saw it on TV." He answered.

"You moron. I don't think we should give her cookies..."

"Oh, and why not?"

"Well she's sick and needs to be resting, not eating something that would keep her awake. Cookies have sugar in them in case you didn't know that..."

Their conversation was interrupted by a sneeze from Sakura. "Sorry..." she sniffed.


"But Sasuke, if she lays down she won't be able to breath, right?"

"She'll just have to blow her nose and breath through her mouth when all else fails. I'm sure she's been sick before. It's just a cold after all...just try and refrain from giving her any sweets..or soda...or...something else that you think could make her sicker!"

"Sasuke, when did you become an expert on being sick?"

"Well when I was sick onii-chan told me that was why I couldn't have any sweets when okaa-sama had bought some home from the store..."

Naruto eyed him. "Are you sure he wasn't lying?"

"My onii-chan wouldn't do that to me." Sasuke said proudly.

"Okay then. What do we give to Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked him.

"You'll see." Sasuke muttered as he walked out the door. Leaving Naruto to care for Sakura all by himself.


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