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Summary: The boys…go corporate!

Rating: 'T'/15. In her great, and very funny, story Moments, Redbanker has Sam comment about he'd prefer them having a different source of income…so this is my idea of how Sam's keen brain came up with a way to turn them legit. This story must officially be classed as 'AU' as it is set in the Second Season and though I am hopeful/confident all three will come through the Demolition Derby (four if you count the seriously injured but not dead Metallicar) this is of course up to Eric Kripke, McG, etc...

NB – Brothers in Arms is the title of the Dire Straits song on the Album of the same name, and indeed is extremely apropos for the brothers Winchester.


Chapter 1


Continued in Chapter 2…

© 2006, Catherine D. Stewart

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