Bad Luck

By: ShiokuXRose

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Neji: FEATURING: GRAMMA AND GRAMPA!!! (Tenten's grandparents...See Chapter 3 for details)

Shioku: I think I forgot to say this. Gramma and Grampa aren't related to Sakura. They are Tenten's grandparents. Sakura is an orphan and was adopted by Tenten's parents since young. Sakura prefers to use her real name during missions, while using Tenten's last name (Harushino- I know that's not Tenten's last name, hell I don't even know it.) for everyday life.

Kuro-chan: Meow Meow!

Sasuke: Don't cats also go Nya?

Kuro-chan: Nya

Shioku: Kuro-chan is talking gibberish...

Kuro-chan: Meow Nya Meow Nya Meow!

Neji: AHHH! STOP THAT CAT!!! HE TOOK MY BEAUTIFUL HAIRBRUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shioku: So that's why the cat is so happy.

Neji: NUUuuUuuUuUuUuuUuuuuU! My beautiful pink hairbrush... -sob- it has scratch marks and...and BITE MARKS!!!! NUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!


Bad Luck

Chapter 10- Skirmish!

"Hmm? They have already started fighting?" Orochimaru thought out loud. He can see smoke comming from the direction of the school, and helicopters circling the area. He can hear sirens in the distance. "Didn't I tell them to not start fighting until night? Fools!" Orochimaru picked up his pace.


"ARGH! SHIZUNE! ARE WE EVEN CLOSE TO THE SCHOOL YET!?" Tsunade yelled. "Orochimaru might be there already!"

"Almost there, almost there..." Shizune sighed.


"We're there. Tsunade-sama please calm down." They jumped down from the trees and rushed towards the school. Just like Kakashi, they were stopped. But Tsunade spoke first.


"War? Who's having a war?" The policeman that blocked their way asked.

"We can't tell you who w-" Tsunade was interrupted when an enormous purple snake with Orochimaru on it's head appeared. "Never mind. It's Konohagakure, in alliance with Sunagakure, against Otogakure. NOW GET AWAY! THE DICTATOR OF SOUND HAS ARRIVED!" Since every normal person was in the state of shock after seeing an oversized snake, they ran. Tsunade and Shizune ran in.


Orochimaru reached the school, the section that was blasted open. Everyone stopped fighting as they sensed Orochimaru comming.

"Didn't I tell you not to fight in daylight? What part of my orders do you not understand?" Orochimaru glared at his subordinates. "Stop fighting for now and come here." The Sound Five went towards Orochimaru. Naruto wanted to charge at his opponent until Gaara stopped him and motioned him to stay with the group. Konoha and Suna jumped towards each other and formed a group.

"Sasuke-kun, Neji-kun. So you have betrayed me. Just when I thought I can get my hands on Sharingan and Byakugan."

Sasuke and Neji glared.

"I sense Tsunade comming. We'll start the battle properly once Tsunade is here," Orochimaru said and summoned Manda, in the process destroying more of the school. On top of Manda's head, he could see Tsunade and chuckled.


Tsunade and Shizune reached where everyone else is.

"Is everyone okay?" Shizune asked.

"Yes," Sakura answered. "Sound Four has activated their second stage. Kimimaro still hasn't. Also, Orochimaru is here, as you can see." Tsunade nodded.

"I'll deal with Orochimaru," said Tsunade and summoned Katsuyu. (A/N: The overly large white and blue slug summon of Tsunade's) "Sakura, Hinata, and Shizune stay behind and save your chakra for the injured."


"Everyone seems to be fine fighting their opponents. But I think Tsunade's the one going to be in trouble," Sakura said.


"Orochimaru. You owe me 100 human sacrifices. If I don't receive them, I'll snap your head off," Manda said.

"Of course," Orochimaru answer. They were interrupted when Katsuyu spit her Zesshi Nensan (The one sticky acid from Katsuyu's mouth) towards them. Manda swiftly avoided it. Katsuyu's acid landed on a large tree's trunk. It completely melted the area, and the tree snapped.

"The final battle of the war has begun. Pay more attention!" Katsuyu spit another blob of acid, this time towards Orochimaru, who jumped off of Manda. Tsunade jumped off, and punched the ground. The ground burst into pieces towards Orochimaru and Manda. The attacked forced Orochimaru and Manda even further apart.

"Katsuyu, I'll handle Orochimaru. Please handle Manda," Tsunade said.

"Of course," Katsuyu said.


Neji, Tenten, and Temari Vs. Tayuya and Jirobo (Don't forget they're on Stage Two)

Tayuya continued to use her summons against Tenten and Temari. Neji went ahead and attacked close-range with Jirobo.

Temari opened her large iron fan to its fullest and swung while calling, "Daikamaitachi no Jutsu!" A large current of wind charged towards the summons. It split into three before each hitting one of the summons forcing them to disappear.

"Tenten, go and help that one relative of Hinata's. I got this one," Temari said to Tenten.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, this one's weakness is my specialty."

"Alright then," Tenten ran to where Neji is.

"Quit chatting, brats!" Tayuya yelled.

"Brat? Do you want to die so bad?" Temari eyes gleamed evilly, and grinned devishly. "You deserve it. Fuuton! Tatsu no Oshigoto!" (Wind Release: Severing Pressure) Dark clouds gathered. A tornado shot down towards Tayuya, trapping her in a cutting cyclone and finished her off. The tornado disappeared and the dark clouds vanished.

Nearly everyone in the area was distracted by the sudden change in weather, caused by Temari. Tenten took the chance and threw a massive amount of shuriken, kunai, and other weapons at Jirobo after calculating the amount of force of the wind. Jirobo, too distracted by the vicious winds, didn't take notice of the weapons until many pierced him.

"Neji! Attack!" Tenten called to him. Neji snapped out of his trance and saw Jirobo distracted by Tenten's weapons. He got into a stance for a jutsu. Gathering enough chakra at his fingers, he called the attack, "Hakke Hyaku Nijuuhachi Shou!" (Eight Trigrams 128 Palms) In the matter of seconds, he blocked Jirobo's chakra points, making him cough up blood. Since chakra is connected to the organs, his heart soon malfunctioned, making Jirobo die.

Seeing Sasuke and Kankuro struggling in the web, Neji, Tenten, and Temari went to assist.


At the same time...Kakashi, Sasuke, and Kankuro Vs. Sakon, Ukon, and Kidoumaru

Sasuke, along with Kankuro was stuck in the webs. Sasuke can't perform fire jutsu to burn the web, because he can't move his hands. Kankuro can't direct his puppets because the webs bound his hands. Kakashi had his Sharingan on. Sakon and Ukon split into two bodies. Kakashi managed to avoid getting close to them, considering how they can fuse. This way, he can't use Chidori. This is when Temari summoned a tornado. The winds surrounding it caught Sakon and Ukon off guard. Kakashi took the chance. He ran swiftly and silently towards Sakon while making hand seals. A brighter, bigger, and louder than normal Chidori was formed near the last second before comming into a direct hit to Sakon's heart. He screamed and coughed up blood. Ukon's eyes widened with horror as he saw his brother die.

"Never underestimate the son of the White Fang of Konoha," Kakashi said and pulled out Icha Icha Paradise. Ukon was mad.

"KAKASHI! THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO BE READING THAT!!!" Sasuke yelled as he got his right arm free, but Kidoumaru got another spin of web at his arm.

"Oh! Right...darn..." Kakashi put his book away. Since there's still a lot of water on the floor, because of Sakura, Kakashi swiftly performed hand seals, "Suiton! Daibakufu no Jutsu!" (Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique) Kakashi used all of the water on the ground to form a massive spiraling blast of water. He directed it at high speed towards Ukon, who was hit and blasted out of the school grounds and into the dirt, breaking many ribs and bones. In his state, he is unable to move, so Kakashi left him there. (to rot maybe..XD)

At that time, Neji, Tenten, and Temari finished their fight. Tenten used her weapons to get Kidoumaru away from the web. Neji and Temari both ripped the webs, by using gentle fist or wind.

Sasuke and Kankuro broke free. Sasuke used a fire jutsu at Kidoumaru, which only burned a section of his shirt. Kankuro prepared his puppet, Kuroari, and opened his torso. Tenten kept Kidoumaru occupied by repeatedly sending endless throws of weapons.

"You there! The emo-looking kid with a hair of a chicken's ass come here!" Kankuro called.

"My name is not you there, or emo-looking kid with a hair of a chicken's ass. It's Sasuke. Got that? Paint face clown," Sasuke said when he appeared next to Kankuro.

"And my name is not paint face clown. It-"

"I know, you introduced yourself."

"Well then, lead that spider-guy into my puppet's torso. It will trap him there, then I'll finish him off."

"You sure you can do finish him off? He's in his second stage."

"If not, the poison on the blades would finish him off." Sasuke went off to do what he was told. "Katon: Housenka no Jutsu!" (Fire Release: Phoenix Flower Jutsu) The first fireball and second fireball directed Kidoumaru at the direction of Kankuro's puppet with his back facing it. The rest lead him in a neat zigzag pattern towards it. Karasu, another of Kankuro's puppets, suddenly appeared in front of Kidoumaru, which startled him making him fall backwards into the torso of Kuroari. Kuroari's torso was locked shut. Kankuro made Karasu to separate its limbs and revealed the sharp blades dipped with a colorless and deadly poison. After quickly aiming all the limb's blades, he made the blades fly towards the torso's small slot holes and impaled Kidoumaru. A dying cry was heard.


At the same time...Naruto and Gaara Vs. Kimimaro

Another batch of Naruto clones were gone. Gaara is mainly using his sand to defend him and Naruto. Kimimaro defeated clone after clone, soon he sensed Tayuya's chakra disappear, stating that she is dead. Shortly after her death, Jirobo's and Sakon's chakra faded. The water on the floor of the cafeteria was lifted off the ground for a jutsu. He sensed Ukon's chakra flying out of the area and slowing fading also. He'll soon be dead, due to his injuries. Another group of clones are gone, and he heard Kidoumaru's death cry. Only Orochimaru and him are left. He can sense the rest of the Konoha and Suna ninjas going towards him. He silently cursed. Not only that he is the only one left, besides Orochimaru, he has little time left. His curse seal spread until it covered his whole body.

His skin became dark gray (I think that's the color). Six large bone spine appeared from the back of his chest, and a long bone spiked tail. "Sawarabi no Mai!" (Dance of the Seedling Fern)

"EVERYONE! GET AWAY FROM THE GROUND!" Sasuke and Neji yelled. Large bone spikes emerged from the grounds creating a forest of bone spikes. Kimimaro controlled it so it doesn't hit Orochimaru or Manda. Gaara, Temari, Kankuro, and Naruto were on Gaara's levitating sand. A large blue falcon, around the size of Katsuyu, carried everyone else on its back. Tsunade and Katsuyu avoided the bones by Katsuyu changing into many of her mini copies and protected Tsunade along the way. Sasuke, Kakashi, Tenten, and Neji were scratched and wounded badly in various areas. The bones made those gashes. Sakura, Hinata, and Shizune healed them, only leaving minor scratches.

"Hinata, thanks for summoning Kyotaka. We probably would've died," Sakura said.

"No problem," Hinata answered. (A/N: Bird summons are fitting for Hinata, ne? Swift and graceful. Like the one filler ep. Kyotaka means large falcon. So typical xD. Same with most summons' names.)

Didn't work... Kimimaro coughed violently, spitting out blood. I guess... my time is up. He continued to cough up blood before he collapsed to the ground. A few seconds later, he saw only darkness. Everyone in the air sensed no movement below. A short moment later, the bones shattered into trillions of tiny particles. (A/N: I cried for long hours-in fact, once in a while for days- when Kimimaro died in the anime. When the bones shattered, it made me cry even harder.)

Kyotaka landed on the ground nearby and crouched down to let everyone on his back down.


Tsunade and Katsuyu Vs. Orochimaru and Manda

Everyone except Orochimaru is dead. Tsunade and Katsuyu safely evaded the attack. Manda swiftly wrapped his body around Katsuyu and constricted. Just then, fangs pierced Manda's neck. All surprised, they saw a white wolf with piercing red eyes. Its size is far greater than Manda, Katsuyu, or Kyotaka. It has a large beaded necklace around its neck. The beads have a weird pattern of red and black stripes and spirals. There was a weird symbol on the wolf's forehead. Sakura was standing on his head.

Manda hissed in pain and reluctantly released his grasp on Katsuyu.

"Manda, meet my personal summon, Gintama," Sakura said. (A/N: Gintama means Silver Soul/Spirit) Manda tried to whack the wolf with his tail, but it went though Gintama, which shocked everyone. (A/N: This is everyone's first time seeing Gintama, including Tsunade and Tenten.) Using one of his front and back paws, Gintama dug his talons into Manda and pinned him to the ground. Manda hissed in agony.

"Gintama is a spirit. That is why there's this necklace here. When he was still living, humans destroyed his habitat. With no food, he died. As a spirit, his anger grew and humans continued to destroy his habitat even after his death. I found his vengeful spirit long after. I was around 13 at that time. I can't see him, but I can roughly sense where he is by the killer aura he had. So then, I somehow slipped on a beaded necklace on him. It calmed him down, and even made me see him. But seeing him so large in public made me panic. So I put him in a summoning scroll after everything was settled. The necklace makes him solid. He can change into a spirit on his will." Gintama pressed his jaws even tighter.

"Next time you summon me, I'll eat you alive," Manda said before disappearing. Gintama howled in victory.

"Gintama, quiet! It will attract more people here."

"Oh come on, there is already a flock of people here, seeing me."

"Oh yeah." Sakura laughed as she saw a huge crowd around the school. "There's one more snake left to kill." Orochimaru cursed. Against two Kage-level shinobi, four Jounin, and four ANBU, he had absolutely no chance. He decided to retreat towards his base.

"Look, he's retreating. Should I catch him?" asked Gintama. With his size compared to Orochimaru, he can definitely outrun him.

"Let's play fetch! Get Orochimaru!" Sakura said.

"I'm not a dog..."

"Oh yeah...then let's hunt!" Gintama gently jumped in front of Orochimaru. He if jumped with his normal strength, it would cause a huge earthquake. He swiped his front paw, knocking Orochimaru though many trees. He swiped him with his other paw. And back and forth, as if Orochimaru was a ball of yarn.

"'re not a cat playing with yarn..." Sakura said.

"Sorry, it was fun." Gintama slammed Orochimaru to the ground, breaking many of his bones and killing him in the process. Everyone else caught up to Sakura and Gintama.

"Orochimaru's dead, Tsunade-sama. We'll have Sasuke and Neji lead us to Orochimaru's bases and analyze what he has been researching," Sakura said.

"Great, now I can finally drink my sake in peace!" Tsunade cheered and turned to head back to the base.

"Wait. How are we going to explain this to the police, and normal people?" Sasuke asked. Tsunade stopped dead in her tracks.

"Good question...I'll figure that out...later."



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