AUTHOR NOTE: This parody is a written in response to some specific changes that an online friend and fellow writer, Esmeralda, would have liked to have seen. She said these as a joke but I took them and began to make them into this story.

Just a side noteā€¦I may not necessarily agree with what is written passed this point...remember this is a fanfic dedicated to Es

Part 1

Piper was busy in the Kitchen making some kind of tasty food that she was renowned for, when she found herself thinking about how life had been when Prue had been alive and in charge - now those were the days.
Then they stopped evil on a daily basis, saved innocents and had the time to juggle jobs, boyfriends, sisterly stuff and everything supernatural!

Unfortunately that blasted assassin Shax just had to whirl his way into their lives and blast Prue to kingdom come! Now Piper found herself yearning for a 'normal life'; Phoebe was too focused on more "important" matters...such as getting laid; getting laid...Oh! And getting laid!
Then there was Paige - the coloured blind half-sister who often felt more like a sudden and unexpected replacement for Prue. Leo had become an Elder and then strangely been clipped of his wings...things just weren't going right nowadays.

Just then she heard a crash up on the attic. At first she thought it was her future son Chris; who seemed to have loitered in the past, even though Wyatt was now saved, Gideon disposed of and Chris's baby self born; having some kind of temper tantrum but when the next louder crash came, she races upstairs - expecting some demon of sorts. What she found however surprised the hell out of her...