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Chapter 1 - Godric's Hollow: Anyone who was outside that night on that darkened London street would have been astonished to see four teens disappearing into thin air with nothing more than a loud crack. That confused person would have probably decided he or she needed to get some more sleep because they were obviously hallucinating - unless, of course, the observer was a wizard. And so he was. The man watched the teens Disapparate, and then did so himself. He wasn't sure where they were going, but he had a pretty good guess.

Ambryn Sayre landed next to her friends Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger on a deserted road leading into a small village. A sign proclaimed said village to be Godric's Hollow. Bryn followed Harry, Ron, and Hermione down that road. Harry knew where they were headed; he'd asked his parents' remaining best friend, Remus Lupin, at Bill and Fleur's wedding.

It took roughly ten minutes to reach their destination. There wasn't much left. The curse that had rebounded on Voldemort fifteen and a half years earlier had nearly destroyed the house. But there were things sitting in the rubble. Apparently the Muggles had been afraid to do much in the way of clearing the area, and Bryn couldn't blame them. An explosion that seemed to be utterly random and without explanation would frighten many.

Harry walked into the rubble. The others watched, wanting to follow, to be there for their friend, but understanding that Harry had to do this alone. They watched as he paused to pick up something and study it before putting it back. Then he kept walking, past the ruins to the cemetery close by. Ron, Hermione, and Bryn followed slowly, keeping a distance so Harry could have privacy while he visited his parents' graves. They watched him kneel in front of a pair of tombstones, brushing his fingertips against them. Bryn bit her lip. She could remember doing something similar at the age of twelve, when her mother had died.

After a little time had passed, Harry came back down. "Harry, are you OK?" Hermione asked.

"I have to be, don't I?" Harry replied, with a twisted smile. "Come on. Let's go."

That night they stayed at an inn down in the village. The boys shared a room and the girls shared one. Hermione fell asleep quickly, but Bryn didn't. She stood at the window, looking out. She was wondering about her owl, Ash. Earlier that day she had sent Ash with a very important letter to someone she barely knew, not knowing that she was mirroring her mother's actions 5 years earlier.

In another British town, Nymphadora Tonks woke up to see a gray owl tapping on the window. She reached over to shake the man sleeping next to her.

"Remus, get up. You have an owl."

"What?" he mumbled sleepily.

"You've got an owl," Tonks repeated, opening the window so that the owl could come in. Remus sat up, blinking the sleep out of his eyes. The gray owl dropped a letter in his lap before flying away. Remus frowned. The handwriting wasn't anyone's he knew, though it bore a resemblance to... He shook his head and opened the letter, skimming it quickly. Then he frowned, and read it again more thoroughly. He went dead white.

"Remus, what?" Wordlessly, he handed her the letter. Tonks read it, and then looked up at him. "That's, I mean, can she do that?"

"Apparently yes. We might be seeing an old friend soon."

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