Bad Luck

By: ShiokuXRose

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Bad Luck

Chapter 1- Konoha High

Beep...Beeep...Beee-WHAM! This happens if you're an alarm clock trying to wake up the Uchiha prodigy (this is how you spell it right? o well.) Poor thing...ok back to the story. "Shut the hell up, damn annoying clock!" yelled Uchiha Sasuke as he went back under the covers. A few minutes later there was a BAM! "UGH! NOW WHAT IS IT?!"

"Uchiha Sasuke! Get up or you'll be late!" yelled Hyuuga Neji, Sasuke's best friend, from outside Sasuke's door.

"Be late for what!?"

"School," Neji said simply. There was a short silence...

"WHAT!!!! AHH! I'm gonna be late! I'm gonna be late for my 1st day! AHHHH!!" (A / N: I know this is so not Sasuke...) He quickly busted out his door, nearly stomping on his poor friend, took a quick shower, dressed in his school uniform which consists of: a black collared shirt with red lining, a red tie, black pants with red lining. He brushed his teeth, and ran down the stairs to meet up with Neji who handed him his school bag. (A / N: People should know how the characters look right? So I'm slacking off and not describing it unless it's an OC.) Sasuke and Neji were transferred to Konoha High because of this one certain mission from a certain person.


Sasuke and Neji walked down a stone hall lined with statues of snakes with rubies as eyes. They came across a door and Sasuke kicked it open saying, "What the hell do want now?" with an annoyed tone and an Uchiha death glare at the person on a stone throne. The room was mostly empty except for the throne and a giant golden cobra with huge rubies as eyes statue looming over the throne.

"Impatient as alwaysss, Sasuke-kun," said Orochimaru, the person on the throne.

"Orochimaru." Sasuke gave another, even more intense, death glare.

"I got another mission for you two...I don't know if it's too much for you two to han—

"We can handle it!" yelled Sasuke, interrupting him.

"Okay, okay, Sasuke-kun, no need to be angry. All you need to do is assassinate Haruno Sakura and her comrades, or they'll assassinate you. I have no pictures to show you how they look like. You might need to transfer to Konoha High, that's the only information I've got on them."

"That's it?"

"Yess, now go, Sasuke-kun, Neji-kun."

"What a total waste of time." In a blink of an eye, Sasuke and Neji are out of the room.

Flashback End

Sasuke and Neji are now walking to school. " So Sasuke, you think there are fan girls here too?"

"I hope not. Why'd you ask?"

" 'Cus look behind you," replied Neji and he took off running. Sasuke turned around and...there was...a RAMPAGING HERD of girls holding signs and yelling " You two! Go out with me!" "We LOVE you!" and etc. (A / N: They moved in late last night.) Too bad they can't use their ninja speed in public or maybe.."Let's turn around that corner and disappear."

"Okay, Sasuke." When the fan girls turned the corner they were like, "Huh? Where are they?" and etc.

At the School- Principal's Office

"I assume that you two are the transfer students?" said Jiraiya, the principal. (Someone tell me if I spelled the name wrong.)


"Names are Hyuuga Neji and Uchimura Sasuke?"

"Why is my last name changed!? Ahh! Sasuke! Say something!"

Omg! Who're you!? And the name is changed 'cus for identity purposes.


"Okay, here are you're schedules. Thank you for coming to this school." They took the papers and went to find their classrooms.

"Why does Neji get to keep his?"

Good question. I'll ask.

"Hey, Neji. Why do you get to keep your name?"

"My cousin goes to this school. If I change my name, I'll get suspicious."

"Lucky. We don't even get an escort because we're late." They reached their classroom: 1-D. Neji knocked on the door. A guy with silver hair and a mask on and a bandage over his left eye opened the door.

"Oh? Who might you two be?"

"Transfer students."

"Ok. Class?"

"Yes, Kakashi-sensei?"

"We have two new students being transferred here. Be kind to them. You two introduce yourselves." Sasuke and Neji walked in.

"Hyuuga Neji."

"Uchi-Uchimura Sasuke."

"No more info?"

"That's it. It's boring anyways, we don't bother to say it," said Sasuke and Neji in unison in an emotionless tone. Everyone sweat dropped...

"Ahem...Sasuke sit right next to Sakura. Neji sit next to Tenten. They'll show you around the school during lunch. Sakura and Tenten stand up!" Sakura and Tenten were about to stand up until a random girl shouts," No fair! How come they get to sit next to Sasuke and Neji and show them around?" Then more girls join in. The girls yapped on and on until...

"OH WILL YOU SHUT UP! IT'S NOT LIKE I WANT TO DO IT!" yelled Sakura and Tenten but in their minds they're thinking Kawaii! They're so cute! That shut them up. Sasuke and Neji seated themselves.

"Now where are we, ah, turn to page 201 in your textbooks..."

"Sensei, we don't have one." Sasuke and Neji sweat dropped.

"Of course you're new so it will take a couple weeks for the books to come in. Share with the person next t-

"NOO! How come they get to share their books!" yelled the girls. Sasuke, Neji, Sakura, Tenten, and Kakashi sweat dropped.

Lunchtime- Somewhere on the school grounds with a Big Sakura Tree

"So you're Uchih- I mean Uchimura Sasuke. And you're Hyuuga Neji," said Sakura.

Did she almost say Uchiha? How does she know my real name? thought Sasuke.


"Well, anyways, I'm Harushino Sakura. This is Tenten," said Sakura, smiling as always.

"HEY! SAKURA-CHAAAN!" yelled an energetic voice.

"Oh, hey, Naruto. And hey, Hinata-chan!"

"H-hi S-sakura, T-tenten, umm...Neji-niisan and um...," said the shy Hyuuga Hinata.

"Hello, Hinata-sama. This is my friend Uchimura Sasuke," replied Neji.

"Hey, hey, Sakura-chan, Tenten. Who are these two people? Are they your boyfriends?" asked Uzumaki Naruto.

"WHAT!?" yelled Sasuke, Neji, Sakura, and Tenten together, blushing.

"Oooh. They're blushing!"

"NO! WE'RE NOT!" yelled the four in unison again.

"They're talking in unison," said Naruto, smirking.

"AHH! Naruto, they're new here and we're told to show them around!" yelled Sakura, still blushing.

"Anyways who are they?" asked Naruto.

"WE JUST TOLD YOU!" yelled Tenten obviously annoyed.

"T-tenten, l-lower your v-v-voices. E-everyone is l-looking."

"Anyways, I'm Uchimura Sasuke."

"And I'm Hyuuga Neji, you're girlfriend's cousin."

"Hinata? You have a cousin?" Hinata sighed.

"Y-yes. C-considering such a large family..."


"Dobe.." said Sasuke.

"What did you say, teme!?" yelled Naruto.


"A-anyways, nice talking t-to y-you g-guys."

"Yes, Hinata-chan, see ya later." For the rest of the lunch period, they showed them the school.

Back to Class 1-D

"Continue reading until you read to page 268," said Kakashi. Everyone groaned. Kakashi ignored them and pulled out (you know what) a volume of Icha Icha Paradise. Sasuke leaned over and asked Sakura a question. (A / N: They don't have individual desks. They have long tables fit for two. That way they can talk to each other.)

"Why is he reading that..."

"He's a perv. And everyday we do nothing except read, and get a test. He doesn't teach, but he's considered as one of the best teachers. We don't switch classrooms or teachers here by the way."

"Oh, okay." Suddenly Kakashi interrupted the silence.

"Class! I'm assigning a project. You will be working with the person next to you." Once again the girls yelled, "Why does Sakura and Tenten get Sasuke and Neji again!"

"You two must be popular at your old school, too," whispered Sakura.

"Yeah, it's such a pain in the ass," said Sasuke, sighing.

"AHEM! JUST SHUT THE HELL UP AND LISTEN TO ME!!!!" yelled Kakashi. Everyone stopped dead.

"Thank you. Now where was I. Oh yeah. I'm assigning a project. You will be working with the person next to you. The subject will be about what you're reading now which is History. You can choose anything from History as long as it is in the topic of History. I expect at least a 4-page report, 2 from each person, front and back. You may use computers to research and other books. Oh and a bibliography telling the sites you used and the books you used and author. Is everything clear?"

"Yes, sensei." The dismissal bell rang.

"You're dismissed." Everyone one went out of the classroom, except Sasuke, Sakura, Neji, and Tenten.

"Tenten and I live together so you can come over. Here's our address." Sakura handed Sasuke a slip of paper.

"Sasuke and I live together with no parents, so if you guys wanna quickly get the project done, we can come over now."

"It's fine with me, how 'bout you Tenten."

"It's fine, our parents live some place else." They walked out of the classroom and started to walk towards the girls' house.



Well, there goes the first chapter. I corrected the problems from before. (I hope that all is corrected.) Hope you like it; this is my first fan fiction btw. Please Review! -